OFFICERS OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS. Chief Clerk, Sir Denis Le Marchant, bart. Counsel to Speaker, &c., G. K. Rickards. Clerk Assistant, William Ley.

Shorthand-writer, Joseph Gurney. Second Clerk Assistant, Henry Ley.

Serjeant-at-Arms, Lord C. J. Fox Russell. Clerk of Public Business, &c. J. E. Dorington. Deputy, Capt. R. A. Gossett, Clerk of Committees, G. W. Dyson.

Chaplain, Rev. T. Garnier. Clerk of Journals and Papers, J. Gudge. Secretary to the Speaker, C. E. Lefror. Clerk of Private Bills, R. K. Gibbons. Librarian, T. Vardon, — Assistant, Hon. Eraminers of Petitions on Private Bills Geo. Waldegrave, S. Smith and T, E. May.

Printer of Journals, &c., H. Hansard, Taxing-master, T. E. May.

| Printer of Votes, J. B. Nichols and Son.


Sees. An. In room of Deans. 1828 J. B. Sumner, D.D., Pri-)

:-} Canterbury .. 1848 Howley, dec. .. W. R. Lyall, M.A. mate of all England.. 1837 Thos. Musgrave, D.D., 1 York .......... 1847 Harcourt, dec.. W. Cockburn, D.D. Primate of England..

( H.H.Milman, M. A.St. 1824 C. J. Blomfield, D.D... London ..... 1828 Howley, tr.. } Paul's (Westminster

W. Buckland, D.D., 1831 Edward Maltby, D.D... Durham .... 1836 Van Mildert, d. G. Waddington, D.D. 1826 C. R. Sumner, D.D..... Winchester .. 1827 Tomline, dec. . Thos. Garnier, B.C.L. 1813 George Murray, D.D... Rochester ... 1827 Percy, tr. ..... R. Stevens, D.D. 1824 Christopher Bethell, D.D. Bangor ..... 1830 Majendie, d. .. J. H. Cotton, B.C.L. 1827 Hon. Hugh Percy, D.D. Carlisle .... 1827 Goodenough, d. A.C. Tait, D.C.L.

5 E. Rice, D.D., Gl. 1830 Jas. Henry Monk, D.D. Glouc. &Brist. 1830 Bethell, tr... 3

... G. Elliott, M.A., Br. 1830 Henry Phillpotts, D.D. Exeter...... 1830 Carey, tr. ...... T. H. Lowe, M.A. 1836 C. T. Longley, D.D..... Ripon ...... See created in 1836, Hon.H.D. Erskine, M.A 1839 G. Davys, D.D......... Peterborough 1839 Marsh, dec..... A. P. Saunders, D.D. 1839 H. Pepys, D.D......... Worcester... 1841 Carr, dec. ...... John Peel, D.D. 1840 Connop Thirlwall, D.D. St. David's .. 1840 Jenkinson, d... P. Llewellyn, D.C.L. 1841 T. Vowler Short, D.D... St. Asaph.... 1846 Carey, dec. .... C. B. Clough, M.A. 1842 A, T, Gilbert, D.D..... Chichester ... 1842 Shuttleworth, d. G. Chandler, D.C.L. 1843 John Lonsdale, D.D. ... Lichfield .... 1843 Bowstead, d... H. Howard, D.D. 1845 Thomas Turton, D.D... Ely ......... 1845 Allen, dec. .... G. Peacock, D.D. 1845 Saml. Wilberforce, D.D. Oxford.. ... 1845 Bagot, tr. ..... G. Liddell, D.D. 1847 Jas. Prince Lee, D.D... Manchester . See created in 1847.. G. H. Bowers. 1847 R. D. Hampden, D.D.. Hereford.... 1847 Musgrave, tr.. R. Dawes, M.A. 1847 Robert Lord Auckland. Bath & Wells 1854 Bagot, dec. .... G.H.S.Johnson, Wells. 1848 John Graham, D.D.... Chester. .... 1848 Sumner, tr.... F. Anson, D.D. 1849 Samuel Hinds, D.D.... Norwich .... 1849 Stanley, dec... G. Pellew, D.D. 1849 Alfred Ollivant, D.D.. Llandaff..... 1849 Copleston, dec. A. Conybeare, M.A. 1853 John Jackson, D.D. ... Lincoln ..: 1853 Kaye, dec. .... J. G. Ward, M.A. 1854 W. Kerr Hamilton, DD. Salisbury. 1854 Denison, dec.. H, P. Hamilton, M.A. 1854 Horatio Powys. ....... Sodor & Man 1854 Auckland, tr.. The Bishops of London, Durham, and Winchester, rank next to the Archbishops; the rest according

