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HONORARY COUNSEL: Cephas Brainerd, New York, N. Y. Hon. William A. Butler, New York, N. Y. Hon. Dorman B. Eaton, New York, N. Y. Hon. George S. Hale, 10 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. Judge William L. Putnam, Portland, Me. Hon. Josiah Quincy, Boston, Mass.

behalf of the cause, shall be entitled to the privileges of regular members.



ART. VII. All contributors shall be entitled within the year to one-half the amount of their contributions in the publications of the Society.

ARTICLE I. This Society shall be designated the "AMERICAN PEACE SOCIETY."

ART. II. This Society, being founded on the principle that all war is contrary to the spirit of the gospel, shall have for its object to illustrate the inconsistency of war with Christianity, to show its baleful influence on all the great interests of mankind, and to devise means for insuring universal and permanent peace.

ART. VIII. The Officers of this Society shall be a President, Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, an Auditor and a Board of Directors, consisting of not less than twenty members of the Society, including the President, Secretary and Treasurer, who shall be ex-officio members of the Board. All Officers shall hold their offices until their successors are appointed, and the Board of Directors shall have power to fill vacancies in any office of the Society. There shall be an Executive Committee of seven, consisting of the President, Secretary and five Directors to be chosen by the Board, which Committee shall, subject to the Board of Directors, have the entire control of the executive and financial affairs of the Society. Meetings of the Board of Directors or of the Executive Committee may be called by the President the Secretary or two members of such body. The Society or the Board of Directors may invite persons of well known legal ability to act as Honorary Counsel.

ABT. III. Persons of every Christian denomination desirous of promoting peace on earth, and good-will towards men, may become members of this Society.

ART. IV. Every annual subscriber of two dollars shall be a member of this Society.

ART. IX. The Society shall hold an annual meeting at such time and place as the Board of Directors may appoint, to receive their own and the Treasurer's report, to choose officers, and transact such other business as may come before them.

ABT. V. The payment of twenty dollars at one time shall constitute any person a Life-member.

ART. VI. The chairman of each corresponding committee, the officers and delegates of every auxiliary contributing to the funds of this Society, and every minister of the gospel who preaches once a year on the subject of peace, and takes up a collection in

ART. X. The object of this Society shall never be changed; but the constitution may in other respects be altered, on recommendation of the Executive Committee, or of any ten members of the Society, by a vote of three-fourths of the members present at any regular meeting.

The Advocate of Peace. THE ANGEL OF PEACE

A Four Page Monthly Paper for Young People.


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