AUTHOR XOLBER Unfading Hope I when life's last Campbell 669 We sat by Babel's waters; and our Heroey

809 Unfathonable sea ! whose waves Shelley 2868 We scatter seed with careless hand Keble

1980 Unhappy ho who does his Persius, tr. 2587 We see but half the causes of our Lorell

819 Unhappy he! who from the first Thomson 811 We shape ourselves the joy or fear Whittier

1438 Unto fair conclusions argueth Tupper 885 We sing the praise of Him who Kelley

689 Unwelcome insight Wordsworth 2571 We speak of the realms of the blest Mills

1724 Up above the thoughts thnt know 1766 We strive with earthly imaginings Curry

1122 Up and down his gardens paced


987 Wo tread one path to glory Spilta, tr 1405 Up from the meadows rich

2469 We've no abiding city here Kelly

1022 Upheaving pillars, on whose tops

A. Cary
1450 We wait beneath the furnace-blast Whittier

1894 Up hither liko aërial vapors Milton

2153 We watched her breathing through Hood Upon that burning wall

1772 Wo wear the chains of pleasure Young

2514 Upon the white sea sand

2171 We weep when we are born Aldrich

2595 Up! 'tis no dreaming time Sigourney 8068 What a poor value do men set on Shirley

1723 Upl up,, my friend I and

Wordsworth 2381 What are these in bright array Montgomery 1759 Upward they toiled the mountain Studley

775 What are we set on carth for E. B. Browning 18 Varia, there's nothing here that's

876 What art Thou, mighty One ? Whilo

1511 Vast chain of being ! which from Pope 219 What blest examples do I find Walts

995 Verily, there is nothing so true Tupper 2710 What boots the oft-repeated tale Byron

1478 Verily, they are all thine; freely Tupper

129 What different dooms our


1370 Vice is a monster of so frightful Pope

2937 Whate'er I ask, I surely know C. Wesley Vilest of the sinful race

C. Wesley 493 Whate'er man's destiny may be Tr. by Alger 820 Violent fires soon burn out Shakespeare 1175 Whate'er my God ordains is right Rodigasi, tr. 873 Virtue alone can give true joy 2046 Whatc'er our thoughts or purpose Upham

953 Virtue! how many, as a lowly B. Brooks 2947 Whate'er the anguish of my Baron don Canitz, tr. 2034 Vishnu asked Bal to take his choice Tr. by Alger 3002 Whate'er the passion, knowledge Pope

514 Vital Epark of heavenly flame Pope

734 Whate'er thou purposest to do Tr. by Bowring 294 Virtue distressed to Faith applied 345 What equal torment to the grief Spenser

1631 Virtue, like God, whose excellent Polok

2943 | Whatever hypocrite austerely Wilton Voices familiar as my mother Bickersteth 2627 | Whatever lies-In earth, or flits in Ovid, tr.

2891 Voracious learning, often

2099 Whatever sceptic could inquire for Butler

890 Wait, Abstainers, every year 14 What feels the body when the soul Ovid, tr.

2892 Wait, for the day is breaking Townsend 2952 What has this bugbear death to Lucretius, tr. 699 Wait thou for time: the slow Hooper 1937 “What hast thou for thy scattered Howe

1072 Want sense, and the world will Srain

1538 What hid'st thou in thy


2728 War, famine, pest, volcano Young

2237 What horror seest thou in that Lucretius, tr. 1778 Warp'd by the world in

1674 What household thoughts

Warriors and statesmen have their Norton
8010 | What if the little rain should Cutler

1047 Watch, for the time is short 2909 What is Ambition ? 'Tis a glorious Willis

98 Watch! watch! the subtle peril Punshon 434 | What is a trifle ? a thoughtless

2899 Watch, ye saints, with eyelids P. Palmer 2970 What is death ? oh I what is death

713 Weak and irresolute is man Corper 1383 What is death? 'Tis to be free Croly

690 Weak, foolish man I will Heaven Pope 2945 What is death-To him who meets Hurdis

716 Weak is the will of man, his Wordsvoorth 1919 What is eternity ? Can aught Gibbons

1121 We all are children in our strife Hale 1092 What is fanatic phrenzy scorn'd Cowper

1712 We are living, we are dwelling Bp. Coxe 1005 What is genius! 'Tis a fame

1451 We are not worst at once

1648 What is hallow'd ground

Campbell 1634 We are standing on the threshold 2389 What is hope! The beauteous sun Swain