to priority of Consecration. The Bishop of Bath and Wells is without a seat in the House of Lords. at present, but the present Bishop sits in his own right as Lord Auckland; the Bishop of Sodor and Man always.

1849 Stanley: n. dec. A. Conward, M.A


Lord High Chancellor_Lord Cranworth. Queen's Bench- Lord Chief Justice, Lord
Chief Sec., Hon. W. C. S. Rice -- Reg. in Campbell-Judges, Sir J. T. Coleridge,
Lunacy, C. W. Wilde.

Sir Wm. Wightman, Sir Wm. Erle, and · Master of the Rolls, Sir John Romilly-Chief Sir Charles Crompton.

Sec., W. G. Brett - Under Sec., Jas. Common Pleas-Lord Chief Justice, Right Bacon.

Hon. Sir John Jervis - Judges, Sir Lords Justices of Appeal_Rt. Hon. Sir J.L. C. Creswell, Sir E. Vaughan Williams, • Knight Bruce, Rt. Hon. Sir G. J. Turner. Sir R. B. Crowder, Sir J. S. Willes. Vice-Chancellors, Sir R. T. Kindersley, Exchequer-Lord Chief Baron, Right Hon. Sir John Stuart, Sir W. P. Wood.

Sir F. J. Pollock-Barons, Rt. Hon. Sir Accountant-General, Wm. Russell.

James Parke, Sir E. H. Alderson, Sir Masters in Chancery, Sir George Rose, T.J. Platt, Sir S. Martin-Cursitor Baron,

Richards, W. H. Tinney, J. E. Blunt, J. G. Bankes-Queen's Remembrancer, H. Humphry (office to be abolished as W. Vincent. soon as the existing business is closed)


| No. 5: Bolton, Chorley, Leigh, Ormskirk, Attorney-General, Sir A. J. E. Cockburn St. Helens, Wigan W. A. Hulton. Solicitor-General, Sir Richard Bet hell. No. 6: Liverpool-Joseph Pollock. ECCLESIASTICAL COURTS.

No. 7: Altrincham, Birkenhead, Chester, Vicar-General's Office-Vicar-General, Tra

Knutsford, Nantwich, Northwich, Runvers Twiss, LL.D.-Dean of Peculiars,

corn, Salford, Warrington-John Wm.

Harden. Rt. Hon. Sir John Dodson-Registrar,

No. 8: Manchester -Robert Brandt. F. H. Dyke

No. 9: Ashton, Congleton, Glossop, Hyde Court of Arches Official Principal, Right

Macclesfield, Stockport--J. St. Jno. Yates. Hon Sir J. Dodson-Registrar, Wm.

No. 10: Bury, Haslingden, Oldham, RochTownsend.

dale, Saddleworth-J. S. T. Greene. Prerogative Court-Judge, Right Hon. Sir

No. 11': Bradford, Keighley, Otley, Settle, J. Dodson - Registrar, Rev. R. Moore

Skipton-J. J. Lonsdale. -Deputy Registrars, C. Dyneley, John

No. 12: Halifax, Holmfirth, Huddersfield, Iggulden, and W. F. Gostling.

