The Annals of Philosophy, 2. kötet

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Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1814

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238. oldal - As described to me, it resembled pretty much our common clocks and clock cases, but less ; for it was not above four feet in height, and of a proportionable breadth. There was a dial-plate at top with figures of the hours. The index was turned by a piece of wood, which either fell or rose by water dropping.
37. oldal - When only one combination of two bodies can be obtained, it must be presumed to be a binary one, unless some cause appear to the contrary.
319. oldal - He was blessed with a very happy and vigorous constitution ; he was of a middle stature, and plump in his latter years ; he had a very lively and piercing eye, a comely and gracious aspect, and a fine head of hair, as white as silver, without any baldness, and, when his peruke was off, was a venerable sight.
453. oldal - A Short Account of Experiments and Instruments, depending on the Relations of Air to Heatand Moisture. By JOHN LESLIE, FRSE Professor of Mathematics in the University of Edinburgh. 1 vol. 8vo. with a Plat* 7».
231. oldal - Dr. Marcet and Mr. Allen. — Experimental Philosophy, by Mr. Allen. — Theory of Medicine, and Materia Medica, by Dr. Curry and Dr. Cholmeley. — • Midwifery, and Diseases of Women and Children, by Dr.
77. oldal - Gunsmiths, for a cock for drawing liquor from casks, which produces a stop superior to that which is effected by common cocks, and will continue in use for a longer period of time...
222. oldal - School, 2 Ditto 3 Ditto 4 Ditto 5 Ditto 6 Ditto 7 Ditto 8 Ditto 9 Ditto 10 Ditto 11 Ditto 12 Ditto 13 Ditto 14 Ditto 15...
125. oldal - Supposing oxygene and oxymuriatic gas to belong to the same class of bodies; the attraction between them might be conceived very weak, as it is found to be, and they are easily separated from each other, and made repulsive by a very low degree of heat. The most vivid effects of combustion known, are those produced by the condensation of...
318. oldal - He was so little vain and desirous of glory from any of his works, that he would have let others run away with the glory of those inventions which have done so much honour to human nature, if his friends and countrymen had not been more jealous than he was of his own glory, and the honour of his country.
411. oldal - The yellowish residue had all the appearance under the microscope of the usual mixture of the muriates of potass and soda with lactic acid, lactate of soda, and its accompanying animal matter. It reddened litmus, and dissolved in alcohol, and was without doubt of the same nature as the analogous matter found in the other fluids.

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