Robinson Crusoe's Farmyard: Designed to Accompany the Game of Natural History for Children

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George P. Putman, 1849 - 228 oldal

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158. oldal - The whole face of the landscape was actually covered with wild elephants. There could not have been fewer than three hundred within the scope of our vision. Every height and green knoll was dotted over with groups of them, whilst the bottom of the glen exhibited a dense and sable living mass...
156. oldal - My mahout had just before, in the heat of the chase, dropped his ankoos,* which I had refused to allow him to recover ; and the elephant, being notoriously savage, and further irritated by the goading he had undergone, became, consequently, unmanageable : — he appeared to see the tiger as soon as myself, and I had only time to fire one shot, when he suddenly rushed with the greatest fury into the thicket, and falling upon his knees, nailed the tiger with his tusks to the ground. Such was the violence...
119. oldal - ... expected to see it strike the earth, it suddenly turned upwards and alighted on the body of the tree. It would then run to the top and once more precipitate itself from the upper branches, and sail back again to the tree it had just left. Crowds of these little creatures joined in these sportive gambols; there could not have been less than two hundred. Scores of them would leave each tree at the same moment, and cross each other, gliding like spirits through the air, seeming to have no other...
177. oldal - ... earth. Some time afterwards, the people of the village, who seldom visited that spot, saw the eagles hovering in the air ; and as it is almost always a certain sign that the lion has killed game, or some animal is lying dead, they went to the place, and sought in vain till, coming under the lee of the tree, their olfactory nerves directed" them to where the lion lay dead in his thorny bed.
97. oldal - IV. ner as a puppy, and continued with his original owner till he was full grown. He was then presented to the menagerie at Paris. For many weeks, he was quite disconsolate at the separation from his master, who had been obliged to travel. He would scarcely take any food, and was indifferent to his keepers. "At length he became attached to those about him ; and lie seemed to have forgotten his old affections.
50. oldal - ... ice. The crash was terrific, and the mass beneath us was shattered into fragments. At that dreadful moment, when escape seemed impossible, the impulse of selfpreservation implanted in every living being saved us. Instinctively we all sprang at once on the sledges, and urged the dogs to their full speed. They flew across the yielding fragments to the field on which we had been stranded, and safely reached a part of it of firmer character, on which were several hummocks, and where the dogs immediately...
98. oldal - WHS he separated from his friend ; and again was his grief as extreme as on the first occasion. After three years absence, his master once more returned. It was evening, and the wolf's den was shut up from any external observation ; yet the...
5. oldal - ... attacked the bull, and by biting his heels drew him off the man, and eventually saved his life. The bull, however, never left the keeper, but kept continually watching and returning to him, giving him a toss from time to time. In this state of things, and while the dog, with singular sagacity and courage, was holding the bull at bay, a messenger came up to the castle, when all the gentlemen came out with their rifles, and commenced a fire upon the bull, principally by a steady good marksman,...
105. oldal - During the hunt, regardless of Indian vicinity, the fearless trapper wanders far and near in search of "sign." His nerves must ever be in a state of tension, and his mind ever present at his call. His eagle eye sweeps round the country, and in an instant detects any foreign appearance.
70. oldal - ... paw to the part wounded, covered with blood, and held it out for me to see : I was so much hurt at the time, that it has left an impression never to be effaced, and I have never since fired a gun at any of the tribe.

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