The rambles of the emperor Ching Tǐh in Këang Nan, tr. by Tkin Shen, 2. kötet

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323. oldal - Square crown 8vo. with Six Plates, 5s. cloth.— Also, A FULL AND COMPLETE GUIDE, HISTORICAL AND DESCRIPTIVE, TO THE TEMPLE CHURCH. Square crown 8vo. Is. sewed. AIKIN.-THE LIFE OF JOSEPH ADDISON. Illustrated by many of his Letters and Private Papers never before published. By LUCY AIKIN. 2 vols. post 8vo. with Portrait from Sir Godfrey Kneller's Picture, 18s. cloth.
323. oldal - NAYLOH, late of Queen's College, Oxford. To be published in FourParts ; the first part will be ready at the end of May. The following anecdote is related, on the authority of Knebel : — Are you aware, said Herder to Goethe, that we have an Epic Poem in German, as wise and as original as the Odyssey — Reynard the Fox ? Goethe confessed that, having heard only of the book as modernised by Gottsched, he had not thought it worthy of any particular notice. The book was produced : Goethe carried it...
323. oldal - ... obsolete, another translation appeared in 1650, which ran its similar round of editions, and after the lapse of another hundred years was succeeded by Gottsched's translation, published at Leipsic and at Amsterdam in 1752. Gottsched had kept the field for about 40 years, when "
22. oldal - ... the marriage. I told him that my daughter was already betrothed, and that I would give him ten taels of silver to get the fan back again. On this he asserted, that when my daughter assented to his proposals, she had given him this fan as a token. When I heard this, my breast swelled with rage, and I had a long altercation with him.

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