2. Glory to our great Creator, Here among us thou wilt be,

Glory in the highest strain, We rejoice alone in thee,
Glory to the Mediator,

Here thy name we will record,
Both from angels and from men: O Immanuel, our Lord.
To Immanuel :1: Praise and glory
doth pertain

1009. T. 159.
1006. T. 582.

WISDOM and pow'r to Christ be

long, REJOICE in Jesus' birth,

Who left his glorious throne, To us a Son is givin,

The new, the blessed gospel-song To us a Child is born on earth,

Is due to him alone;
Who made both earth and heav'n. Join all on earth in Jesus' praise,

Join with the highest seraphs' lays, 2. His arm supports the sky,

To us, to us God's Son is giv'n, The universe sustains;

The Lord of earth and heav'n. The God supreme, the Lord most

high, The King Messiah reigns.

T. 583. 3. His name, his nature soar

WHEN with the eye of faith I Jesus Beyond the angels' ken,

see, Yet, whom th' angelic hosts adore,

Array'd in feeble, frail humanity, He pleads the cause of men.

As toiling; resting, sleeping, or awake, 4. Our Counsellor we praise,

Deeply abas'd I own,'twas for my sake. Our Advocate above,

1011.* Who daily in his church displays MAN of sorrows and acquainted His miracles of love.

With our griefs, what shall we say? 5. TH' Almighty God is He, Never language yet hầth painted Author of life and bliss,

All the woes, that on thee lay: The Father of eternity,

Had I seen thee cloth'd in weakness, The glorious Prince of peace.

Bearing our reproach and sickness,

To attend thee day and night 1007

Would have been my heart's delight. WELCOME, blessed, heav'nly 2. O that to this heav'nly stranger stranger,

I had here my homage paid, Holy Spirit, ope mine eyes, From his first sigh in the manger, Lead me to my Saviour's

manger, Till He cried: "Tis finished;" Show me where my Jesus lies. That first sigh had consecrated 2. most Mighty, O most Holy,

Me his own, and I had waited Far above the seraphs' thought !

On him from his infancy, Zion, view thy King, as lowly

In'a constant liturgy. As inspired prophets taught. 3. Walking, speaking, in devotion,

Far to fields of forests stray'd,

I had watched ev'ry motion, 1008. T. 205.

And my Lord my pattern made: GRACIOUS Saviour, mov'd by love, More have angels ne'er desired,

Thou the lofty heav'ns didst bow, Than on him, or far retired, Thou did'st leave thy throne above, Or at home, awake, asleep,

With lost man to dwell below; Fix'd, their wond'ring eyes to keep.

T. 168.

T. 16.

4. Tell me, little flock beloved, There, where He made intercession,

Ye, on whom shone Jesus' face; I had pour'd forth my confession, What within your souls then moved, And where for my sins he wept

When ye felt his kind enibrace? Praying, I the watch had kept. O disciple, once most blessed,

6. Should I thus to thee have cleaved, As a bosom friend caressed,

'Midst thy pove

and woes, Say, could e'er into thy mind

On thee, as my Lord, believed, Other objects entrance find !

Or perhaps have join'd thy foes ? 5. Oft to pray’r, by night retreated, Ah! thy mercy I had spurned;

See him from all search withdrawn; But thyself my heart hast turned ; Tearful eyes, and sighs repeated Now thou know'st, beneath, above,

Witness'd still the morning dawn; Nought compar'd with thee I lovė.



T. 99.

1012. T. 167 From head and feet, and hands ex

tended; JESUS to thy garden lead us,

Mark that last groan! He bows his To behold thy bloody sweat,

head! Tho' thou from the curse hast freedus, The tortur'd soul at length hath fled, Let us ne'er the cost forget;

His heart-strings break! the conBe thy groans and cries rehearsed

fict's ended. By thy spirit in our ears, Till we, viewing whom we pierced, 4.. Look up, my soul,by faith and see, Melt 'fore thee in grateful tears.

