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E AR, Spring of Human Action, II. 32.
strongest Paffion of Human Nature,

I. 317, &c. II. 86
Faith in Jesus Christ. How it operates upon

the natural feeble Means, Repentance and
Prayer, I. 27, &c. 46, &c. 87, &c. 97, &c.
The vivifying Principle, and capital Truth of
the Gospel, II. 152. in the Mediation. See
Mediator. Why all Men have not Faith,
II. 236. described and distinguished, 32,
189, 226, 243, coincident with Knowledge
and Reason, II. 189. Enemies to Faith and
Reason, 1. Papifts, 212. 2. Solifidians, 220.
3. Deists, 221. Rejecters of it, 239. Corrupters
of it, 256. several Sorts, 182. Moral Virtue
of Faith, 222, 274. How the Head of the
Moral Virtues, 234. Faith in God as a Re-
warder, the first Principle of Natural Reli-
gion, 232, 262. Impossible to please God
without it. See Rewarder. That Faith derived
from the first Promise, 232. Christianity ren-
ders that implicit Faith explicit in the Medi-
- ator. See Rewarder. The true Design of cor-
rupting the Faith, II. 256. The Use and Ne-
ceffity of Faith proved against the Socinians,
258, &c. Doubters or Scepticks, their Folly
and Inconsistency, 264. Their Objections
answer’d, 269. Faith built upon moral Cer-
tainty, 270. Negletters of it, their Immorali-
ty, 283. The Head of all the Means,
1. 78. Why the Gospel summ'd up in it,
I. 72, 78. Christian Faith means Fidelity to
Works, 353. and Fidelity of Understand-
ing, Will, and Affe&tions to Truth, conftitu-
tive of Happiness, II. 230.


Fall of Man. The Effects and Consequences,

1. 10, &c. The Truth of the Fall demon-
strated from two felf-evident Notions, I. 15.
193. God had no Hand in that great Change
in Man, 18, &c. Man a Gainer by it, 386.
The fole - Prerogative of God to bring Good
out of Evil, 387. By the Interposition of the
Mediator, productive of greater Good to
Man, of a new Display of moral Attributes;
the Mercy of God, otherwise unknown,

242, &c.
Fitness and Congruity, not the Foundation of

moral Obligation, II. 69. of Time for pro-
- mulging the Gospel, I. 107. II. 322.
Friendship improved by Christianity, not dimi-

nished, as the Deists pretend, II. 67.
Fundamentals in Religion. What they are,

and the Reason of the different Catalogues of
them in Scripture, I. 57, &c.
Future Contingents and divine Prescience recon-

ciled, I. 25.


YLORY of God, to consult and promote

that the same as promoting our own Hap-
piness, I. 391. II. 91.
Glory in the Crojs of Christ, founded in Rea-

fon, II. 152
God, why, and for how long represented in hu-

man Parts and Passions, . I. 34. As a Re-
warder. · See Rewards. His Honour (one
Criterion of true Religion) advanced by Po-
sitives in Christianity. See Baptism, Lord's

Supper, with Chapter of Uses, and Mediator,
Goodness of God abused by the Deists to Super-
'ftition. See Superstition. Their Abuse of it
with respect to Repentance, I. 289, 298. in


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pardoning Sin how confined to Covenant' in
the Mediator, ib. and 300, &c. Deists Self-
deceit with respect to this, 307. II. 331. in-
comparably more attracting, and engaging of
Gratitude and Obedience in the Mediatorial,

than Deistical Scheme, I. 365, 374.
Good of Men (another Criterion of true Religion)

advanc'd by Positives in Christianity. See Bap-
tism, Lord's Supper, Chapter of Uses, and Me-

Good and Evil, the Tree of Knowledge of, 1. 8.

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APPINESS, Hope of it in Society,

true Spring of human Action, II. 33.
truly distinguish'd the Foundation of moral
Obligation, 53,69. Criterion of the moral
Taste, Fitness, Relation, Truth, Beauty,
Goodness, Obligation, Approbation, Reason-
ableness, 74. To consult our own Happiness

and the Glory of God the same, II. 91.
Heathens, their choiceft Knowledge in Morality

derived from the Mosaick and Christian Reve-

lation, I. 33., a great Mistake, as if their Vir-
: tues were splendida peccata, I. 35. dead to Rea
pentance, I. 51. destitute of a perfect Morali-
ty, 103, &c. 250. depended not on Repen-
tance, but Sacrifice, 295. how the Benefit of
the New Covenant and the Mediator of it is
extendable to them, 296. their Lives not bet-

ter than Chriftians, 108.
Hell Torments, their Eternity. See Punishment.
Helps and Instruments.

Instruments. See Ministers.
Heresy described, consists in mangling and di-

viding Christ Jesus, II. 182.
Heretick, Author of Christianity as old, prov'd
one, I. 239


Holy Ghost, Sin against, what, I. 50, 68, 426.'
Holiness of God, Christ did die as a Testimony or

Witness of that, I. 288.
Honour of God, (one Criterion of true Religion)

advanced by Positives in Christianity. See
Baptism, Lord's Supper, with Chapter of Uses,

and Mediator.
Hope, the Spring and Life of human Action,

II. 33, &c.

DOLATRY, true Notion of, Introd. 20,

I. 84, 94, 233. encouraged by heathen Phi-
losophers, 104, 109. The Fountain of Immo-
rality, ib. Baptism and the Lord's Supper in-
tended for the Cure of it, 199. Immorality of
it primarily consists in Man's Presumption in
chusing a false Mediator; 216, 233, &c. II.

213, 303. chargeable on Papists. See Papists.
Jesus Christ not a Fable, but the Moral of the

Fable of Human Nature, and the Law of

Nature, II. 351.
Ignorance an improper Mother of Zeal, as it is

of Devotion. Introd. 17.
Image of God explain’d, I. 3. Governors' a
· particular Image of him, ib.' and 13. when
and how alter'd and impair'd in Likeness, ib.

and II, 27, 87, 226.
Infallibility appertains to none but God, II. 26,

Infidelity, the Immorality and Wickedness of it,

II. 222, 274.
Iniquity of Spirit contrary to the Law of Nature ;

more mischievous than Sins of the Flesh;

very incident to the Deifts, II. 247, &c.
Innocence, Primitive State of, demonstrated from
two Self-evident Notions, I. 13, &c. 194.


Intercessor at the Right Hand of God, Hefus

Chrift, unexceptionable, I. 401. gives true
Notion of God, and ourselves; prevents
Sin, and Presumption, 403. infpires our Ad-
dresses with Alacrity, 407. Christ as Inter-
cesor left out of the Moral Philosopher's Scheme,
to the great Discomfort of the World, App.

Judge, Mediator as Judge, I. 423. why our Judge,

II. 115, 127. left out of the Scheme of the
Moral Philosopher, and denied by him to be

Judge, App. p. 41.
Judgment future, why represented as resting
· upon Charity, 1.67. necessary for the posi-
tive Distribution of Rewards and Punish-
ments, II. 125. A false ground for the Mo-
ral Philosopher to build on for excluding the
Positive Means of Christianity, App. 39.

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EYS of the Kingdom of Heaven, what

they are, I. 54, 97.
King, Mediator as King, I. 419.
Kings, How Christians are Kings and Priests,

I. 414. II. 14. How they are the Head of
the Church from the Origin of Things.

App. 43.
Knowledge and Faith coincident, II. 189. of Good,

part of the Image of God, I. 249.


the shortest universal Rule of Conscience,
16. Moral Law immutable, 6. Difference be-

tween Moral and Positive, ib. of Nature,



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