July | Sir George Pocock's, in Charles-ftreets


Leyon Levy, to Miss Benjamin, of Falmouth; A boy of seventeen, the son of a tradesman of the young couples ages united amounted to 35. Long-lane, Weft-Smithfield, was committed to 10. At Chingford, Mr. Jones of Hatton-itreet, the Compter, on a charge exhibited before the to Mis Landon of Chingford-hall.-14. At Sto city magistrates, of several desperate attempts to Mary-la-Bonne, Lewis Majendie, Esq. captain murther his father and mother. The deipera in the King's regiment of Light Dragoons, ta tion of this youth does not appear the result of Miss Houghton, only daughter of Sir Henry insanity, but the mere turbulence and implaca Houghton, Bart.-17. The Rev. Dr. Gerari, bility of a vicious disposition.

rector of Monks Rifborough, Bucks, to Miss TUESDAY, 22.

Temple.-18. At Edinburgh, Captain John A fire broke out in an old houte in a farm-yard, Brown, of the 48th regiment, to Miss Peggy just at the back of Limehouse-church, which Gardener.–21.At Witton, in Leicestershire, the consumed that and a range of old buildings, a Right Hon. the Earl of Denbigh, to Lady Hallarge itack of hay, with lome farming utenfils, ford, widow of the late Sir Charles Hallod, Bart. and damaged the adjacent houses.

of that place.-Lately in Scotland, Captain F:WEDNESDAY, 23.

trick Tytler, of the 8th regiment, to Miss ItaWas tried at Guildhall, before Lord Chief bella Erikine, youngest daughter of the Hon. Baron Skynner, an aâion brought by Mr. Su James Erskine, of Alva, one of the senators of therland,' againft the Hon. James Murray, late the College of Justice. Governor of Minorca, for suspending him from his office of Judge Advocate of the Vice AdmiTalty Court in the above island.

BIRT HS. After fome time spent in deliberation, the jury

HE Lady of Lord Hinton of a son, at returned with a verdict in favour of Mr. Sutherland, awarding him dve thousand pounds da- Berkeley-square.-12. At fix in the morning,

her Grace ihe Duchess of Devonshire of a daughThe lighters of Mr. Rodbard, at Trig-stairs,

ter. Thames-itreet, having been lately frequently robbed, a guard was appointed to overlook them;

DEATH S. and early this morning three persons were dilcovered puting the corn into facks, who being Jone A Barbadoes--12. Ai York, Henry

T Bristol, Mrs. Holder, fired at by the guard, one of them was killed; the others immediately rowed off in a boat,

Richards, quarter-master in the 15th regiment which they had stolen for the occasion, to Pep- of Light Dragoons. He had ferved in the army per-alley ítairs, where they made their escape, from the age of 13, a period of 55 years.-23. leaving the body in the boat.

Thomas Gataker, one of the cursitors of the
High Court of Chancery.--24. Benjamin Adam-

fon, Esq. of Oakly, Wilts.-At Wimbledon, MARRIAGE S.

