The Annals of Philosophy, 10. kötet

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Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy., 1817

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447. oldal - Effects of Rarefaction, by partly removing the Pressure of the Atmosphere, upon Flame and Explosion*." The experiments of the latter show that rarefaction produces striking alterations in the size and character of the flame, but do not touch the...
227. oldal - Dr.Marcet, and Mr. Allen. — Experimental Philosophy, by Mr. Allen. — Theory of Medicine and Materia Medica, by Dr. Curry and Dr. Cholmeley. — Midwifery, and Diseases of Women and Children, by Dr.
449. oldal - It would appear, then, that the heat given out by the compression of gases is the real cause of the combustion which it produces, and that at certain elevations of temperature, whether in rarefied or compressed atmospheres, explosion or combustion occurs, ie bodies combine with the production of heat and light.
57. oldal - From the series of observations made at and below London bridge, compared with the river as far up as Kew and Oxford, Mr. Stevenson is of opinion, that the waters of the Thames seldom change, but are probably carried up and down with the turn of the alternate tides, for an indefinite period, which he is of opinion may be one, if not 'the principal cause, of what is termed the extreme softness of the waters of the Thames. Mr. Stevenson has made similar experiments on the river* Forth and T ay, and...
422. oldal - ... proceeds only from their faintness and unsteadiness, not from any capacity in the mind to receive any impression which in its real existence has no particular degree nor proportion. That is a contradiction in terms, and even implies the flattest of all contradictions, viz., that 'tis possible for the same thing both to be and not to be.
155. oldal - Depression, and of the Extraction of the Cataract, as usually performed ; with the Description of a Series of new and improved Operations, by the Practice of which most of these Causes of Failure may be avoided.
280. oldal - Malice, treat every new Attempt as wild and chimerical, and look upon every Endeavour to depart from the beaten Track, as the...
250. oldal - It is very thin and of a light-straw colour, of very little flavour, and that evanescent. Shoots exposed during growth to the direct rays of the sun, have their bark more acrid and spicy than the bark of those which grow under a shade. A marshy soil rarely produces good cinnamon, its texture, under this circumstance, being coarse-grained and spongy, while it possesses very little aroma.
129. oldal - An Essay on the Origin, Progress, and present State of Galvanism; containing Investigations, experimental and speculative, of the principal Doctrines offered for the explanation of its Phenomena, and a statement of a new Hypothesis, honoured by the Royal Irish Academy with the Prize. By M. Donovan.
246. oldal - If the season be unusually dry many of the seeds fail, while the want of moisture is often fatal to the young shoots, so that it is sometimes necessary to plant a piece of ground several times successively. A plantation of cinnamon, even on good ground, cannot be expected to make much return until after the lapse of eight or nine years. This plant is likewise sometimes propagated from shoots cut from large trees, or by layers, or, lastly, by transplanting large stumps.

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