Journal of Comparative Legislation and International Law

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Society of Comparative Legislation, 1902
Includes annual "Review of legislation" covering the years 1859-1949.

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205. oldal - That the raising or keeping a standing army within the kingdom in time of peace, unless it be with the consent of Parliament, is against law.
290. oldal - No person shall sell to the prejudice of the purchaser any article of food or any drug which is not of the nature, substance, and quality of the article demanded by such purchaser...
239. oldal - ... as hereinbefore respectively directed, the same shall respectively be admitted in evidence in every case in which the original document could have been received in evidence, without any proof of the seal where a seal is necessary, or of the signature, or of the truth of the statement attached thereto, where such signature and statement are necessary, or of the judicial character of the person appearing to have made such signature and statement.
263. oldal - ... conscientiously believes that vaccination would be prejudicial to the health of the child, and within seven days thereafter delivers to the vaccination officer for the district a certificate by such justices or magistrate of such conscientious objection.
71. oldal - A person shown not to have been heard of for seven years by those (if any) who, if he had been alive, would naturally have heard of him, is presumed to be dead, unless the circumstances of the case are such as to account for his not being heard of without assuming his death...
213. oldal - Where the Secretary of State is satisfied that any manufacture, machinery, plant, process, or description of manual labour, used in factories or workshops, is dangerous or injurious to health or dangerous to life or limb, either generally or in the case of women, children, or any other class of persons...
204. oldal - JAMES, by the grace of God, king of England, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith; and of Scotland the seven and fortieth.
206. oldal - ... guilty of a misdemeanour, and be liable on conviction to penal servitude for a term not exceeding seven years, or to imprisonment, with or without hard labour, for a term not exceeding two years.
211. oldal - ... if they have not been painted with oil or varnished once at least within seven years, shall be limewashed once at least within every fourteen months, to date from the period when last...
242. oldal - XXIV. The service and execution throughout the Commonwealth of the civil and criminal process and the judgments of the courts of the States. XXV. The recognition throughout the Commonwealth of the laws, the public acts and records, and the judicial proceedings of the States.

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