Todmorden-James Stansfeld. Faculty Office-Master, Rt. Hon. Sir John

No. 13: Barnsley, Doncaster, Goole, RoDodson-Registrar, Hon. J. H. T. Man

therham, Sheffield, Thorne-W. Walker. ners-Sutton-Deputy, Edwd. C. Currey.

No. 14: Dewsbury, Leeds, Pontefract, Consistory Court Judge, Rt. Hon. S. Lush

Wakefield_Thos. Horncastle Marshall, ington - Registrar, Rev. Richard Wat

No. 15 : Easingwold, Knaresborough, Ley. son-Deputy Registrar, J. Shephard.

burn, Northallerton, Richmond, Ripon, ADMIRALTY COURT.

Selby, Stokesley, Thirsk, Wetherby, Judge of the Admiralty, Right Hon. S. Whitby, York Mr. Serj. Dowling.

Lushington - Queen's Advocate-General, No. 16: Barton-on-Humber, Beverley,
Sir J. D. Harding-Judge-Advocate, W. Bridlington, Great Driffield, Hedon,
Atherton-Admiralty Advocate, Dr. R. | Helmsley, Howden, Kingston-upon-Hull,
J. Phillimore-- Registrar, H. C. Rothery | New Malton, Pocklington, Scarborough—
-Marshal, Evan Jones.

W. Raines.

No. 17: Boston, Brigg, Caistor, Gains. Lords Justices of Appeal, Sir J. L. Knight

borough, Great Grimsby, Horncastle, Bruce, Sir G. J. Turner Commissioners,

Lincoln, Louth, Market Rasen, Sleaford, J. Evans, J. S. M. Fonblanque, R. G. C.

Spilsby-J. G. Stapylton Smith. Fane, E. Holroyd, Mr. Serjeant Goul.

| No. 18: Bingham, East Retford, Mansfield, burn,

Newark, Nottingham, Worksop – R. Country Commissioners. Birmingham, J.

Wildman. Balguy, Q.C. - Bristol, M. D. Hill, Q.C.

No. 19: Alfreton, Ashbourne, Bakewell, -Exeter, Montagu B. Bere-Leeds, M.

Belper, Burton, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Ches. J. West, and Wm. S. Ayrton - Liverpool,

terfield, Derby, Wirksworth — Joseph R. Stevenson and H. J. Perry-Manches

Thomas Cantrell. ter, Walter Skirrow. 0.c. and W. T. No. 20: Ashby de la Zouch. Grantham. Jemmett- Newcastle, N. Ellison.

Hinckley, Leicester, Loughborough, Chief Registrar-Hon. John Campbell.

Market Bosworth, Market Harborough,

Melton Mowbray, Oakham, Uppingham INSOLVENT DEBTORS' COURT.

-J. D. Burnaby. Chief Commissioner, Wm. Jas. Law-Com- |

No. 21 : Atherstone, Birmingham, Tammissioners, C. Phillips and Serj. J. S.

worth-Leigh Trafford. Murphy- Provisional Assignee, S. Stur

No. 22: Alcester, Banbury, Coventry, Da.

ventry, Lutterworth, Nuneaton, Rugby, Chief Clerk, H. Simpson—Clerk of the Rules,

Shipston, Solihull, Southam, Stratford-on. C. V. White.

Avon, Warwick F. Trotter Dinsdale. CITY OF LONDON—(sheriffs' COURT).

No. 23: Bromyard, Bromsgrove, Droit.

wich. Evesham, Kidderminster, Ledbury, Mr. Russell Gurney.

Pershore, Redditch, Stourbridge, TenCOUNTY COURTS.

bury, Upton, Worcester-B. Parham.

No.24 : Abergavenny, Chepstow, Hereford. District Towns and Judges.

Kington, Knighton, Leominster, MonCircuit, No. 1: Alnwick, Belford, Belling- mouth, Newport, Pontypool, Presteign,

ham, Berwick, Gateshead, Haltwhistle, I Ross, Tredegar, Usk-J. M. Herbert. Hexham, Morpeth, Newcastle, North No. 25 Dudley, 'Oldbury, Walsall, Wol.

