Theosophical Path Magazine, July to December 1921

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Katherine Tingley
Kessinger Publishing, 2003. aug. 1. - 636 oldal
This volume contains the monthly editions of the Theosophical Path magazine from July through December 1921. An international magazine devoted to the brotherhood of humanity, the promulgation of theosophy, the study of ancient and modern ethics, philosophy, science, art and to the uplifting and purification of home and national life. Each issue is highly illustrated. Sample contents: When the Ape Developed a Thumb; Death, the Alchemist; Thought Power of Ancient Egypt; Finding the Self; Evolution of Infant Prodigies; Notes on Astronomy; On Thought Forms and Safeguards; Was Jesus Divine; Half Truths in the Light of Theosophy; Apehood of Man; Tyranny of the Machine; Higher and Lower Self; and much more.

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