fervent prayer.

pages with intense earnestness and with unremitting and fervent

Let him know that, without these conditions, he can expect no benefit to his soul; and that, neglecting them, this book, though dictated by an unmeasured anxiety of benevolent consideration, may probably be the means of soothing his conscience and hardening his heart, and so may prove “a savour of death unto death!” It may, further, be not useless to invite the reader's attention to two capital principles which the devoted Author had deeply at heart to enforce: the one, that, in the great work of seeking eternal salvation, we are to look for no disclosures of God's secret will, no mystical communications, no impulsive assurance of pardon and happiness, in short, no means or evidences of conversion but such as consist in the application of

REVEALED, by the agency of the Divine SPIRIT, operating upon the rational faculties of men, and



in their regular exercise: the other, that no ideas, descriptions, or expectation of a gradual process in spiritual operations upon the mind, should detain the sinner one moment from a self-renouncing, fully confiding, and entire RELIANCE the

GRACIOUS REDEEMER, who, unto all who believe, “is made of God, Wisdom, and Righteousness, and Sanctification and Redemption.”




Homerton, Jan. 10, 1829.

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