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THE Sixth Year Reader impresses the following group of allied virtues :

Justice : to persons; to animals; to principles; in reasoning

Fidelity: to a friend; to a cause; to a task; to an ideal; to a resolve.

Generosity: to neighbors, friends, and wayfarers; to the conquered; to the weak; to the delinquent.

Sincerity: in language and manner; in quality of service; with one's self.

Enthusiasm : for the good and true; for friends and country; for pursuits.

Within these are bound up special modes of the same workings of mind and conscience: faith, forgiveness, loyalty, chivalry, honor, and honesty.

If the student is benefiting by this Course, as intended, he is becoming more exacting with himself year after year as his ideals rise and clarify and as conduct based on longaccepted principle becomes habitual and afterward spontaneous and sure, as if arising from native, instinctive impulse.

Language Study should proceed by the pupil's own researches, as suggested by new words met with in the Reader and other text-books. The dictionary should become a familiar instrument in this grade, and encyclopædia reference should be begun.


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