Samuei Bush, Esq.-25. In Westmorlandaitreet,

Anthony Williams, Esq. aged 80.-Ai Ipswich, 19. Mrs. Dobson, inn-keeper of the Lark Tarver, Esq. aged 80.-26. Henry Rolesame place; it is remarkable, that this is the warne, Esq. member tor 'Truro, in Cornwall.-third brother's fon Mrs. Dobion has been mar Mrs. Goddard, wite of Edward Goddard, Esq. ried to. At the wedding dinner, there dined the and mother to the lady of Sir William James, bridegroom, bride, and mother, grandmother, Bart.--In Abingdon-street, Henry Pomeroy, aunt, son and daughter, and (wo coulins, in all Efq.-27. At Weltord, in Northampton bire, the but three perfons.-22. At Antwerp, the Right lady of John Payne, E19.-28. At Pepper HarHon. Sir Joseph Yorke, Knight of the Bath, to row, in Surrey, the Right Hon. Lady Viscounthe Baronefs de Boetzelaer, relict of the late Ba tess Middleton, daughter of the Right Hon. Lord ron de Boetzelaer, formerly firit noble of the pro- Pelham.--29. John Smith, Esq. formerly a vince of Holland.-23. At Old Cleve, in So Lisbon merchant, and many years one of the mersetshire, David Duncombe, Etq. of Jamaica, directors of the South Sea Company.—John to Miss Winter.—24. At Chilwick, Mr. Charles Church, Efq. clerk of the Hanaper in the Court Burney, M. A. to Miss Rose. ---28. At St. Mar of Chancery:--July 2. In Arlington-itreet, Lagaret's church, Weftmintter, Sir William Bur- dy Vitcounters Gage.--In Coventry-street, PhiMaby, of Broughton-Hall, in the county of Ox- lip Jetterton, Esq.-3. Robert Vernon Atherton ford, Bart. to Miss Elisabeth Molineux, second Atherton, of Athei ton-hall, Efq.-At Hariedaughter of Critp Molineux, of Garboldiflam, ford, William Clayton, Eiq. member for MarEfq.-30. At East-Knoyle, Wilts, James Cha. low.-5. Ac Herrings, in Sullex, Robert Ran"Hill, Efq. to Mifs Charlotte Wake.- July 1. doll, E14.6. At Penhow, in Monmouththire, At Mon mouth, the Rev. Richard Stubbs, D. D. Mrs. Tamplin, who attained the great age of to Miss Pleafant Bullock.-2. Thomas Eden, 111.-At Chilton, in the county of Durham, Efq. of Wimbledon, to Mifs Jones of Reigate- John Fenwick, Esq.—7. Ac Brighthelmiton, Place in Surry.-5. At Bath, Joliah Lucas, Esq. Lady Catharine Buuverie, daughter to the Earl to Mrs. Bennet, of the Crescent.---7. Colonel of Dunmore.--Samuel Symonds, Esq. aged 84, Watson of the Guards, to Mils Crewe of Lower many years a captain in the navy.-- At Penden. Grosvenor-freet.-9. At St. George's, Hanover nis Čitle, Brigidier-General Goddard.-8. At square, the Right Hon. the Earl of Chatham, Romford, in Eilex, Joseph Letch, Eiq.--!2. At to the Hon. Miss Townshend, daughter of Halingbury, in Eliex, John Haublon, Esq. capLord Sydney.-Ai Leathersellers-hall, accord tain in the Hertfordthire militia.--13. Ai Newing to the Jewish rites and ceremonies, Mr. ington, Christopher Goldfpring, Eiq. formerly

a dry

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Tume ,

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2 dryfalter in Thames-street.--16. Hugh Dal- hithe, timber-merchant.-William Hitchcock, rymple, Efq. son of Lord Weithall.-17. At of Birchen-lane, London, printteller and bookTwyford, Herts, aged 75, John Naper, Esq: seller.-Aaron Moody, of Southampton, in 18. Ar Edinburgh, the Hon. Lieut. Col. Ramsay. Hants, merchant.-- Francis Lasnon,' late of

20. At Laytonstone, Francis Reed, Esq. late Great Pulteney-itreet, merchant.-John Wittich, a captain in the East-India Company's service.- of Harvey-buildings, in the Strand, tailor.21. Suddenly, at Fulham Palace, Miss Lowth, James Amice Lempriere, late of the island of eldest daughter of the Bishop of London.—23. Jersey, now of Broad-treet buildings, London, Crofling over from Oitend, the Baroness of and George Lempriere, of Broad-treet buildings, Rbeintelt, in her way to Bath, for the recovery merchant and copartners.---James Roberts, late of her health. At Huy near Liege, General of Liverpool, merchant.-Christiana Elston, now Boyd, a Welchman by birth, who with fingular or late of Northampton, widow, ironmonger. abilities, and a still more fingular turn of mind, Martin Charlesworih, of Gomersall, in Yorkwas deemed one of the greatest and oddeft men of shire, merchant.-Williain Ingram, late of the present age.-George Fielding, Esq. aged 82, Portsmouth, in Hants, linen-draper.-William one of his Majesty's justices of the peace for the Moody, of Copthall-buildings, London, mer. counties of York and Durham.-Mrs. Vaughan, chant.--George Dawson the younger, of Sunrelict of Col. Richard Vaughan.—A few days derland, near the sea, in the county of Durham, fince, raving mad, Mr. Caitleton, brewer, in merchant.----James Thompson, of Great YarTooley-street. He was bit about three years mouth, in Norfolk, fail-cloth-weaver.-Robert ago by a favourite spaniel, and went down im Webb Sutton, of New Sarum, in Wilts, innmediately after the accident to the salt water, holder.-William Hardinge, late of the Adelphi and never felt any ill effects till three weeks be wharf, coal-merchant.-James Chew, of Bristol, fore his death.

