ty from a few minutes after twelve till ing about Glencaplc Quay, we are much near one o'clock.

afraid fome of the vesels on the coast · The principal article in the low ware may be lost. houses was fugar; and, as the water rose "At Whitchaven, the storm on the 23d only a few inches above the floor, and Jan. was dreadful in the extreme. The in a short rime fell rapidly, the ground tide, from ten to eleven o'clock at night, tièr of the sugars only suffered a little on rose to a height never experienced fince that side of the hogshead next the floor, the year 1991; being not less than 27 which will not be much injured for the feet at the end of the Old Quay; and refiner, and the remainder can easily be the waves, from the great violence of reparated for the grocer.

the wind, were tolled with incredible Port Glasgow was in a similar situa- fury over all the works of the harbour, tion. Dumbarton has also sustained con- and seemed to threaten them with entire liderable damage, and the road between demolition. that town and Dunglas having been co On Sunday the weather was more mo-' vered by the tide, the carriers and pal- derate, but another dreadful tempest sengers were obliged to betake them. came on at night, which was succeeded in selves to another road.

by as stormy a morning : between four At Ayr there was a prodigious deluge and fix o'clock, there was a great deal of on the 25th January, in consequence of thunder and lightning: by half past ten, the highest tide ever remembered on the the tide had again risen to an enormous coaft, and above twenty-four hours con- height, covering all places adjacent to the ftantrain, which swelled the river exceed. quays, and the market-place. The tide ingly. The little Light-house was car- of Monday morning was higher than tbe ried away entirely ; the Rope - work former, more awful than any phenomenhouses filled with water, and hemp, &c. on of the kind that has occurred for a much damaged; many families were o- century past, and we fear more deftrucbliged to leave their houses, and remove tive. The Bulwark has suffered confitheir furniture. The wall between the derably, the New Quay is faid to be en-,., barracks and the sea was beat down by tirely deftroyed, and the parapet wall the fury of the waves; the whole of the between the sea and Mr Romney's house quay, with great part of the road leading at the foot of Duke Street is washed to it, was inundated ; in Mr MAdam's downs the family was raken out of the ware-houses at the shore, and in the dwel window into boats. --Boats plied in the ling-houses connected with them, the Market-place, to take the inhabitants out water stood five feet deep, and all the of several of the houses. That part was cellars and ground floors on both sides inundated for four hours, and at one of the river were several feet under wa- time the water flowed 60 yards up King ser. The higheft tide of which there is Street, where no person living ever saw any remembrance was in January 1739, it before. During all this time the gults and, by marks that are still preserved, it of wind were tremendous, and with little appears that this was considerably high. intermission from the S. S. W. er. Fortunately, no lives have been loft, [The remainder of Scotch news is delayed nor has the shipping in the port suffered . : till next month.): any damage.


Dumfries, Jan. 26.

Yan. 13. Mrs Fairnie of Kilmus, a
For long time past, we have had very son, at Kilmux.
boifterous weather. In consequence of 15. Mrs Kinnear, of Kinloch, a son,
exceflive rains, accompanied with a moft at Kinloch,
violent wind, the river Nith rofe on Sun- 22. Mrs Marjoribanks of Marjoribankı,
day morning, and on Monday to a great. a daughter.
er height than ever has been remember. 23. Mrs Fotheringham Ogilvie . of
ed. In this town, several chimnies have Powrie, a son.
been blown down, a great many houses 24. Mrs Ramsay of Barra, a daughter.
much injured in the roofs, and some cot. 30. The Hon. Mrs Spiers of Elderslie,
tages in the neighbourhood entirely de- a daughter, at Elderflie-House..
molished. Between this and Glencaple, Lately, at Limerick, the Lady of Ma-
three houses, inhabited by four families, jor Buchanpan, a daughter.
were yefterday swept away by the great Feb. 4. The Hon. Mrs Captain Hun-
swell of the river, and all the furniture ter, a son.
either destroyed, or carried into the sea.. 5. Mrs Mackenzic of Mountgerald, a
As a good deal of Barley was seen float- daughter.

7. Mrs Dalgleish of Scotscraig, a daugh. 2. At Musselburg), Mr Burn, Ballic ter.

merchant, Fisherrow, to Miis Scott only, 8. Mrs Cameron of Kinlochleven' a daughter of the late Dr. Scott. fon.