Shields, Rothbury, Wooler-Jas. Losh, rerhampton— Mr. Serjeant Clarke. No. 2: Barnard Castle, Bishop's Auckland, I No. 26: Cheadle, Hanley, Leek, Lich.

Darlington, Durham, Hartlepool, Shot field, Newcastle-under-Lyne, Rugeley, ley Bridge, South Shields, Stockton, Sun Stafford, Stone, Uttoxeter-R. G. Temple.

derland, Wolsingham-Henry Stapylton. No. 27: Bishop's Castle, Bridgenorth, Cleo. No. 3: Alston, Ambleside, Appleby, bury, Drayton, Ludlow, Madeley, New.

Brampton, Carlisle, Cockermouth, Kes port, Shrewsbury, Wellington, Wem, wick, Kirkby Kendal, Kirkby Lonsdale, Penrith, Ulserstone, Whitehaven, Wig. No. 28: Aberystwyth, Bala, Bangor, Caer. ton-T. Hastings Ingham.

narvon, Conway, Corwen, Dolgelly, No. 4: Blackburn, Burnley, Clitheroe, Llangefni, Llanrwst, Machynlleth, Port

Colne, Garstang Kirkham, Lancaster, madoc, Pwllheli.-A. J. Johnes
Poulton, Preston-John Addison,

No. 29: 'Denbigh, Holywell, Llanfyllin

R. Stevenser Skirrow. N.Ellisono bell.


Kingth Newport,

J. M. Herbe Wol

port: -church-U. th. Bala, Ban Dolgelly,

Llanidloes, Mold, Newtown, Oswestry, | No. 50: Ashford, Canterbury, Deal, Dover, Ruabon, Ruthin, St. Asaph, Welshpool, Feversham, Folkstone, Hythe, Margate, Wrexham E. L. Richards.

Ramsgate, Romney, Sandwich, SittingNo. 30: Brecknock, Bridgend, Builth, Car. | bourne, Tenterden-Charles Harwood.

diff, Crickhowell, Hay, Merthyr Tydvil, No. 51: Arundel, Brighton, Chichester,

Neath, Rhayader, Swansea-T. Falconer. Cuckfield, East Grinstead, Hastings. No. 31: Aberayron, Cardigan, Caermarthen, | Horsham, Lewes, Midhurst, Petworth,

Fishguard, Haverfordwest, Lampeter, Rye, Worthing- Wm. Furner. Llandeilofawr, Llandovery, Llanelly, No. 52: Alton, Andover, Basingstoke, Narbeth, Newcastle-in-Emlyn, Pem Bishop's Waltham, Newport (I. W.), Pebroke-John Johnes.

tersfield, Portsmouth, Romsey, SouthNo. 32: Attleborough, Aylsham, East ampton, Winchester Charles Jas. Gale.

Dereham, Great Yarmouth, Holt, Little No. 53: Bath, Bradford, Calne, ChippenWalsingham, North Walsham, Norwich, ham, Devizes, Frome, Marlborough, Wymondham-T. J. Birch.

Melksham, Swindon, Trowbridge, War. No. 33: Beccles, Bury St. Edmund's, Eye. minster, Westbury-J. G. Smith.

Framlingham, - Halesworth, Harleston, No. 54: Cheltenham, Cirencester, Dursley. Ipswich, Lowestoft, Mildenhall, Stow. Gloucester, Malmesbury, Newent, Newnmarket, Thetford, Woodbridge_Francis ham, Northleach, Stow, Stroud, TewkesKing Eagle.

bury, Winchcombe_James Francillon. No. 34 : Bourne, Downham Market, Ely, No. 55: Bristol, Chipping Sodbury, Thorn

Holbeach, King's Lynn, March, Peter b ury-Sir J. E. Wilmot. borough, Soham, Spalding, Stamford, No. 56: Blandford, Bridport, Christchurch, Swaff ham, Wisbeach-Edw, Cooke.