bookseller.—John Christie, of Northumberlandstreet, strand, carpenter.- William Hunt and

Benjamin Slade, of Aldersgate-street, London, BANKRUPT S.

diftillers and copartners.- Valentine Owen late 'ILLOUGHBY MARSDEN, of Cheap- of Newtown, in Montgomeryshire, and now or late of East Farndon, in Northamptonshire, dealer. Proudfoot, late of Midhunt,in Suífex,linen-draper, Richard Parton, late of Knockin, in Salop, dealer in horses.—John Rowley and Jonas Row

SC O T L AN D. ley, now or late of Condicut, in Hertfordshire,

THURSDAY, June 5. millers and copartners.-James Skeet, late of T Lindifferent, in the parish of Monyhead, Pimlico, in Middlesex, lime-merchant.-Thomas Welt, of Howland-itreet, St. Pancras, Mid- the lightening entered the chimney head of a dlesex, cheesemonger.-John Aspenlon, of Far- shepherd's house, by which both his son and thing-alley, in Barnaby-itreet, Surrey, vi&tualler. daughter were both struck dead. The servant -Edward Brent, late of Northfleet, in Kent, was knocked down, but soon recovered. A lime-merchant-George Aldridge, now or late young dog lay apparently dead for a long time, of Hadleigh, in Suffolk, inn-holder and malt- but is since perfectly well. A gardener at ster.—Thomas Grimmitt, of Harbury, in War- tempted to bleed the boy, but without effect; wickshire, cordwainer and shopkeeper.-Benja. some time after the wound poured forth blood., min Lolcombe, late of Bristol, merchant and Their whole bodies foon grew black. banker. Samuel Rabone, late of Exeter, merchant (partner with William Rabone and Lewis

IRE L A N D. Benjamin Crinloz, late of Joiner's-hall-build

MONDAY, June 9. im Willoughby Marsden, late of Cheapide, A travelling 10 Dublin, with cath to the ings, London, merchants). George Broadhead London, hofiers and Copartners.--Cornelius

amount of 1000l. they were ftopped, near Brown, of Fenchurch-street, London,cheesemonger.- Thomas Mitchelson, of Blenheim-itreet, Kinnegad, by fix footpads, of whom they Oxford-road, builder and surveyor.-Nathaniel knocked down one, wounded another, killed a Hayward, of the City Chambers, London, mer

third, and obliged the rest to make off without -William Meggitt, of King's-row,

their booty. chant. Black's-fields, Southwark, merchant.-Joseph

Three large ships with emigrants for America, Daniel, oí Penzance, in Cornwall, lincn-dealer. mostly linen weavers, failed in one day from the - Thomas Underhill, of Wolverhampton, in port of Belfast. Staffordihire, mercur.--Aaron Moody, of Southampton, and Christopher Potter, late of Parlia

AMERICA. meni-street, Weltminiter, merchants and part

New-York, May 8. ners.—Thomas Holbeche, of Coventry, butcher. APT. COOKE, of the 37th regiment, going

to bathe in the North-river on Tuesday noon, in the townihip ot Caitleton, in Rochdale, Lan was unfortunately carried away by the tide, and, cashire, woolen manutacirer.- John Crow, of no atlistance being near, drowned. Caitlehoward, in York fire, innholder.---Miles New-York, May 20. Friday arrived a verEdward Wilks, of Greenfield-itrect, Whitecha. sel from Hallifax, by which we learn, that pel, dealer in wines.-- James Sinifun, late of the fieet, with about 6000 Refugees, which Vine-court, Spitalrields, dyer,-William Ed- lately lett this city, was fafely landed at Port warda, fate of Princes-street, St. Mary, Rother- Roseway, after a lix days passage.

