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P. 228.

Gen. ii. 17.
HE Tree of Knowledge

Good and Evil, Vol.
p. 9. ib. In the day tbou eatest

ihereof thou shalt surely die, p. 15. 1 Sam. il. 25. If one Man sin against another,

God shall (Judge bim ; but if a Man
Jin against the Lord, who fall in-

treat for him ? Vol. I. 212. Pf.xxxvii.25. Never saw the Righteous forsaken,

nor their Seed begging their Bread, Isaiah yi. 9. Hearing Mall hear, and not une

derstand, seeing see, and not per

ceive. II. 225, 244. xxxix. 9. Drunken but not with Wine. II. 248. Ezek. xx. 23. Statutes not good, Judgments where

by they should not live. 1. 225. Dan. xii. 10. None of the Wicked mall under

stand, but the Wife shall under

stand. II. 245. Hab. iii. 2. O Lord revive thy work in the

midst of the Years. I. 429. Matth. v. 6. Hunger and Thirst after Righteoul

ness. I. 27. 8. Blessed are the pure in Heart. I.51. 44. The Love of Enemies. I. 272.

II. 84. xii. 36. Idle Words brought to Judgment.

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xvi. 19.

Matt. xvi.19. Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.

I. 54, 97. xxiii. 23. How Faith one of the weightier

Things of the Law, II. 234. Mark iii. 28. Sin or Blasphemy against the Holy

Gboft. I. 50.1 vii. 22. Foolishness. which proceeds from the

Heart and defiles the Man. II.

229. Luk.xvii.21. Kingdom of God is within you. II. last

Page. xviii. 8. When the Son of Man cometh, Mall

be find Faith on Earth? II. 281. Joh. i. 9. The light that lightieth every Man that

cometh into the World. II. 352. iii. 5. No entring the Kingdom of Heaven

unless born of Water and the Spirit.

I. 180. II. 24. 20. Hate the Light because their Deeds

are Evil. II. 242. iv. 23. Worshipping the Father in Spirit and

Truth. I. 94. v. 23. All Men honour the Son as they bo

nour the Father. 1.424. vi. 44. None can come to me except the Fa

ther draw him. I. 218. II. 165. 53. Except ye eat the Flesh of the Son of

Man and drink bis Blood, &c. I. 336.

II. 25.

63. The Words I speak are Spirit and

Life. ib. vii. 17. If any Man will do bis will, be shall

know of the Do&trine, whether of God.

II. 252

xii, 27. Cbrist praying to be deliver'd from A&. xv. 29. Abstaining from Blood in what Sense

that Hour. I. 355.


a necessary Thing, 1, 65. Rom.viii. 7. Carnal Mind enmity to God. II. 11.

13. Mortifying the Deeds of the Body.

I. 273, 414.
viii, 26. With Groanings that can't be utter'd,

I. 87. Notes II. 13.
X. 8. The Word of Righteousness which we

preach is in the Heart. II. 299.
xii, 1. How presenting our Body a living

boly reasonable Service. I. 152, 273.

414. 1 Cor. ii. 14. The Natural and Spiritual Man.

II. 11, 24, 165.
X. 31. Whether ye eat or drink, do all to

the Glory of God. II. 92. xv, 28. That God may be all in all. I. 229. ? Cor. iv. 17. A far more exceeding and elernal

weight of Glory I. 308. Gal. iv. 25. Glory in the Cross of Christ. II. 152. V. 24. Crucifying the Flesh, with the Af

fections and Lufts.
vi. 10. Do good especially to the Houshold of

Faith. I. 42.
Eph. vi. v. One Faith. I. 139.

13. The Measure of the Stature of the

fulness of Christ. 1. 77. II. 170.
24. True Holiness. II. 69.
v. 3. This is a great Mystery. II

. 173. vi. 18. Praying in the Spirit. I. 87. Notes. Phil. ii. 13. God worketh in us both to will and do

of his good Pleasure. I. 351, II. 19. 4. 7. The Peace of God passing all Under,

standing. I. 43, 411. II. 170. Col. į 19. In him all Fulness dwells. I. 247.

Col. II. 244.

Col. ii. 8. Spoil you through Philosophy. II. 212, 2 Thes, ii.19. All damn'd who believe not the Truth,

but have Pleasure in Unrighteousness. iii. 2. All Men have not Faith. II. 236. 1 Tim. ii. 2. Pray for Kings and all in Authority.

ii. 5. One God, one Mediator between God

and Man, the Man Christ Jesus.

1. 416. II. 299. 19. Foundation of God ftandeth fure bave

ing this Seal, &c. 1.78, 144, 408. iii. 16. Great is the Mystery of Godliness.

IL. 313

II. 173.

iv. 8. Godliness' profitable for all Things.

1. 92:

2Tim. iii. 16. Scripture profitable for Do&trine, Re

proof, Correction, Inftru&tion. I. 36,

75. alib. pafl. Heb. iii. 12. Evil Heart of Unbelief, II. 244.

vi. 2. Baptisms in the plural Number.

I. 137.

4. Impossible to renew them to Repen

tance who do despite the Spirit of

Gracé. I. 50. xi. 6. God a Rewarder of those who dili

gently seek bim. 1. 47. II. 89, 232, 262, 296, 319, 338, 341, &c. Impossible to please God witbout that

Faith, ib. xii. 24. Blood speaketh better Things than that

of Abel. I. 284. Jam. ii. 10. He that offendeth in one Point, guilty

of all. I. II, 255.
V, 12. Above all things fwear not. I. 66.

II. 191.

1 Pet. iv. 8. Charity coveretb' the multitude of

Sins, ib. 2 Pet. 1. 5. Add to Virtue Knowledge

. I. 270. iii. 16. Some Things hard to be understood

I. 269. II. 262, 1 Joh. v. 10. He that believeth on the Son of God

bath the Witness in bimself. Introd.

19. II. r9o. Rev. i. 6. Hath made us , Kings and Priests.

I. 414. II. 14.
ix. 11. Abaddon, Apollyon. II. 315.


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