Written by Readers to the Council of Legal Education and other gentlemen specially acquainted with the requirements of Students.



A Series of Text-books for Law Students. Company Law.-No. 4. TOPHAM's Company Law. The Prin ciples of. 1904. Price 78. 6d. ; for Cash, post free, 6s. 4d. Contracts.-No. 15. PLUMPTRE on Contracts. Second Edition. 1897. Price 78. 6d. ; for Cash, post free, 6s. 3d.

Conveyancing.-No. 8. STRAHAN'S Introduction to Conveyancing. 1900. Price 10s. 6d. ; for Cash, post free, 8s. 10d. Law Dictionary.-No. 16. MoZLEY & WHITELEY's Law Dictionary. Second Edition. 1904. Price 10s. 6d. net, postage

4d. extra.

Equity. No. 2. STKAHAN & KENRICK'S Digest of Equity. 1905.
Price 15s.; for Cash, post free, 12s. 4d.

** A Companion Work for Advanced Students.


ASHBURNER on Equity. The Principles and Practice of Equity by W. ASHBURNER, M.A. 1902. Price 218.; for Cash, post free, 17s. 5d.

Evidence.-No. 5. POWELL on Evidence. Eighth Edition. 1904. Price £1; for Cash, post free, 16s. 5d.

Executors and Administrators.—No. 14. ROBBINS & MAW's Executors and Administrators. Third Edition. 1901. Price 15s.; for Cash, post free, 12s. 5d.

Legal History.-No. 10. CARTER'S English Legal Institutions. Second Edition. 1906. Price 14s. ; for Cash, post free, 12s. Libel and Slander. No. 6. FRASER'S Law of Libel and Slander. Principles and Practice. Third Edition.· 1901. Price 12s. 6d. ; for Cash, post free, 10s. 5d.

Mercantile Law.-No. 13. STEVENS' Elements of Mercantile Law. Fourth Edition. 1903. Price 10s. 6d. ; for Cash, post free, 8s. 10d.

Partnership.- No. 12.

UNDERHILL'S Law of Partnership.

Second Edition. 1906. Price 58. net; postage 4d.

Roman Law.-No. 11. WILLIS' Roman Law Examination Guide. Second Edition. 1904. Price Ss. 6d. ; for Cash, post free, 7s. 4d. Torts. No. 1. UNDERHILL'S Law of Torts. Eighth Edition. 1905. Price 10s. 6d. ; for Cash, post free, 8s. 10d.

Trusts. No. 3. UNDERHILL'S Law of Trusts and Trustees. Sixth Edition. 1904. Price 178. 6d. ; for Cash, post free, 14s. 6d. Vendors and Purchasers.—No. 9. SEABORNE'S Vendors and Purchasers. Sixth Edition. 1904. Price 10s. 6d. ; for Cash, post free, 88. 10d.

Wills. No. 7. UNDERHILL & STRAHAN on Wills and Settlements. 1900. Price 12s. 6d. ; for Cash, post free, 108. 5d.

BUTTERWORTH & CO., 11 & 12, Bell Yard, Temple Bar.


Published every Saturday. Price ɓd., post free, 6d.


The Justice of the Peace


Justice of the Peace Reports,

Containing Full Reports of every Reportable Local Government and Magisterial Case.

Editors :

and G. R. HILL, Esq., Barristers-at-Law.

SUBSCRIPTIONS Now Received. £1 8s. 6d. per annum, post free, including Index.


The Pages of the "Justice of the Peace" are Principally devoted to Matters relating to Public Health, Poor Law, Magisterial and Parochial Business, Practical Treatises on Acts of Parliament, Answers to Questions submitted to Editors by Subscribers, Digests of Reports presented to Parliament, Periodical Business to be done at Sessions, etc. Subscriptions to be sent to

THE PUBLISHER of the "Justice of the Peace,"
7 & 8, Fetter Lane, London, E.C.

Or can be had through—


11 & 12, Bell Yard, Temple Bar, London.

BUTTERWORTH & Co. will be glad to give Estimates for supplying Sets, or portions of Sets, of any Reports that Members of the Legal Profession may require. Being the Publishers of some of the old and valuable Reports, B. & Co. solicit Orders direct, good and perfect Copies being guaranteed.

Catalogue and Lists Gratis on Application.

SENT GRATIS on application, Complete Catalogue of English Law Works, With an Alphabetical Table of Abbreviations used in the various Reports and Text Books.

BUTTERWORTH & Co., Law Publishers, Booksellers and Exporters, 11 & 12, BELL YARD, TEMPLE BAR, LONDON. Telegraphic Address—BUTTERWORT, LONDON. Telephone-618 CENTRAL.

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