Dorchester, Fordingbridge, Lymington, No. 35: Bedford, Biggleswade, Cambridge, . Poole, Salisbury, Shaftesbury, Wareham.

Haverhill, Huntingdon, Kettering, News | Weymouth, Wimborne Minster-Edw. market, Oundle, Royston, Saffron Wal. Everett.

den, St. Neots, Thrapstone J. Collyer. No. 57: Axbridge, Bridgewater, Chard, No. 36: Ampthill, Aylesbury, Bicester, Clutton, Crewkerne, Langport, Taumton,

Brackley, Buckingham, Leighton Buz. Wellington, Wells, Weston-super-Mare,
zard, Newport Pagnell, Northampton, Williton, Wincanton, Yeovil_Graham
Thame, Towcester, Wellingborough—| Willmore.
C. Temple.

No. 58: Axminster, Barnstaple, Bideford, No. 37: Abingdon, Chipping Norton, Far Crediton, Exeter, Honiton, South Molton,

ringdon, Henley-on-Thames, Hunger Tiverton, Torrington-John Tyrrell. ford, Newbury, Oxford, Reading, Wal. | No. 59: Camelford, East Stonehouse, lingford, Wantage, Windsor, Witney, Holsworthy, Kingsbridge, Launceston, Woodstock-_J. B. Parry.

Newton Abbot, Oakhampton, Tavistock, No.38 : Barnet, Bishop's Stortford, Chesham, I Totnes_W. M. Praed.

Edmonton, Hertford, High Wycombe, No. 60: Bodmin. Falmouth, Helston, Lis. Hitchin, Luton, St. Albans, Uxbridge, keard, Penzance, Redruth, St. Austell, St.

Waltham Abbey, Watford-J. H. Koe. Colomb Major, Truro G, G. Kekewich, No. 39: Braintree, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Colchester, Dunmow, Hadleigh, Halstead,

METROPOLITAN POLICE COURTS. Harwich, Maldon, Rochford, 'Romford,

Mansion House-Lord Mayor. Sadbury-Wm. Gurdon.

Guildhall -- An Alderman, No. 40: Whitechapel (Court, Osborne-st.) - Bow-street-T. J. Hall, D. Jardine, and Mr. Serjeant Manning.

T. Henry: No. 41 : Shoreditch (Court, Old-street-road), Westminster_W. J. Broderip and T.

Bow (Court, Fairfield-road)-Mr. Ser- | J. Arnold. jeant Storks.

Marlborough-street-P. Bingham and J. No. 42: Clerkenwell (Court, Duncan Hardwick.

terrace, City-road)-Serj. H. G. Jones. Marylebone-George Long and R. E. No. 43: Bloomsbury (Court, ll, Portland. | Broughton. road)-D. D. Heath.

Clerkenwell — R. P. Tyrwhitt and W. No. 44: Brentford (Court, at the Town Corrie.

hall), Brompton (Court, Whitehead's | Worship-street-John Hammill and L. Grove), Marylebone (Court, New-road, C, T, D'Eyncourt.

near Lisson Grove - J. L. Adolphus Lambeth-Hon. G. C. Norton and G. P. No. 45 : Westminster (Court, 83, St. Mar. | Elliott. tin's-lane)_Francis Bayley.

Southwark -- Boyce Combe and Gilbert No. 46: Chertsey, Croydon, Dorking, Epsom. | A. A'Beckett.

Farnham, Godalming, Guildford, King. Thames Police Edw. Yardley and J. T.

ston, Reigate, Wandsworth-J.F. Fraser. Ingham. No. 47: Southwark (Court, Swan-street, Greenwich and Woolwich-J. Traill and Borough)-G. Clive.

Isaac O. Secker.
No. 48: Greenwich (Court, Burney-street), Wandsworth and Hammersmith - T.

Lambeth(Court, Camberwell New Road), Paynter and W. F. Beadon.
Woolwich (Court, Brewer-street) - J.

