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2 vols., 12mo, Cloth. Price $1 50 (Vol. 1. just Ready.)


Illustrated. 12mo,

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The position of George Eliot in the literature of modern fiction is absolutely regal. She alone, among contemporary writers, stands above the strife of party: all critics, however much opposed in other matters, are her zealous ministers, and all readers, whatever their tastes, are her loyal admirers. Detraction would sound like treason, criticism itself almost like impertinence. She has no need to keep her name alive by bringing out her three or six volumes a year: her one novel in three years is a royal visit, and an event in history. ***Every sentence she writes tells its tale of patient care, and of the enthusiasm for an ideal that rejects first and second thoughts as mere playing on the threshold of art; still she wears her crown by divine right of genius, and if she accepts the too often forgotten duties of genius, all the more honor to her.—Globe, London.

As a study of human nature, it is wonderful. * * * Her books are events—Springfield Republican.

There has, we suspect, never been a popular favorite who has so completely found the key to the sympathies of her special audience as George Eliot.—Spectator, London. The study of Mirah, the young Jewess, is told with a tenderness and pathos to which we do not remember a parallel in all George Eliot's works.-Examiner, London. No larger and more intellectual audience probably waits upon any living writer in the English lauguage than George Eliot now assembles by the touch of her pen.—Congregationalist, Boston. Unusually full of promisc. So far as the story is unfolded, it strikes us as likely to be more popular than “Middlemarch.” The style is epigrammatic and polished as ever, and the constructive art seems to approach perfection.—London Times. The literary event of the new year.—Boston Daily Globe.

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HARPER & BROTHERs also publish Cheaper Editions of the following of


MIDDLEMARCH. 8vo, Paper, $1 50; Cloth, $2 oo.
PELIX HOL7: 8vo, Paper, 75 cents.
THE MILL ON THE FLOSS. 8vo, Paper, 75 cents.

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Co- HARPER & Brothers will send either of the above works by mail, postage prepaid, to any part of the United States or Canada, on receipt of the price.

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