Hayek's Liberalism and Its Origins: His Idea of Spontaneous Order and the Scottish Enlightenment

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Psychology Press, 2001 - 201 oldal
By exploring the writings of Mandeville, Hume and Smith, this book offers a critique of Hayek's theory of cultural evolution and explores the roots of his powerful defence of liberalism.
This book is an original contribution to the debate, and vital reading for researchers in politics, political theory, and economics.

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This book is certainly "academic" in the pejorative sense of the word. The author first presents Hayek's theory of how social order emerges spontaneously in an evolutionary process. Then she ... Teljes értékelés elolvasása


F A Hayeks theory of spontaneous order
Spontaneous order and the limits of reason
private vices public benefits
Artifice and order in Hume
sympathy invisible hand and the man

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