N.B. The City Police is under the conPitt Taylor.

trol of the city authorities, directed by D. No. 49: Bromley, Dartford, Gravesend. | W. Harvey; and the Metropolitan Police

Maidstone, Rochester, Sevenoaks, Sheer | under that of the Commissioners, Sir Richard ness, Tonbridge, Tonbridge Wells-Jas. Mayne and Captain Labalmondiere, whose Espinasse,

office is in Scotland yard, Charing-cross.

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Rutland, Marquess of Exeter
Bedford, Earl De Grey

Shropshire, Viscount Hill Berks, Earl of Abingdon

Somerset, Lord Portman. Bucks, Lord Carrington

Southampton, Marquess of Winchester Cambridge, Earl of Hardwicke

Stafford, Lord Hatherton Chester, Marquess of Westminster

Suffolk, Earl of Stradbroke Cornwall, Sir William Trelawney-Lord Surrey, Earl of Lovelace Warden, H. R. H. Prince Albert

Sussex, Duke of Richmond Cumberland, Earl of Lonsdale

Tower-Hamlets, Viscount Combermere Derby, Duke of Devonshire

Warwick, Earl of Craven Devon, Earl Fortescue

Westmorland, Earl of Lonsdale Dorset, Earl Digby

Wilts, Marquess of Lansdowne Durham, Earl of Durham

Worcester, Lord Lyttelton Esser, Viscount Maynard

York, East-Riding, Earl of Carlisle Gloucester, Earl Fitzhardinge

West-Riding, Earl of Harewood Hereford, Lord Bateman

--- North-Riding, Earl of Zetland Hertford, Earl of Verulam

WALES. Huntingdon, Earl of Sandwich

Anglesey, Marquess of Anglesey Kent, Earl Cowper

Brecon, Lloyd Vaughan Watkins Lancashire, Earl of Ellesmere

Caermarthen, Earl Cawdor Leicester, Duke of Rutland

Caernarvon, Sir R.B. W.Bulkeley, Bt.,M.P. Lincoln, Marquess of Granby

Cardigan, Thomas Lloyd Middlesex, Marquess of Salisbury

Denbigh, Middleton Biddulph, M.P. Monmouth, C. H. Leigh

Flint, Sir Stephen Richard Glynne, Bart. Norfolk, Earl of Leicester

Glamorgan, C.R. M.Talbot, M.P. Northampton, Marquess of Exeter

Merioneth, Lord Most yn Northumberland, Earl Grey

Montgomery, Lord Sudeley Nottingham, Earl of Scarborough

Pembroke, Sir John Owen, Bart., M.P. Orford, Duke of Marlborough

Radnor, Sir John Walsh, Bart., M.P. FOREIGN MINISTERS IN ENGLAND, AND QUEEN'S MINISTERS ABROAD Countries sending or receiving Ministers. Ministers from, at London.

British Ministers at. America, United

nited Hon. J. Buchanan, Eny. Ext. and ( Rt. Hon. Fiennes Crampton, Env. { Min. Plen.

Ext. and Min. Plen. States of......

| M. Appleton, Sec. of Leg. (J. S. Lumley, Sec. of Leg. Argentine Con- 2 Don M. Moreno, Min. Plen. 3

Św. Dougal Christie, Ch, d'Af. federation ....

faires.. (Count Colloredo-Waldsee, Env. Sir H. Seymour, Env. Ext. and Austria Ext. and Min. Plen.

Min. Plen. (Count Karoly, Sec. to Emb. Hon. H. G. Elliott, Sec. of Leg. Bavaria ..... Baron de cetto, Eny. Extr, and Sur

Tieto ond (Sir J. R. Milbanke, Bt., Env. Ext.

and Min. Plen. Min. Plen.

(A. G. Bonar, Sec. of Leg. (S. Van de Weyer, Env. Ext. and Lord Howard de Walden and SeaMin. Plen.