His heart was pierc'd, was pierc'd

for thee;

Thence blood and water freely 1013.*

streamed ! I smite upon my guilty breast, Blood to atone for heinous sin, And stand myself the cause confest Water, to wash the sinner clean;

Of all my Saviour hath sustained ; Our debt is paid; we are redeemed. On Olivet and Golgotha

5. Heart-piercing sight! He bleeds, Deeply abas'd I gaze with awe, There, there He bliss for

For guilty man a sacrifice, tained!

The earth the sacred trust receiveth; 2. O that my sins might find their Soon shall he rise triumphantly,

And then with shouts ascend on high, grave, There, where my God, my soul to Where He to God for ever liveth,

save, In sweat and blood lay agonizing!

1014.* T. 124. I weep, and feel both joy and pain; Saviour, till sight of thee I gain,

JESUS, till my latest breath, May I this scene be oft revising !

May I ponder 3. Bebold, He sinks in death! 'tis On thy agony and death: done,

As thou yonder e drops of blood still trickling run, Barest my sins' heavy load,

He dies,

me ob

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for me.

Sufl'ring Saviour,

Here, here is my resting place, Me regard in favor.

Here with Mary 2. Looking to Gethsemane,

Weeping I will tarry. In that garden

9. Yea I give my heart to thee, Both the guilt of sin I see,

Faithful Saviour ! And its pardon;

Living, dying I will be Mercy, truth, and righteousness

Thine for ever ; Here combined

From the tomb I once shall rise, Man's release have signed.

Freed from weakness, 3. Jesus, on thy dol'rous


In thy glorious likeness.
I would meet thee :
With what cruel mockery

T. 22.
Sinners treat thee,

ROUND Tabor heav'nly glories While a crown of pointed thorns shone, Meekly wearing,

But what on Olivet was done, Thy sore temples tearing!

What signaliz'd mount Calvary 4. From the cross look down at me, Calls forth my praise :-'twas done

Blessed Saviour!
As at John complacently!
Grant that favor,

1016. T, 166.
That I, by thy dying love,
Be inspired,

WHEN I survey the wondrous cross, And with ardor fired.

On which the prince of glory died,

My richest gain I count but loss, 5 In thy hands and feet I see And blush, ashamed of my pride ; Tokens bloody

Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast Of thy love to worthless me; In ought besides my ransom price, From thy body

All the vain things which charm'd me Drops of blood successively

most Now are streaming,

For Christ I freely sacrifice. All with blessings teeming.

2. Behold the dying Lamb of God, 6 Jesus bows His head and dies ! And say, was grief like His e'er Dark’ning heaven,

known; Lo the sun his beams denies, See from his wounds in streams of blood Rocks are riven!

Sorrow and love flow mingled down; While earth's pillars shake, I find What can I offer, that's not thine? In His passion

My thanks, O Lord, how short Cause for exultation, 7 Blood and water from his side

Love so amazing, so divine, Freely floweth:

Demands my soul, my life, my All. Hence I'm fully certified, My heart knoweth,

1017.* T. 126. That eternal life for me

WITH grateful heart's sensation Was acquired

At Jesus' feet I fall; When my Lord expired.

Him with deep adoration 8. Now to Joseph's tomb convey'd, My Lord and God I call, He's interred,

Since he sustained death for me, Be my members with him dead, Procuring my redemption, With him buried;

Upon the accursed tree.

they fall!

2. His stripes, whereby I'm healed, 2. Thereby inflam'd, my heart doth Are precious to my soul,

burn His blood is now revealed,

In love to the Lamb slain, The balm to make me whole; And grateful tears are the return His cry : “My God, my God, Ah! I make him for his pain.

Why hast thou me forsaken ?”

