9. He was by nature a man of strong desires and stormy passions. Now and again he would break out, even as late as the presidency, into a gust of anger that would sweep everything before it. He was always reckless of personal danger, and had a fierce fighting spirit which nothing could check when once unchained. But as a rule these fiery impulses and strong passions were under the absolute control of an iron will, and they never clouded his judgment or warped his keen sense of justice.

10. But if he was not of a cold nature, still less was he hard or unfeeling. His pity always went out to the poor, the oppressed, or the unhappy, and he was all that was kind and gentle to those about him.

II. We have to look carefully into his life to learn all these things, for the world saw only a silent, reserved man, of courteous and serious manner, who seemed to stand alone and apart, and who impressed every one who came near him with a sense of awe and reverence.

12. One quality he had which was, perhaps, more characteristic of the man and his greatness than any other. This was his perfect veracity of mind. He was, of course, the soul of truth and honor, but he was even more than that. He never deceived himself. He always looked facts squarely in the face and dealt with them as such, dreaming no dreams, “THE WORLD SAW ONLY A SILENT, RESERVED MAN OF COURTEOUS AND SERIOUS MIEN.


cherishing no delusions, asking no impossibilities — just to others as to himself, and thus winning alike in war and in peace.

13. He gave dignity as well as victory to his country and his cause. He was, in truth, a “character for ages to admire.”

- Selected.


1. See the rivers flowing

Downward to the sea,
Pouring all their treasures,

Bountiful and free.
Yet, to help their giving,

Hidden springs arise ;
Or, if need be, showers

Feed them from the skies.

2. Watch the princely flowers

Their rich fragrance spread,
Load the air with perfumes

From their beauty shed.
Yet their lavish spending

Leaves them not in dearth,
With fresh life replenished

By their mother earth!

3. Give thy heart's best treasures ;

From fair nature learn ;
Give thy love, and ask not,

Wait not a return.
And the more thou givest

From thy little store,
With a double bounty
God will give thee more.

Household Words.


1. As we were now to hold up our heads a little higher in the world, my wife suggested that it would be proper to sell the colt, which was grown old, at a neighboring fair, and buy us a horse that would carry single or double upon an occasion, and make a pretty appearance at church or upon a visit. This at first I opposed stoutly; but it was as stoutly defended. However, as I weakened, my antagonist gained strength, till at last we agreed to part with him.

2. As the fair happened on the following day, I had intentions of going myself ; but my wife persuaded me that I had got a cold, and nothing could prevail upon her to permit me from home. “No, my dear,” said she, “our son Moses is a discreet boy, and can buy and sell to very good advantage.

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