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82 $

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PRICES of STOCKS, &c. in JULY, 1783.

Compiled by C. DOMVILLE, Stock-Broker, No. 95, Cornhill. Bank 3 perc. 3 per C. 13 per C. 4 per c. 4 per C., Long Short India India , India S. S. New

Navy mn. | Lottery | Wind Weath.
Stock reduced consols. Scrip. Scrip conrols, An. An. Stock Ann. Bonds, Stock Ann. Bills,


Deal. London
1284 65

83 3 2014

16 Dir. Shut.

4 14 11

O NE Fair
271 1271 65
84 83 %

61 6


2 14 12 0 NE
661 84 1


105 3 14 12

O SE 29 Sunday


SE Rain 30 65 66 84


641 10$

14 12

o N E Fair

66 2 66
661 84


14 10 ο Ν Ε 64 661 2652 66 83



14 9 OS W 1251 64

651 83



14 7 ol SW 1251 64

66 6js



14 9

OS E 64 1

658 82 82 19%

14 9 SW Sunday

6; a 658


121 14 8 E
1241 63

6 ska 64

81 19 1373


14 7

ONE 125 63 64 g a

641 81 19

133 3 . 121

ONE 1251 64 6 641 a 651 653




olE 127 65 65 a } 66



o SE J2 65 ) 65 66



10 ONE 13 Sunday

E 14 128 65 65 lat 83 83 20


15 1275
65 656 a 64 653 83 1 83


14 9 O. NE 64 ] 64 ó a 65 82


14 9 OS W
17 1251
63 643263 64 82 81


o SW

63 1637 a 628 81

581 14

19 1231
61 6242 611

80 80


12$ 2 Dis. 14

o SW
20 Sunday

SW Th. Li.
62 63 a 621 631 81


I 14 8 O

SW Fair
63 a 64 | 6. 82 $ 82


14 10

ON W Rain



121 114 11 o S W Fair
63 1 62 a 611 64 82

14 lo

o SW 25!

64 82


14 90S W 1261 63 i 1614 a 625 645

82 4 1119ex diligex d.




8 OSW N.' B. In the 3 per Cent. consols. the highest and lowest Price of cach Day is given ; in the other Stocks the highest Price only.





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March 13.


proceeding on the motion, he would MOR:Gearrelios prefaced his non object to it, but meet enquiry with the army with a variety of military The Secretary at W'ar concurred in observations, fome serious and others opinion with the Commander in Chief; ludicrous, in which he pointed out and particularly wished to know grievances which at present exist, and precise object of the motion, for at which ought to be remedied, particu- present fome part of it was not tholarly in the matter of brevets, by which roughly intelligible to him. fuperior officers were liable to the mor General Ross declared that his motification of having their inferiors put tion had no other object in view but over their heads; and then moved, the reformation of abuses: and all he That there be laid before the House wanted to get at was information reå lift of all the officers of the lately specting thote abuses. If errors thould eftablished American corps, fpecifying have been committed in the course of the military commissions they respec- a long and ruinous war they fould be tively held, previous to their having noticed, in order to avoid them for the been appointed to those corps; as like- future. His chject was not particular wise copies of the ftipulation under but general; noi personal and invidiwhich those American corps were ori. ous, but disinterested and generous. ginally formed.”