1854 Wearied and worn with earthly

606 What is its earthly victory


2081 We clutch our joys as children do Crank

228 What is man-If his chief good Shakespeare 1901 We come not with a costly store

421 | What is it that you would Shakespeare 1845 We drive the surrow with the A. Cary

1397 What is that which I should turn to Tennyson Wecp for the dead ! God bids you Mant 2347 What is the existence of man's King

2120 Weep not for them ! it is no cause

1964 What is the good man and the wise Oriental, tr. 2285 We find the fiercest things that Cook 1982 What is the greatness of a fallen Trench

• 1240 We gather up with pious care c. Wesley

655 What I is the jay more precious than Shakespeare 925 We grant although he had

3 | What is the little one thinking Holland

1956 Weigh me the fire: or canst thou Herrick 1619 What is there like a father to a son Knoroles

1997 Welcome, dear book, soul's joy Vaughan 2721 What if the sinner's magazines Blackmore 2938 Welcome, dear feast of Lent Herbert

1287 What is the world ? tell, worldling Sylvester 3039 We leave now behind us

411 "What is thy creed 9" a hundred Holmes

581 Well does Jacob's ladder suit 2015 What is thy worship but a vain Trench

148 We look at man, and wonder at Cowley

704 What is true knowledgo


2089 We must behold no object


2260 What laws, my blessed Saviour Heermann, tr. 176 We overstate the ills of life E. B. Browning 1911 What made the man of envy what Pollok

1098 We're drawing near to Jesus Farmer 8033 What man so wise, what earthly Spenser

747 We're going home, we've had

1710 What may this mean


1137 Were I as base as is the lowly Sylvester 1322 What makes a hero -not success II. Taylor 1789 Were we as rich in charity of deed Lytton

839 What men gain fairly—that they Shelley



AUTITOR NUMBER What might be done if men were Hackay

1423 When the black-lettered list to W. R. Spencer 1260 What multitudes the curse shall C. Wesley 1947 | When the dang'rous rocks are

718 What no human eye hath seen Lange, tr. 1764 When the first larvæ on the Holmes

2297 What place can be for us


1760 When the frantic mptures in your Armstrong 937 What's fame? a fancied life in Pope 1253 When the hours of day are numbered

656 What shall I do to be forever Schiller, tr. 943 When these brief trial-days are Gellert, tr.

1.56 What shall I do with all the days Kemble

10 When the sky is black and Luther, tr. 825 What I since the prætor did my Persius, tr. 1393 When the sun sets, shadows that Lee

1308 What then? Why, then another Crewdson 310 When this passing world is dono McCheyne

741 What though before me it is dark

1190 When those we love on earth Montgomery 2349 What though the ancient dragon c. Wesley 759 When thou a fast would'st keep Barton

1289 What use the preacher's truth and Oriental, tr. 337 When Thou dost favor any action Herbert

22 What 'vaileth them to skip Wyatt 1091 when thou dost purpose aught Herbert

2618 When a deed is done for Freedom Lowell

286 When thou hast drained

Tr. by Alger

2609 When adversities flow


1401 | When thou wouldst take a lazy Persius, tr. 194 When adverse winds and waves Sigourney 1566 When through the deep waters

1566 When all the year our fields Wither 2602 When time seems short and death Bethune

1193 When all Thy mercies, O my God Addison 1579 When to the common rest that Bryant

2062 When Amruzail describes Tr. by Alger 2095 When urged by strong temptation Baillie

47 When another life is added 1070 When we are young, this year we Morris

52 When at first from virtue's Scott 1647 When we hear the music ringing

1755 When by the bed of languishment Young

679 When wounded sore the


2708 Whence, but from Heaven, could Dryden 240 When young, and full of sanguine C. Wesley

273 When clouds are seen wise men put Shakespeare 820 Where are the heroes of the ages White

1790 When cruel deeds are done Tr. by Alger

2648 Where art Thou? Thou! Source Townsend 1499 When Death strikes down the Dickens 695 Where'er a human heart doth wear Lowell

289 When doom'd to poverty's Campbell 1866 Where'er I turn my restless eyo Melendez, tr. 1491 When every scene, this side the 43 Where'er the power of ridicule Akenside