17. At Carnousie, the Lady of Colon. ... DEATHS. . . el Duff, a daughter.

June 23. In the Weft Indies, on board,

the Iphigenia frigate, Mr Dun. M`Neil, MARRIAGES.

son to the late Capt. Duncan M.Neil of Lately, at Glafgow, George Buchan." Dunmore. nan of Auchintorlie, Esq." to Mrs Jean Laft fummer, on his passage from MaHoufton, widow of Major James Camp- drass to Bengal, Mr Alex. Kellie, furgeorgi bell of the Royals.

A ' second son of Mr George Kellie, surgeon, , at Limerick, James Paterson, Leith, Esq. one of the Commisfioners on behalf 08.11. At Grenada, of the yellow of the Dutch prizes, to Miss Jane White, fever, Major Norman M-Lean, of the daughter of the late William White, 68th regiment. This brave officer de. Ero. of that city..

fended the post of Guyave for five months, , at Edinburgh, John Gordon, with a handful of men, without once be. Efq. of Whitehill, to Miss Eleanor Mait- ing insulted by the Brigands. But the. land, daughter of the deceased Pelham moment they heard of his death, they Maitland, Esq.

attacked it, and got poslefion of it the Fan. 18. Ai Mylnefield, Æneas Mac- fourth day after his interment. Every kay, Esq. of Scotstown, to 'Miss Helen individual at Grenada regrets his death Mylae, daughter of Thomas Mylne, and even the negroes teftified, by their Erq. of Mylnefield.

grief at his funeral, that they had loft. 20. At Enfbam Church, Wm. Monro, their protector. Elg. Lieutenant-Colonel of the Caithness 26. At Savannah La Mar, Jamaica, Mr.' Legion, to Miss Bower, of Ensham-house, Walter Forbes, merchant there. eldest daughter of Edmund Bower, Esq. In Nov. last, at Martinique, in three, of Prospect Hiti, Berks."

days illnefs, aged 19, Capt. J. Johnson, 22. At St Andrew's, Mr James Smith, of the 79th regiment, second son of Me: one of the established teachers, to Miss Johnston of Lathrilk. Bell Stalker, only surviving daughter of Nov. 15. At St Domingo, Wm. Hay, Mr Alexander Stalker, late merchant Erg. fecond son of the Hon. Wm. Hay, there. .


: Erq. of Lawfield, and Captain in the 831, 24. At Menie, Thomas Buchan, Esq. regiment of foot. of Auchmacoy, to Miss Euphemia Tur. Dec. 5. At Gibraltar, Chas. Strickland, ner, eldest daughter of Robert Turner' Efq. Major of the 82d regiment. of Menie, Ergo

is. At Antigua, Charles Ker, Esq. ad Feb. 1. At Coilsfield, Major Robert eminent merchant of that island. Dundas M'Queen, younger of Braxfield,' . At Peterwodfky, in Ruffia, Má-. to Mile, Lillias Montgomery, fecond dam Polterazky, second daughter of Chas.' daughter of Colonel Montgomery of Gascoigne, Erg. Coilsfield.

30. At Stornaway, Mr Alex. M'Iver,'. 8. At Glasgow, James Faric, Esq. fenior, merchant there. younger of Farme, to Mifs Scott, daugh Lately, at Trincomale, Mr Ja. Well, ter of Mr A. Scott, merchant.1

surgeon to the Lascelles East Indiaman. - At Glasgow, Mr Archibald Hun.' Jan. 7. Pat. Thomson, Esq. of Warter, manufacturer, to Mrs Jean Mont- wick Court, London, merchant, aud forgomerie.

merly a writer in Edinburgh. **; 9. At Petershill, Mr Andrew Faulds, 8. At Clofebara, Neil Ewart, Esq. of bleacher at Arthurly, to Miss Christian Allershaw.'' Campbell, daughter of Mr James Camp 12: At Edinburgh, Alexander Sinclair, bell of Petershill.

Esq.of Barrock. 12. Ar Dumfries, Mr Adam Robson, 13. Ms Baltour, relict of the late Arin Caftlehill, to Miss Agnes Douglas, thur Balfour, El. of Pernie.' daughter to Jamncs Douglas of Riding- 14. At Schivas, Hugh Forbes of Schiwood..

vas, Esq. At Leith, Mr Ebenezer Anderson, s. At Nairn, Mrs Elisabeth Suthern merchant in Leith, to Mifs Elizabeth land, spouse of Mr Rob. Forbes, surgeon. Shortried, daughter of the deceased 15. At his house in Prince's street, Robert Shortriod, Efo. of Grtenhead. Walter Hunter of Polmood, Esq.

niet of Polmoody b

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15. At Glasgow, "Mr Robert Auchin. 3. At Bath, Charles Lockhart, ɣg. of clofs merchant.