{ ford, Env. Ext. and Min. Plen. M. O. Delepierre, Sec. of Leg. Sir T. W. Waller, bt., Sec. of Leg. Bolivia ........... G

.. Gen. Santa Cruz, Min. Plen. ...... Col. J. A. Lloyd, Ch, d'Affaires.

( Com. de Cavalho Moreira, Env. ( (vacant) Env. Ext. and Min. Brazil...... Ext. and Min. Plen.

J. A. Loureiro, Sec. of Leg. (Hon. W.S. Jerningham, Sec. Leg.
5 Gen. Blanco, Env. Ext. and Min. , Hon. Capt. E. A.J. Harris, R.N.,

Ch. d'Aff.
Gen. d'Oxholm, Env. Ext. and )
Denmark ....
Min. Plen.

(A. Buchanan, Env. Ex. & Min. Pl. Count Reventlow-Criminil, Sec. Fred. D. Orme, Sec. of Leg.

of Leg.

Count de Persigny, Env. Ext. (Lord Cowley, Amb. Ext. France .........a and Min. Plen.

{ Hon. H. G. Howard, Sec. of (M. C. Baudin, Ist Sec. of Emb. l Emb. Germanic Conf

( Sir Alex. Malet, Bart., Env. Ex.

and Min. Plen. deration'...

Hon. Rich. Edwardes, Sec. of Leg. Greece ....

S M. Tricoupis, Env. Ex.and Min. J Sir Thos. Wyse, Min. Plen.

H. E.J. Stanley, Sec. of Leg.
Guatemala........Don F. Molina, Min. Plen........C. Lennox Wyke, Consul-Gen.
Hanseatic Towns, (vacant) Chargé d'Affaires and Col. Geo. L. Hodges, Ch. d'Ai.
and Hamburg.)

Cons. Gen.

1 Count von Kielmansegge, Envoy ( Hon. J. D. Bligh, Env. Ext. and Hanover....... Ext. and Min. Plen.

Min. Plen.
Herr Klingemann, Sec. of Leg. (Hon. G. Edgcumbe, Sec. of Leg.
Mexico ........

Senor de Castillo y Lanzas, Env. (P. W. Doyle, Min. Plen.
Ext. and Min, Plen,

W. G. Lettsom, Sec. of Leg.

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Be'gium ........

Chili ...........3


Countries sending or
receiving Ministers.
Ministers from, at London.

British Ministers at.
....................................J. H. Drummond Hay, Ch. d'Aff.
i Baron Bentinck, Env. Ex. and ( Hon. Ralph Abercrombie, Env.

Min. Plen.
Netherlands .... 3

Ext. and Min. Plen.
M. L. Heldeweier, Secretary of

Augustus Paget, Sec. of Leg.
New Granada ..... Don M. Mosquera, Env. Ext....... Philip Griffith, Ch. d'Afr.
Nicaragua ........(vacant)

Min. Plen....... F. Chatfield, Con. Gen. Paraguay ........ Gen. Lopez, Min. Plen. ..........C. H. Henderson, Con, Gen.

Hon. C. A. Murray, Eny. Ext. Persia .... ... ... (vacant) Amb. Ext. .

and Min. Plen.

W. T. Thomson, Sec. of Leg. Peru...............Don Francisco del Rivera, Min.Pl. S. H. Sulivan, Ch. d'Aff.

Count Lavradio, Env. Ext. and ( Hon. H. F. Howard, Eny. Ext. Portugal...... Min. Plen.

and Min. Plen.
A. P. de Soveral, Sec. of Leg. (W. R. Ward, Sec. of Leg.
Count Bernstorff, Envoy Ext. and | Lord Bloomfield, Eny. Ext. and
Min. Plen.

Min. Plen.
Prussia .......... Count Henckel de Donners- Lord Aug. Loftus, Sec. of Leg.

marck, Sec. of Leg. Russia.: ..... (vacant) ........

.............(vacant) (Marq. d'Azeglio, Env. Ext. and ( Sir Jas. Hudson, Env. Ext. and Sardinia .... Min. Plen.

