5 Lord Christ, I thank thee for thy grace,
Since by thy invitation,
Here at thy table I take place,

And taste of thy oblation;
Now seal me thine-and be thou mine,
That nought on earth me ever
From thy communion sever.

6 'Tis here my needy soul is fed,
But not with food terrestrial;
Thy body is my living bread,
Thy blood my drink celestial:
And at thy feet-my rest how sweet!
Here may I have my station,

A trophy of thy passion.

730.* T. 205.

HAPPY race-of witnesses!
Whom God's Spirit doth ordain
To make known-what God hath done;
Ye can only vict'ry gain
By that sacred cov'nant blood,
Which the fathers, bold in God,
Wrote in faith on ev'ry door,
That the slayer might pass o'er.
2 Israel's seed-from slav'ry freed
Eat with joy their paschal Lamb;
But the bride-of Christ, who dy'd
Her from bondage to redeem,
Hath another passover;

7 And when I once, of heav'nly bliss (There the shadow, substance here :)

And perfect love possessed,

Shall see my Saviour, as he is,

The Lamb for ever blessed,

Still shall each breath-show forth his

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She enjoys the flesh and blood
Of the slaughter'd Lamb of God.
3 Here we now-most humbly bow,
Being met in Jesus' name,
Who for us-dy'd on the cross
Bearing our reproach and shame,
'Fore the Father, 'fore the Son,
And the Spirit, Three in One,
With the countless heav'nly host,
And th' assembly of the just.
4 Ere we taste-the rich repast,
Which he offers graciously,
On our food, his flesh and blood,

Feasting in the sanctuary,
Ere the sacrament t' enjoy,
We with awe to him draw nigh:
We in love and fellowship
This communion love-feast keep.
5 Eat and rest-at this great feast ;
Then to serve him freely go,
As it is for pilgrims fit,

2 Then after
took the cup,
And having given thanks, he said:
"'Tis the New Test'ment in my blood,
The blood for and
you many
Take this, and drink ye all of it,
Your sins' remission here you see;
Oft as this ord'nance ye perform,
It in remembrance do of ME.'
3 Yes, Lord, we will remember thee,
We'll ne'er forget thy love divine:
Thy cross we'll ever bear in mind,
Which made thee ours, and made us"

We thus commemorate thy death,
Till thou shalt once again appear:
Meanwhile remember, gracious Lord,
Us thy unworthy foll'wers here.

As disciples ought to do;
We, when Jesus we shall see
Coming in his majesty,
Shall the marriage-supper share,
If we his true foll'wers are.

6 Then will be-of ransom'd souls
An innumerable throng:
Lamb, once slain,-to thee pertain
Thanks and praise" will be their song.
Hallelujah" will they cry
Singing in sweet harmony,
"'Midst all trials we o'ercame

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Only by thy blood, O Lamb!"

731.* T. 594. JESUS, how great was thy desire, Once more to eat the paschal lamb With thy dear flock! O what love's fire Did here thy sorr'wing soul inflame! Each precious word thy kindness showeth,

Thereby we are divinely blest:
The love that in thy bosom gloweth
Is herein render'd manifest.

2 Thy love is great beyond all measure,
Thence we derive eternal good;
Thou grantest us, O what a treasure!
Thy holy body, and thy blood;
Lord Jesus, was it not sufficient
That thou shouldst die for our offence,
But, out of love, thou ev'ry patient
Wouldst heal, and make thy re-


3 O love divine! how strong, how ardent!

More strong than death! our life to gain,

Th' incarnate God, thro' love most fervent,

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Was as a Lamb for sinners slain.
Love urg'd the sov❜reign great Creator,
'Fore whom the universe doth shake,
By whom all things subsist in nature,That
Once in the earth his grave to make!

732. T. 590. THAT doleful night before his death, The Lamb, for sinners slain, Did almost with his latest breath This solemn feast ordain.

To keep thy feast, Lord, are we met, And to remember thee:

Help each poor sinner to repeat, "For me he dy'd, for me.”

