Saints! Have We Turned the Lighthouse Into a Hell House?

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Xulon Press, 2008 - 244 oldal
This book was written to address the disappointments people are facing today caused by Ministry faculty members. It is designed to encourage obedience and hope in the midst of betrayal or shame experienced from hypocritical practices or personal attacks by such members. Therefore, this is a faith-building book! Pastor Anthony M Mills, born in Fort Worth, Texas, has been in ministry since 1992. Starting out as an Evangelist while in the United States Air Force, he served in various outreach programs throughout the United States and the Republic of Panama. From jail ministries to Sioux Indian Reservations, he has learned the pain of ministry amongst people who really need hope. His drive in life is to pursue after the development of peace between nationalities of all mankind. Therefore, as he has experienced the peace of God in his life, he may also be used to influence peace in the lives of others.

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The Purpose of this Book
The Challenge of Spiritualism
The Importance of the Holy Spirit Spirit
Saints of God Plea
Destroying the Suffering Myth
Nobodys perfect?
The Message Freedom from Sin
The Testimony

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