The Author of the following Sermons at present intends, “if the Lord will," to publish corresponding volumes in succession.

In occasionally mentioning the sources, from which ideas have been drawn ; the Author by no means intends to intimate, that he is indebted to no other. Every one must perceive, that it would be absurd to attempt the impossibility, of determining the original germ of every deduced sentiment.



The Author may add, that he has endeavoured, as much as possible, to avoid the sin of "stealing the words of God from his neighbour ;” (Jer. xxiii. 30;) and has consequently relied more on the teaching of the Spirit, than on human authority. It will therefore be found, that he has sometimes ventured to differ from established opinions, on unessential points of doctrine, and on the interpretation of doubtful passages of Scripture; whenever such opinions have appeared to him, as resulting from the prejudices of education. (Matt. xiii : 52.) But, the following pages contain nothing contrary that “analogy of faith,” which has been held by the Church of Christ in every age.

Shirwell, North Devon.

June, 1836.

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