As were she on the spot, When, earning her election, Thy heart-strings broke in death; stirs up her affection, And gives her life and breath. 2 Shouldst thou desire her beauty, For shame she hides her face; And shouldst thou look for duty,

Her only plea is grace: Tho' we are poor and needy, Yet we're thy property; When we enjoy thy body

And blood, how blest are we !

735.* T. 146.

2 Thy suff'rings Lord, each sacred sign WHERE my Redeemer's blood

To our remembrance brings;
We feed upon thy love divine,
Forget all earthly things.
O tune our voices, and inflame

Our hearts with love to thee, That each may gratefully proclaim, "My Saviour dy'd for me!"

And sweat the earth did cover, May ev'ry sinful thought

Be now interr'd for ever;
Lord Jesus, grant my wish,
That I may thine abide,
And by thy holy flesh
And blood be sanctify'd.

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To thee to draw nigh,

He gave us his flesh to eat,

And to drink, his precious blood: All who sick and needy are

May receive in him a share.

3 Hither each afflicted soul
May repair, tho' fill'd with grief;
To the sick, not to the whole,
The Physician brings relief:
Fear not, therefore, but draw nigh,
He will all your wants supply.

And thy holy body and blood to enjoy. 4 He who in self-righteousness

737. T. 9.

SUFFRING Saviour, Lamb of God,
How hast thou been used!
With God's sin-avenging rod
Soul and body bruised!

2 We, for whom thou once wast slain,
We, whose sins did pierce thee,
Now commemorate thy pain,
And implore thy mercy.

3 What can we poor sinners do,
When temptations seize us!
Nought have we to look unto
But the blood of Jesus.

4 Pardon all our sins, O Lord;
All our weakness pity;
Guide us safely by thy word
To the heav'nly city.

5 O sustain us on the road

Thro' this desert dreary;
Feed us with thy flesh and blood

When we're faint and weary.
6 Bid us call to mind thy cross,
Our hard hearts to soften;
Often Saviour, feast us thus,
For we need it often.

738.* T. 581.

To avert from men God's wrath
Jesus suffer'd in our stead;
By an ignominious death

He a full atonement made:
And by his most precious blood
Brought us sinners nigh to God.
2 That we never should forget

This great love on us bestow'd,

Fixeth any hope or stay,
Hath not on a wedding dress,

And with shame is sent away:
To the hungry, weary heart,
He will food and rest impart.
5 But examine first your case,

Whether you be in the faith;
Do you mourn for pard'ning grace?
Is your only hope his death?
Then, howe'er your soul's opprest,
Come, you are a worthy guest.
6 He who Jesus' mercy knows,
Is from wrath and envy freed;
Love unto our neighbor shows

That we are his flock indeed:
Thus we may in all our ways
Show forth our Redeemer's praise.

739.* T. 58.

CHRIST was revealed in the flesh for us,

To suffer death upon the shamefulcross;
Now his holy body, for sinners given,
Is our souls' food, until we shall in
Adore his name.

2 With thirsty souls we drink the sa cred blood,

Which flow'd from Jesus Christ, the

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740. T. 232. THE holy bread which now we break, The cup of which we all partake, Is the participation Of Jesus' flesh and blood, for us A ransom giv'n upon the cross, To purchase our salvation. He said, "My flesh is truly meat; This is my body, take and eat:" He also took the cup, and said, "This is my blood, for you 'tis shed." Lord, we draw near Thy table here

With childlike fear :

Dear Jesus, to our hearts appear. 2Mostholy Lord, thou know'st ourwants, And how each needy sinner pants

For thee, our Lord and Saviour: O may our hungry souls be fed With thee, the true life-giving Bread, And taste thy matchless favor: O may thy blood, the stream of life, Our thirst assuage, our souls revive. Thou living Vine, each branch supply; Our souls and bodies sanctify: And grant that we Abide in thee Continually;

Yea, bear such fruit as pleaseth thee.


3 O Lord, who dost thyself impart
mercy to each contrite heart,
Enjoying the communion:
Grant that we may be one in thee,
-May love each other heartily,

And thus abide in anion.

Let nothing 'mongst thy flock take place
Which tends thy doctrine to disgrace;
By faith and love in all we do,
O may we, to thy honor, show
In all our ways

The boundless


Thy love displays,

Which in the sacrament we trace.