Sir Philip Jennings Clerke thouglrt General Conway said, that the ser. Col. M-Cormick's and Col. Keating's vices of the five corps lately put on regiments, that had been sent to the the British establishment were such as Eaft-Indies, had a claim to the same fairly entitled them to every mark of favour; and Gen. Smith was also of diftin&tion. Col. Dalrymple's had die opinion that the two regiments fent to finguished itself very much in the ex the East Indies were entitled to an peditions sent out from Jamaica; but equal establishment with the provincial more particularly at Fort Omoa. Col. corps. Duncan's corps had fignalized itself : Mr. Burke observed that the favour greatly at the second battle of Camden sewn to the provincial corps had exunder Lord Rawdon. The regiments cited some jealousies and alarms in the under Fenning, Simcoe, and Tarleton army; and he wished, out of respect to were above his praise; and the glory it, to let the matter undergo a thoof their achievements was universally .rough examination. If the meafures known and acknowledged. Some, per- respecting the eftablishment of those haps, were not willing to have their new regiments were approved of by Tank established. He thought, how- the House, let it be seen that the apever, that they merited this distinction; probation takes place in consequence but, if the House wished to ground a of enquiry. Loxd. Mag. Aug. 1783


A Night

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A flight amendment having been the mean time, so far from giving up proposed by the Secretary at War, the any part of the carrying trade, we inotion was at length agreed to. fhould exert ourselves to prevent our

March 14. Mr. Alderman Saw- unemployed seamen from passing over bridge moved for leave to bring up a to the Americans.” petition from the deputies of the pa The claufe, however, pasled; and tent officers, and others, in the Customs, the bill was ordered to be reprinted. whose patents and places were to be On the 20th, the same bill was again abolished, if a bill then before the taken into consideration. Some obHouse were to pass into a law. This jected to particular clauses, and others bill, he said, professed to be a bill for to its general principle. diminishing the influence of the crown; Mr. Pitt observed, that some bill but, in his opinion, it would be found was necessary, and that he could not to operate directly contrary to this think of a better: but that he would avowed object, by absolutely extending give himself no further trouble about that influence.

it, as it had met with such delays and Mr. Burke seconded the motion; and oppositions. Mr. Burke urged the gothe petition was ordered to lie on the ing forward with it without delay: table till the second reading of the bill. but Mr. Eden thought delay was pre

By way of supplement to General ferable to the enacting an ill-digeited Ross's motion, Sir Cecil Wray moved law. for copies of all letters or orders from The further consideration of it was the Secretary at War, Commander in adjourned till the Monday. Chief, or any other of his Majesty's The delay attending the formation ministers, promising half pay to the of a new adminiftration caused various officers of corps raised in America. speculations and conjectures in the

General Smith seconded the motion; minds of the people at large, and beand the Commander in Chief afsenting came at length a subject of warm and to it, it passed without a debate. interesting debate in the lower House.

The principal subject of debate on It was attributed to various causes, as the 17th and i8th of March was the fancy or prejudice prevailed. Some American trade bill. Mr. Pitt ob- imagined that his Majesty was averse to ferved, that the outlines of it had been the much talked of coalition, and fearcommunicated to the commissioners at ful of admitting into his councils men Paris, and they were highly gratified who had so long been at enmity with with it, and admired the generosity of each other, and whose political prina this country.

ciples, according to their own declaraLord Sheffield was greatly disfatis- tions, were at the greatest variance porfied with the clause, which gives an fible. Others thought that the members. open trade between the United Pro- of the coalition had not agreed among vinces and our Weft-India islands. He themselves on the terms of union, nor was apprehensive that it vas an ill- finally adjusted the balance of power; jadged piece of generosity; and that that the way had not been fufficiently our own trade with those islands would cleared to admit of an amicable alliance, be effentially injured by it." I with

“ I wish- nor so guarded as to prevent mutual ed, said he, to have stopped with the jealousies of encroachment on each first clause which opens our ports to other's prerogatives. With supposie and from America. We shall have tions such as these people amused or transports and seamen in plenty unein. perplexed their fancies: nor were there ployed, to carry our manufactures to wanting fone, who positively afierted America and the West Indies, and that the delay in forming an admini. bring from those countries what we stration arose wholly from the impotli. 'want. It will be time enough to give bility of getting persons to accept of America fer peculiar advantages, when its offices; and that even royal follici. tre have an opportunity of treating tation became ineffectual, when the with her for advantages in return. In view of our public situation rendered it

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