WHERE Claribel low-lieth
The breezes pause and die,

Letting the rose-leaves fall : But the solemn oak-tree sigheth,

Thick-leaved, ambrosial,
With an ancient melody

Of an inward agony,
Where Claribel low-lieth.

At eve the beetle boometh

Athwart the thicket lone : At noon the wild bee hummeth

About the moss'd headstone : At midnight the moon cometh,

And looketh down alone.

Her song the lintwhite swelleth, The clear-voiced mavis dwelleth,

The fledgling throstle lispeth, The slumbrous wave outwelleth,

The babbling runnel crispeth, The hollow grot replieth Where Claribel low-lieth.


AIRY, fairy Lilian,

Flitting, fairy Lilian,
When I ask her if she love me,
Claps her tiny hands above me,

Laughing all she can ;
She 'll not tell me if she love me,

Cruel little Lilian.

When my passion seeks

Pleasance in love-sighs She, looking thro' and thro' me Thoroughly to undo me,

Smiling, never speaks : So innocent-arch, so cunning-simple, From beneath her gather'd wimple

Glancing with black-beaded eyes, Till the lightning laughters dimple

The baby-roses in her cheeks ;
Then away she flies.

Prythee weep, May Lilian !

Gaiety without eclipse
Wearieth me, May Lilian :
Thro' my very heart it thrilleth

When from crimson-threaded lips
Silver-treble laughter trilleth :

Prythee weep, May Lilian.

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Praying all I can,
If prayers will not hush thee,

Airy Lilian,
Like a rose-leaf I will crush thee,

Fairy Lilian.


Eyes not down-dropt nor over-bright, but fed

With the clear-pointed flame of chastity,
Clear, without heat, undying, tended by

Pure vestal thoughts in the translucent fane Of her still spirit ; locks not wide dispread,

Madonna-wise on either side her head ;

Sweet lips whereon perpetually did reign
The summer calm of golden charity,
Were fixed shadows of thy fixed mood,

Revered Isabel, the crown and head,
The stately flower of female fortitude,

Of perfect wifehood and pure lowlihead.

The intuitive decision of a bright
And thorough-edged intellect to part

Error from crime ; a prudence to withhold ;

The laws of marriage character'd in gold
Upon the blanched tablets of her heart ;
A love still burning upward, giving light

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