1020. T. 136.
To God now brings me nigh. I WEEP for joy,
3. In holy contemplation

And tender love's emotion, I day and night review

When I Christ's suffrings trace with
The theme of Christ's salvation deep devotion,
And find it ever new ;

From Olivet
My pulse shall to his honor beat, To Calv'ry's bloody brow;
And till his blest appearing,

When him with scoffing multitudes Each breath his praise repeat:

I view from head to foot for

my trans4, Myself I now deliver

gressions wounded, Into his faithful hand,

Ah! then it is my blest employ, He will support me ever,

To weep for joy Till I before him stand;

2 He died for me, Till then I never can forget That his atoning passion

For me became an off'ring, Hath cancell'd all my debt,

My sin-sick soul He healeth by His


His precious blood, 1018. T. 244.

For my redemption shed, [sion, THE slaughter'd Lamb, my Saviour, An open fountain is for my transgres,

I in his sacred wounds, those pledges Remains my sole delight,

of salvation, My fav'rite theme for ever,

election free. My object day and night;

He died for me, The incense of his pray'rs,

His cries and bitter tears, For me to God ascendeth,


T. 151. My plaintive cry He hears.

HERE am I blushing, weeping, 2. With God my habitation

A breeze of heav'nly bliss.

From Jesus' cross perceiving,
Upon mount Calvary,
I'll fix without cessation:

Rejoicing that I'm his;

To Him what shall I render,
Here it is good to be!
Thus from

My grateful heart to show,?
Saviour's death

Did but my love more tender,
Deriving life by faith,

More ardent for him glow!
Of heav'n I have a foretaste,
Until my latest breath.

2. I was defild all over,

Depraved and unclean; 1019.* T. 14,

His blood my guilt did cover,

And washid my soul from sin; WHENEVER I my matchless friend The time I well remember, In spirit suff'ring, see,

When filld with deepest awe, Again those stripes I call to mind, My name among the number, Which He endur'd for me,

În the Lamb's book I saw.

Discover my

T. 168.

3. My Saviour's death and passion, f3. Thou richly dost deserve, that

His anguish, grief and pain, each pulsation Until my consummation,

Thy praises should express without My fav'rite theme remain;

cessation. Himself hath sanctified,

And that each drop of blood be The grave, my resting place,

hallow'd ever, And nce for me He died,

To thee, my Saviour. I shall lie down in peace.

1024. T. 582. 1022. *

WAS ever grief like thine,

Jesus, thou man of woe? THOU hast cancell'd' my transgres. The visage and the form divine, sion,

Why was it marred so? Jesus, by thy precious blood,

That man by thee restor’d,

God's image might regain,
May I find therein salvation,
Happiness and peace with God;

And by the sorrows of his Lord,
And since thou, for sinners suff'ring,

In joys eternal reigns
Op the cross wast made an off'ring,
From all sin deliver me,

1025 T. 185 That I wholly thine may be. UNTO Jesus' cross I'm now retiring,

There my Saviour's pierced feet, 2. All the pain thou hast endured,

(Dying love a grateful sense inspiring) All thywounds, thy crown of thorn,

Bath'd in tears I humbly greet; Hands and feet,with nails thro'-bored; MightI never lose this blestimpression, The reproach, which thou hast But in spirit fix my happy station borne;

On those heights so dear to me,
Thy back, ploughed' with deep fur- Golgotha, Gethsemane.
Cross and grave, and all thy sorrows,

2. Might thy dying look, dear suff'ring Thy blood-sweat and agony,

Saviour, O Lord Jesus, comfort me!

Which subdu'd my stubborn heart, Me

engage, and rule my whole be1023. * T. 36.

Till I from this world depart;

Thus my mortal body I shall cherish; LAMB, for thy boundless love I And as thine, with holy rev'rence praises offer,

nourish, That love, which urg'd thee in my May into thine image grow.

Watching, praying, that I now stead to suffer, While all the wrath, which I should 3. With a mind, from earthly cares? have endured,

divested, On thee was poured.

Let me dwell by day and night,

Where the body of my Saviour rested, 2. How highly is poor' man by thee Here I find supreme'delight; esteemed!

Here'tis good for me with pardond Thou gav'st thyself, that he' might be

Mary, redeemed,

At his sepulchre in faith to tarry Take soul and body, Lord, as an Thus in blessed fellowship, For all thy passion: [oblation, with my Lord I wake and sleep.



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