New Specimen of Writing in the Moral and Philofophic Kind. When new Things are offer'd, or old ftale ones retail'd to the candid Reader, it is usual to express some Diffidence, or offer at some Apology; but this is so very much in the Thrasonical Mood and Figure, tho' upon the most serious and important Subject in all the World, viz. what is the only true Religion, or, in other Words, what is the only true Christianity, that it can't escape being observed as remarkably heterogenous to the Subject. After heaping up a vaft Multitude of gracious Names upon his Adversaries and their Tenets, for 450 Pages together (who are in truth, not the Clergy only, but the most Pious, the most Learned, the most Honourable of every Denomination of Protestant Christendom, and thither I suppose he would confine the Debate) such as Judaism, Superstition, Enthusiasm, Ignorance, &c. &c. And after throwing out some fingular Darts of his Spleen against the Clergy of that, and every Distinction with all his Spite, with the utmost of his saying Force, allowing their well weighed and long tried Protestant Reasoning upon Jesus Christ and his holy saving Religion, with respect to his being a Propitiation for our Sins, and a Mediator of Redemption and Intercession for reconciling God to Man, as well as Man to God, nc better Quarter than Raving *, I can answer for myself, and may venture to do so for the rest of my Brethren (if I might have the Honour to speak for them) that we are ready to turn the other Cheek, and take a fresh Rap of his Reproach, sooner than return opprobrious Language, or any one of his base, low

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bred, virulent Epithets, Entbusiastick. Pulpileers, Theologasters, System Mongers, Superstitious, Ignorant, Impostors, Cheats, Hypocrites; that the clerical Religion is a Thimble and Button, or Powder le Pimp*; to oblige a Man in Preaching to talk Sense, would be the most unreasonable Nonsense t; that the Belief or Use of the instituted Means, positive Parts or Doctrines of Christianity, is the Clerical or Sacerdotal Christianity or reveald Religion I; and in this instituted, political Religion of the Hierarchy, there is no Distinction of Clergy, or, they are scarcely distinguishable ll, with much more of the like abusive Strain which adorns our Moral Philofopher, in his immoral profligate Libel against them, and real Christianity.

PRAY, Brother Christian, as you love to call yourself, why so very destitute of Temper, Meekness, and Moderation, the very Spirit and Ornament of that Religion you pretend to? Does the Wrath of Man inderd work the Righteousness of God ? Is that your way of reading our Text? You give out " no Doubt but many “ large elaborate Volumes will be written, and

a thousand Sermons preach'd against this your “ Book, in which my Adversaries, (they are your own Words) “ especially the Judaizing

Part of the Clergy (by whom you mean all who retain the Notion of Jesus Christ being an Atonement, Sacrifice, Propitiation for Sins, or the Mediator of Redemption, and Intercession for Mankind) “will clearly and triumphantly

confute all that I have said, without answering

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" to see such Adversaries (tha
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zing Part of the Clergy; ar

spare my Life 'till he has rais chem up, I so should defire in this World no greater Blef

fing." How much this is the menacing Elocution of the Gentry of the fame Place, I leave others to say, and give their Opinion likewise, whether even the Bravest there are apt to brag the most, or who they are that generally come off with the worst : It is already decided against himself, if I may be permitted the Words of our mighty Golia), You may easily perceive, " that our greatest Talkers, and most positive " Deciders, never think at all.” + It is well (whilft I put the Negative upon myself) if fome little David of the Despised Clergy does no compleatly demolish this vain Conqueror, and by the fame Asistance, and for the fame Reason, because he defies the Divine Scheme and Apparatus of the living God reconciling the World to bimself by Jesus Christ.

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Byt I forget myself, a new set up Oracle has the Privilege of dictating and being be

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bred, virulen mis own Word, as if Christianity Theologated or fall by what he says pro or con, rant, have no other Chance to be this, or that, cleril other, but just as his Authority, against all other Authority, interprets and determines. Towards the Conclusion, he triumphantly foretells and pronounces out of his infallible Chair, the Spread of Deism *, and echoes 'to, and will make good, as far as he is able, Theophanes's Observations in the Beginning. " Had this “ Malady of Deism only infected our Rakes and

pretty Fellows, Men of little Sense and less " Virtue, it would not have much affected

but the Sore lies deeper, and the Malignity seems to spread itself thro' the whole

Body, among Persons of all Ranks, Qua“ lities, and Characters, " &c. + But while he is labouring his pernicious Point to overthrow the Holy Scriptures, the Oracles of the living God, he is supporting the Truth of them by fulfilling what they have foretold, That in the latter Day, there should come Scoffers, denying the Lord that bought them. Still I trust in God, and the common Reason of his Readers, that they will not be so complaisant as to give up their Senses, together with the common obvious way of understanding all Writings, for the sake of the strange, violent, whimsical, inconsistent Meaning he would impose upon them; especially, since the literal obvious Sense which he detests and runs away from, is shewn against all his Fallacies, to be perfectly consistent with the greatest Honour of God, and Good of Men, and the Moral Truth and Reason of Things.

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I, who have lived much in the Country, and so far from London, and Opportunity of seeing New Books, muft own myself a Stranger to other Writings of this extraordinary Pen, and therefore can't tell whether, this positive magisterial Method is his usual, Constitutional way of Writing upon every Subject ; if so, he seems to be resolved upon engrossing Infallibility to himself, and allowing no Body whatsoever to be in the Right, who has the Misfortune to differ from him in Opinion, in any thing. But he is inconsistent with himself in shewing fo much Arrogance, and absolute Contempt of his Adversaries in the Body of his Book, and yet in his Preface, putting on some Modesty and Respect to other Persons Judgment; as thefe are two very different Appearances of the fame Person, I am willing to look upon the most favourable, and believe, that his prefix'd love of Truth, will at length prevail over him to relax from his Positiveness, and relinquish that Peremptoriness, which he can, to be sure, ill bear in other Writers ; and dispose him to submit willingly to be overcome with the Revenge of calm Reasoning, and found Argument, without aiming at the vainest of all Vanities, I mean, the common Stage Prize, the Honour of the last Word: Unhappy Disgrace of Controversy, and instructive Debate about Truth, ari-, sing from any unpersuadable Litigant dealing in many Words ! for towards his Conclusion, he appears to be of that very Temper by the Obstinacy of his Style, “ That the Point can never be « settled, nor the religious Peace of Mankind “ ever establish'd upon a rational Foundation, “ as long as the Necessity or Fundamentality VOL. II.


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