2685 When fain to learn, we lean Ingelov 2369 | Wherefore, it is wise and well Tupper

1915 When first my soul enlisted

146 Where high the heavenly temple Logan

1799 When first thou camest, gentle Norton 58 Where is comfort? in division Tennyson

2272 When first thy eyes unveil, give Vaughan 2329 Where is the fame-Which the Shelley

1246 When first, to make my heart His Neroton

624 Where is the fire which once IIerbert When flowing garments I behold Herrick 927 Where is the troubled heart Campbell

60 When Fortune smiles and looks

1367 | Where is yoаr heathen brother Sigourney 2323 When fumes of wino do once the Lucretius, tr 032 Where no shadow shall bewilder Bonar

2679 When gathering clouds around I Grant 866 Where pilgrims seek the Prophet's Lynch

2115 When God came down from Milman 2311 Where shall we bury our shame Moore

888 When gratitude o'erflows the Lmo 1582 Where that innumerable throng Grinfeld

1758 When haughty expectations Wordsworth 1182 Where the fair valley spread her Rolls When I consider how my life is Milton

268 Where, thy true treasure


2000 When I gaze on the light of yon

1756 Which is the weakest thing E. B. Browning 1702 When I survey the wondrous cross Watts 590 While in this sacred rite of thine Smith

204 When I was young! Ah, woful Coleridge 81 While thirst of praise and vain Montague

352 When Jordan hushed his waters Campbell 257 While this immortal spark of Blacklock

2923 When languor and disease

1910 Whither leads the path


205 When lovely woman stoops to Goldsmith 853 Who after wisdom flies must guard Oriental, tr. 2508 When man in error gropes Tr. by Alger 1154 Who are the bless'd


262 When man is born anew Grinfield 2651 Who art thon so wondrous fair

1248 When man is waxing frail

2205 Who calleth thee, Heart

E.B. Browning 1684 When, marshalled on the nightly White 402 Who can belicve with common Swift

1290 When mortal man resigns his C. Wesley 722 Who can forget, never to be Fletcher

419 When Moses waved his mystio Neroton 2341 Whoever fights, whoever falls Emerson

2068 When Music, heavenly maid Collins 2458 Whoever thinks a faultless piece Pope

587 When nursed with skill what Shenstone 2716 Who feels that God and Heaven's Lorell

290 When o'er earth is breaking 2423 Who has good deeds brought well Tr. by Alger

1550 When on a day, the gates of Tr. by Alger 2188 Who has this Book and reads it not

2723 When once thy foot enters the Herbert 429 Who is as the Christian great C. Wesley

407 When one is past, another care Herrick 316 Who is the Creator love, created Coleridge

412 When one that holds communion Cooper

1979 Who is the honest man


505 When on my new-fledged wings I

1711 Who learns and learns

Oriental, tr. 2100 When on Sinai's top I see Montgomery 307 Whole houses, of their wholo Juvenal, tr.

804 When on the fragrant sandal-tree Edmeston 1360 Whom call we gay? That honor Cooper

1446 When other things are broken Tr. by Alger 1651 Whom do we dub as gentleman Cook

1454 When prayer delights the least Trench 2549 Whom first we love, you know Lytton

2187 When remedies are past the griefs Shakespeare 1624 Whom God hath made the heads

1268 When rising wind and 2635 Who shall guess what I may be Tupper

8057 When shall Thy love constrain C. Wesley 491 “Who shall be greatest in Thy

997 When shall we meet again 2264 | Who that a watcher doth remain Trench

1627 2625 Yet in thy thriving still misdoubt Herbert With scrupulous care exact, ho Pollok 283 Yet is there one more cursed than Spenser




AUTHOR SUMBER Who that has feclings would Clare

2449 Wouldst the honey still tasto Tr. by Alger 2583 Who, that surveys this span Noore

1245 Wouldst thou from sorrow


29 Who, think'st thou, in the courts Hant 159 Wouldst thou hear what man Jonson

1107 Who, when the pilot warns Mant

2433 Wouldst thou inherit life


2834 Who would be cleansed from every Allis 1805 Wouldst thou learn the depths of Monsell

1462 Who would rely upon these Webster 784 Wouldst thon the mansions Want

3066 Who wrapt destruction up in Young 553 Wrapt in a Christless shroud Bonar

300 Why art thou cast down, my Sachs, tr. 2528 Wrapt in impervious mists Bickersteth 1017 Why comes this fragrance on the Davies