Muiravenfide. - At his house in Inver keitling, 3. At Edinburgh, Lieut. Benjamin Capt. James Brital, of Biairlogie.

Dodd, of the marines. - At Gordon Caflle, Mrs Ą. Chrifa 4. At Edinburgh, Miss Mary Ellis, tie, who had been for many years huulee, second daughter of the deceased Rev. I keeper there.

George Ellis, late Minister of the Gospel 16. At Camberwell, Mr David Rich- at Carrieden. ardfon, of Panton-square, London.

- Ac Glasgow, Mrs Elizabeth Smel. :17. Ar Edinburgh, Mr Robert Wil- lie, widow of Thomas Hopkirk, Elg. of liamson, formerly merchant in Leith. Dalbeth.

18. At Londonderry, in the 19th year 5. At Craigow, Mrs Beatrix Stedof his age, Lieut. Wood of the Fifeshire man, wife of Dr John Rutherford of Balfencibles. On the lift, his body was lilifk. interred with military honours, accom. . '6. At Edinburgh, Mrs Ifabella Gibron, panied by the fincere regret of all who daughrer of the deceased Thomas Gibfon, Inew him, for his premature death. On Esq. Principal Clerk of Seffion. the 19th, the Coroner held his inquiry, - At Edinburgh, · Miss Elizabeth when the Jury gave a verdict, " That Purdie, relict of Mr T. Clarkson, baker. the deceased came by his death by a shot . Patrick Græme, Esq. of Inchbrakie. fired from a piftol by Lieut. Salmon.” 8. At London, Mrs Kerr, wife of Wil

19. At Dundee, Charles Lyle, Esq. of liam Kerr, Secretary of the General Post Kinnordy.

Office in Scotland. 20. At Stromness, John Sinclair mer-' ' . At Buncle Manie, Mrs Christina chant.

Margarita Baker, wife of the Rev. Mş - At Stirling, Mrs Edward Alexan- Robert Douglas, minister of Buncle. . der.

10. At Glasgow, Mrs Robbecca Gray, - At Balgarvie-house, Mrs Roberto relict of the late Mr William Rors. fon of Balgarvie.

m. At Finzean, Archibald Farquhar-, 1 .21. At Dura, near Cupar, Miss Isabel- fon, Esq. of Finzean.

la Menzies, eldeft daughter of Dr Robert 11. 'At Dumfries, Miss Herries EfMenzies, pbysician there.

daile. 23. At Dunkeld, Lady Cath. Mur- .-. At Coats, Alexander Aytone, Esq.; say, infant daughter of his Grace the D. of Kippo. of Athol.

- At Aberdour, the Rev. Mr Robert 24. Ar Muffelburgh, Mrs Margaret Lifon, minister there, in the 66th year of Chrighton, fpovre of William Chrighton, his age, and 42d of his ministry. Elg. of South Carolina.' '

12. At his house in Antigua Street, 25. Ar Greenock, Mrs Mary Boog, Thomas Anderson, Esq. late of the island wife of Mr Dav. Williamson, merchant of Jamaica. there.

- Ar Forfar, after a few days illness, 26. At Aberdeen, Chas. Gordon, Esq. Bailie William Gray, aged 85 years. He of Buthlaw.

enjoyed a fingularly good conftitution, . 29. At Lancaster, Mr Alex. Stevens, never having by any trouble or sickness fenior, architect. A gentleman highly been confined a day to his bed previous eftecmed in private life, and the many to the distress he died of. He bas left public works he has erected are the best behind him fifty-eight children and encomium on his professional merit. grand-children, besides a number of great

30. At Ascog, in Argylefuire, Mrs Jean grand-children. Douglas, 'relict of Archibald Macvicar, 13. At her house, head of St John's. late iackfman of Auchadachowr. Street, Canongate, Mrs Katharine Chrif

31. At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Wilson, tic, daughter of the deceated Ja. Christie teacher.

of Newhall. Feb. 1. At Craighead, in the parish 14. At Aberdeen, Captain Geo. Sym- . of Dunblane, Perihfhirc, in his 89th mers, late of the 25th regiment of foot, year, Michael Stirling, formerly far. barrack master of Aberdeen, and Captain mer at Glasingall in that parish, where, of one of the Volunteer companies. in 1758, he invented a threshing-mill, -, At Dumfries, in the 8 ist year of believed to be the firft in Scotland, and his age, Mr George Gordon, late merwhich from that year to the present has chant there. threshed annually the whole crops pro. . At Dumfries, Mr James Miligan, duced on an extensive arable farm. merchant.

Aglone, Erg.

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