Thou know'st thy destination
Is to abide in Christ by faith,
And to show forth our Saviour's death.
Walk then as children of the light,
Live to his praise by day and night;
O Lamb once slain,
We vow again

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Thine to remain :

Confirm our promises. Amen!

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IS that my dearest Brother,
(Saith one of low degree,)
Who tho' the Father's equal
Became a man like me,
And on the ignominious tree
Aton'd for my transgressions?-
'Tis he most certainly!

2 Ye who believe on Jesus,

And on account of sin Have mourn'd with pungent sorrow, But now feel joy within, What think ye, that to him on high,

'Fore whom ev'n John did tremble, Ye dare approach so nigh?

3 He show'rs his choicest blessings
This day upon each heart,
And thus to soul and body

Salvation doth impart.

That blood which on the cross he shed Our drink is, and his body

Is our true heav'nly bread.


He said, "My flesh is truly Meat, and my blood is drink:" So did, unto his glory,

The Lord's disciples think. We with the heart believe it too, And can with full assurance Declare it to be true.

5 In spirit we behold him As dying in our stead;


may approach with boldness To him in all our need.

Th' enjoyment of this heav'nly feast Make us, his congregation,

In soul and body chaste.

6 Thou ransom'd church of Jesus, Increase in love and faith, United to thy Saviour;

Be faithful unto death,

And own him God for evermore,
Who took our human nature;
Him in the dust adore.


T. 9.

TILL the hour shall come, with tears
By the church desired,
When our Lord again appears,
Now from sight retired:

2 He hath with a pledge of grace
His dear flock supplied,
Whereby his own witness race
Shows forth that he died.

3 'Tis his body and his blood

Which the soul refreshes ;
Church of Christ, this highest good
Claims thy thanks and praises!
4 By this sacrament we are
To our Lord united;
To due watchfulness and pray'r,
And good works excited.

5 With deep rev'rence we draw nigh,
Falling down before thee;
While we this repast enjoy,

We with awe adore thee.

6 Us thy congregation own,
Let us taste thy favor,
And by faith recline, like John,
On thy breast, dear Saviour.

743. T. 23.
SOUL, at this most awful season,
Soar above thy scanty reason;
To the light approach, where clearest;
Duly mind what dress thou wearest.
2 Jesus, Lord of the creation,
Gives thee now an invitation,
His unbounded love revealing,
He'll take up in thee his dwelling.
3 Hasten, as for brides is fitting,
Give thy bridegroom soon the meeting,
Say, "Dear Lord, let me receive thee,
Hold thee fast, and never leave thee."

14 How do I, with spirit's hunger,
Lord, to taste thy goodness, linger!
Oft 1 pant with inward sighing
This blest food to be enjoying.

5 O how crave I the fruition
Of thy blood, my soul's nutrition!
Since by sharing this communion,
I'm with God in closest union.

I feel in me, past dissembling;
6 Heav'nly joy and holy trembling

For the food to which I'm bidden
Is a myst'ry deep and hidden.

7 Human reason is too shallow
In this wonder thee to follow,
How thou hast unto us given
Thy own flesh, the bread of heaven.
8 How the blood which from thee

Is in wine on us bestowed;

O the wonders deep and blessed,
By God's Spirit here expressed!

9 Thy communion's celebration
Bows me down to deep prostration;
May I never unprepared,
To my condemnation share it.

744.* T. 23.

COME, approach to Jesus' table,
Taste that food incomparable,
Which to us is freely given,
As an antepast of heaven.

2 Jesus' bride, his congregation,
Calls to mind her Saviour's passion,
With his body she is nourish'd,
With his blood refresh'd and cherish'd.
3 Far be gone all carnal reason,
At this awful blessed season;
Slaughter'd Lamb! we now desire it
By thy love to be inspired.

4 This mysterious, heav'nly blessing
Is all thought by far surpassing;
Deeply bow'd may we adore thee,
Soul and body sink before thee.
5 Now is come our time sabbatic,
Lord, we feel thy pow'r emphatic;
Ah, draw near to us, dear Saviour,
Let us taste thy grace and favor!

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