Min. Plen.
(Count Louis Corti, Sec. of Leg. (E. M. Erskine, Sec. of Leg.

Count yon Vizthum d'Eckstädt, Hon. F. R. Forbes, Min. Plen. Saxony . ...... Min. Res.

c. T. Barnard, Sec. of Leg. Prince di Carini, Env. Ext. and Hon. W. Temple, Env. Ext. and Sicilies (Two)....

Min. Plen.
M. de Martino, Sec. of Leg. Wm. Low ther, Sec. of Leg.

Don Ant. Gonzales, Env. Ex Lord Howden, Env. Ext. and Spain ......... and Min. Plen.

3 Min. Plen.
Don Juan T. Coming, Sec. of Leg. (L. C. Otway, Sec. of Leg.

Baron von Hochschild, Env. Ex. ( Arthur Charles Magenis, Envoy Sweden ........ and Min. Plen.

Ext, and Min. Pien.
Baron de Wrede, Sec. of Leg. Hon. W. Grey, Sec. of Leg.

IG. J. R. Gordon, Min. Plen.
Switzerland .......J. L. Prevôt, Ag. and Cons. Gen.

Edw. Herries, Sec. of Leg.

Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe. Turkey

Musurus Bey, En. Ex. & Min. Pl. Turkey ........ Essad Bey, Sec. of Leg.

Amb. Ext. and Min. Plen. (Lord Napier, Sec of Emb.

( Marquis of Normanby, Eny. Ex. s Prince J. Poniatowski, Min. Tuscany....

& Min. Plen. Plen.

Hon. P. C. Scarlett, Sec. of Leg. Venezuela ........M, Ayala, Min. Plen........... ... Hon. Rich. Bingham, Ch. d'Aff. Uruguay......

. Edw. Thornton, Ch. d'Aff.

Hon. G. S. S. Jerningham, Env. Würtemberg ...... B. Hebeler, Con. Gen.

Ext. and Min. Plen.
Fred. Hamilton, Sec. of Leg.


Min. Plen.e, Env. Ext. and

Don Ant. Gon Sec. of Leg.


The dates refer to their election as Aldermen.
Lord Mayor, Right Hon. David Salomons, | Bread Street .. 1848* Wm. Lawrence
Cordwainer, 1847

Dowgate ...... 1819*Sir R. W. Carden Bridge Without 1831 Samuel Wilson Walbrook...... 1851*D, W. Wire Aldersgate .... 1826 Sir P. Laurie

Cornhill ....... 1851*John Carter Lime Street.... 1826 C. Farebrother Langbourn .... 1851*W.Cubitt, M.P. Bishopsgate.... 1829 W. T. Copeland Castle Baynard 1853*Sir H. Muggeridge Bridge Within 1832 Sir C. Marshall Cheap ........ 1854 R. Hartley Kennedy

1854 R. Hartley Kennedy Aldgate ....... 1835 J. Humphery

Queenhithe.... 1834 W. A. Rose Vintry ....... 1838 Sir W. Magnay, bt. Farringdon

Within.. 1839 Sir G. Carroll

1855 Edw. Eagleton

S Farringdon 1841 Sir J.Duke,bt.,M.P. *** All before the Recorder have passed the Without ..s

Chair. Those also below the Recorder Bassishaw .... 1841 Thos. Farncomb

marked thus*, have served the office of Broad Street .. 1842 Sir J. Musgrove, bt.

Coleman Street 1843 Wm, Hunter
Cripplegate . . 1843 T. Challis, M.P..

| Sheriffs, Aldermen R. H. Kennedy and Billingsgate.... 1844 Thos. Sidney

W. A. Rose
Portsoken ..... 1844 Sir F. G. Moon, bt. Chamberlain, Sir John Key, bt.
Recorder, Rt. Hon. J. A.S. Wortley, M.P. | Town Clerk, Mr. Serj. Merewether
Tower .. ... ... 1848*T. Q. Finnis

Common Serjeant, E. Bullock

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