British Cyprus

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Chapman and Hall, 1879 - 368 oldal

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10. oldal - TO THE RESIGNATION OF THE GLADSTONE MINISTRY. A Cheap Edition, carefully revised, and carried up to March, 1874.
7. oldal - The Life and Times of Prince Charles Stuart, Count of Albany, commonly called the Young Pretender. From the State Papers and other Sources. New and Cheaper Edition, with a Portrait, crown 8vo, cloth extra, 7s.
22. oldal - Messrs. CHAPMAN & HALL trust that by this Edition they will be enabled to place the works of the most popular British Author of the present day in the hands of all English readers. PEOPLE'S EDITION. PICKWICK PAPERS. In Boards. Illustrated, as. SKETCHES BY BOZ. In Boards. Illustrated, as. OLIVER
15. oldal - THE EPOCHS OF PAINTING. A Biographical and Critical Essay on Painting and Painters of all Times and many Places. With numerous Illustrations. Demy 8vo, cloth, ^i.
8. oldal - HARDY (CAPT. C.)— FOREST LIFE IN ACADIE ; and Sketches of Sport and Natural History in the Lower Provinces of the Canadian Dominion. With Illustrations.
16. oldal - OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE NATIONAL TRAINING SCHOOL FOR COOKERY. Containing Lessons on Cookery; forming the Course of Instruction in the School. Compiled by " ROC
21. oldal - This Edition is printed on a finer paper and in a larger type than has been employed in any previous edition. The type has been cast especially for it, and the page is of a si2e to admit of the introduction of all the original illustrations.
15. oldal - THE CHARACTERISTICS OF STYLES: An Introduction to the Study of the History of Ornamental Art. Royal 8vo, 8s.
29. oldal - One Wire Quadrangle, with a circle and cross within it, and one straight wire. One solid cube. One Skeleton Wire Cube. One Sphere. One Cone. One Cylinder. One Hexagonal Prism. £2 zs.
7. oldal - ENGEL (CARL)— A DESCRIPTIVE AND ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE OF THE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS in the SOUTH KENSINGTON MUSEUM, preceded by an Essay on the History of Musical Instruments. Second Edition. Royal 8vo, half-morocco, 12s.

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