1502 Wretched, helpless, and distressed C. Wesley 'Why life, a moment ? infinite Young 130 Ye are stars of the night, ye are Moore

3019 Why should I fear the darkest Neroton

870 Ye bold to explain, describe C. Wesley 1572 Why should immortal bow to Judson

1133 Ye golden lamps of heaven


665 Why should we count our life Hale

255 “Ye have a land of mist and Sigourney 2009 Why this longing, this forever Winsloro

2925 Ye mariners of England

Campbell 1088 Why this-Will lug your priests Shakespeare 1534 Ye mindful merchants, that with Spenser Why thus longing, thus forever Winslono 952 Ye nymphs of Solyma! begin the Pope

2287 Will Fortune never come with Shakespeare 1368 | Ye paint me old I and why Withius, tr. 2875 Wisdom divinel who tells tho C. Wesley 3000 | Ye powers who rule the tongue Cowper

739 Wisdom, whosc fruits are purity Moore 2999 | Ye quietists in homage to the Young

842 Wise men ne'er sit and wail their Shakespeare 363 Yes, better 'tis to die

915 Wise in his day, the heathen

D. Gray
711 Yet send-Even then, in silent Hernan8

1275 Wishing, of all employments Young 3004 Yes-flowers have tones God Mrs. Esling

1344 With blood—but not his own Conder

175 Yes! I answered you last night E. B. Brorening 556 With caution taste the sweet Corper

1151 Yes, it was the mountain echo Wordsworth 1031 With creeping, crooked pace forth Spenser

1909 Yes-loving is a painful thrill Tr. by Moore 2195 With cloquence innate his tongue Dryden

2563 Yes! rather than be poor

Horace, tr. 1531 With equal foot, rich friend Horace, tr. 1291 Yes, Thou didst die for me, O Son

737 With fatal and disastrous

34 Yes, thou mayest weep, for Jesus

1620 With God 'tis one

1693 | Yes, 'tis a mine of precious

With him went Hope in rank Spenser
1867 | Yes, 'tis God's presence gives Mant

1730 Within the gates of hell sat Sin Milton 1770 Yes, 'tis the hand-Of death I feel White

686 Within the heart of ev'ry man Tr. by Alger 1697 Yes, we do differ when we most Coleridge 2730 Within the old cathedral dim

2722 Yet cease I not to struggle

Wordsworth 154 Within this ample volume lies Scott 244 Yet be not surety if thou be a Herbert

1296 Within this lowly grave a

1795 Yet disappointed joys are woes Byron

863 With joy-with grief, that healing Young

611 | Yet do thy work; it shall


951 With notions fraught, the C. Wesley 2452 Yet grieve thou not, nor think Bryant

3061 Without haste ! without rest Goethe, tr. 946 Yet heaven hath angels watching Whittier

1703 With scanty line shall reason Bally

2018 With silence only as their

1618 Yet man, fool man! here buries Young

1018 With the year-Seasons return Milton 270 | Yet not with man His Holiness Weld

616 With trembling hand

2 Yet, 01 the thought that thou art Couper

2451 With what an awful world

570 | Yet there be others, that will Tupper"

1840 With what clear guile of gracious Wukinson 459 Yet well thy soul hath brook'd the Byron

1366 With what unknown delight Jane Taylor 1960 Yet within thy human bosom

1975 Woe came to man in Eden 202 Ye writers of what none with Cooper

2398 Woe to thee, wild Ambition! I H. A. Brooks 101 You have already gone too far Prior

1113 Woe to the worldly man, who King

559 You may as well go stand upon Shakespeare 2405 Women are angels wooing Shakespeare 555 Your hoards are great, your Whillier

1442 Woman's heart and gentle hand


3013 Your voiceless lips, O flowers Longfellow 567 Wonder of wonders! On the R. Palmer

614 You satisfy your anger

Massinger 2680 Words are mighty, words are 3025 You say to me-words your affcction Herrick

2193 Words are things of little cost 3024 Youth is not rich in time; it may Young

2882 Work for time is flying

3031 Zion is our home

Bickersleth 1722 Would I describe a preacher Cooper








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