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preserved for several ages in the treasury of the Vatican, and is now given back to the pope by the emperor.

The British Navy. The following is the present state of the British naval force. There are 682 ships in commission. Of these, 111 are of the line ; 21 from 50 to 44 guns; 132 frigates; and 418 sloops and smaller vessels. The number of vessels in the British Channel amounts to 178; in the Downs and North Seas, 159; in the West Indies and the Passage, 65, among which are 17 of the line; and the Jamaica station 2 of the line, and 35 smaller vessels; in the East Indies and on passage 40, of which 8 are of the line; in the Mediterranean 26, of which only 1 is of the line.

FATAL Duel.-On the 13th of February, a shocking event occured in the town of Louisiana. A Mr. Sterry and a Mr. G. Lewis, both persons of a considerable degree of respectability, and the latter brother to the late lady of governor Clairborne, had a family dispute; in consequence of which Mr. Sterry inserted a satire in the Louisiana Gazette, applying to Mr. Lewis, who, calling with a friend at the office, obtained a knowledge of the author. A challenge immediately ensued ; and the parties having met, it was agreed to count one, two, and three, and at the succeeding word “fire,” to fire. Mr.Lewis's pistol flashed before the word was given, and he consequently lost his fire; on which Mr.Sterry iminediately turned, and fired backwards in the air. No offer of accommodation being made, the parties again fired nearly at the same moinent, when Mr. Lewis, who gave the challenge, received a ball which passed through his heart and out at his left side. He continued his attitude for an instant; then casting his eyes round to his friend, he could only utter, “ I believe," and fell lifeless. His adversary and seconds immediately absconded, and have not since been heard of.

BIRTHS. In Park-place, Camberwell, Madame Jerome Buonaparte, of a son. At St. James's-square, Lady Caroline Stuart Wortley, of a son. The Lady of the City Remembrancer, at Guildhall, of a son. The Hon. Mrs. Warnford, Lady of Lieut.-Col. Warnford, of a son. In Grosvenor-square, the Duchess of Montrose, of a daughter. At Speen-hill Cottage, near Newbury, the Lady of Sir W. Burdett, Bart, of a son. The Lady of G. H. Rose, Esq. of a daughter.


Dr. Kidd, of Oxford, to Miss I. Savery. T. S. Horner, Esq. of Mell's Park, Somerset, to Miss Hippesley, daughter of Sir J. G. Hippesley.


At Mazehill, Greenwich, Admiral R. Brathwaite, Esq. aged 80. Roger Blount, Esq. aged 96. At Clifton, near Bristol, Major-General Magan. T. Clutterbuck, Esq. aged 97. At Petersburgh, the Princess Ganjarin. At Gralz, in Stiria, the Princess Maria Theresa. At Chelsea, Mr. Suett, late of Drury Jane Theatre, · Colonel Teesdale, aged 82.



AUGUST, 1805.



........ 74

......... 87



Mrs. Finch's Sonnets and other


114 Biographical Sketch of Mr. Winston 75

Harry Dee

ib. Liberty

76 Mrs. Hunter's unexpected Legacy ib. Letter to the Editor, from Capel Lofft, An Imitation of the Eighth SaEsq.

tire of Juvenal

115 Select Sentences


Dr. Brooker's Tobias, a Poem ib. Literary Anecdotes, in a Letter to a

Hints towards forming the CharacFriend ....


ter of a Young Princess ib, French and English Loyalty Rage for Heraldry


BRITISH STAGE. Fashionable Parties ......................


Animadversions on the Conduct
Routs versus Libraries

of the Modern Stage

116 The Character of a True Briton 94

A Wife for Master Betty

118 Popularity


Some Account of Mossop, the
Tragedian, continued


ORIGINAL POETRY. Mackenzie's Report of the Commit

tee of the Highland Society

Sonnet to Capel Lofft, Esq.
The Bad Actor

ib. Turner's History of the Manners,

The Muffled Drum

126 Landed Property, Govern

Stanzas on the menaced Invasion 127 ment, &c. of the Anglo-Saxons 100

128 Professor Richardson's Poems and

The Vintage Feast

102 Parody on a Song in the Water

man The Confessions of William Henry

128 Ireland

129 105

A Theatrical Anecdote
Dr. Carlyle's Poems suggested, Death of the Duke of Gloucester . 129

chiefly by Scenes in Asia-


MEMORANDA DRAMATICA, &c. Eugenia De Acton's Nuns of the


130 Desart ...... 110 Theatrical Intelligence

132 Times past; or Sketches of the Manners of the last Century 111

PROVINCIAL DRAMA, &c. Dr. Drake's Literary Hours


133 The Young Rosciad, an admonito

Birmingham ............................. 136 112 Glasgow

137 Dr. Huntingford's Thoughts on Norwich

138 the Trinity

113 Harrall's Scenes of Life 114 "News, &c.


......, 125



ry Poem

London: PRINTED, FOR THE PROPRIETORS, By J. Wright, No. 38, St. John's Square, Clerkenwell, And published by Vernor and Hood, in the Poultry; Sold, also, by all Booksellers in

the United Kingdom,


No. 119 will be enibellished with a Portrait of Mrs. H. JOHNSTON, of the Theatre Royal Covent Garden, from an original Painting by J. R. SMITH,

We are sorry we can only give a place to the concluding couplet of an Anacreontic.

Pass them round! we'll all agree in
Bacchus, Love, and Anacreon.

The Murderer, by F. E. C. The May-Sprig, &c. by F---e, and several other pieces in rhyme, are not worthy of insertion.

Our correspondent A. O. shall receive an answer to his favour per post,

Neither of the articles mentioned by E. D. came to hand. Will E. D. have the goodness to favour us with his address ?

ALONZO cannot be accommodatcd in the way he wishes.

Hıc ET UBIQue, notwithstanding his signature and his defiance, cannot elude our vigilance. We know where to find him.

P. R. shall certainly appear, but we cannot fix the period.

The Observations on the Toad would not prove interesting to the majority of our readers.

The Remarks on Macbeth shall be enquired after. The Shandean Chapter shall be returned agreeably to our correspondent's request. We have no means of procuring the portrait of the French actor he mentions.

The letter from a Young Physician does not possess sufficient merit for insertion.

The Tailor's Slopboard would perhaps bring that " ancient and honourable fraternity» upon our backs.

A review of the new edition of Massinger in our next.

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