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Feb 11, 1928

Prepared and published according to vote of The Governor
Thomas Dudley Family Association, October 25, 1892, and vote
of its Board of Directors, Jan. 31, 1893, by


Publication Committee.


for The Governor Thomas Dudley Family Association.

estate of Goog



In these days of family reunions it has doubtless occurred to many descendants of Governor Thomas Dudley that they too ought to join in reunion, and in honor of their illustrious ancestor. And since the great Dudley Reunion of last October, it has doubtless also occurred to many to inquire why so splendid and delightful an occasion had ever been deferred till then. Perhaps the answer may not be far to seek. Probably no one desired to seem to put himself forward in the family in that way. The exceeding appropriateness of such a reunion was apparent. The desirability of bringing the family together and making it acquainted with itself was clear. How to do it, and who should do it, was the question. As always happens in such cases, somebody must begin, somebody must point out the way, and then everybody follows and wonders why it had not been thought of or done before. To Colonel L. Edwin Dudley, the descendants of Governor Thomas Dudley are indebted for originating and preparing the way

for their first reunion. It happened as such things do. He suggested it to Mr. Dean Dudley, the compiler of the Dudley genealogies, because of the familiarity of the latter with our family, and in order to further the work he prepared the preliminary circular in his own office, and, with Mr. Dean Dudley's consent, had it issued over his name instead of his own. Colonel Dudley bore all the expense of this, and also offered the use of his office for the meetings of the preliminary organization. Most of the meetings prior to the reunion were held there.

Thus was

begun the movement which has resulted in “ The Governor Thomas Dudley Family Association.”

The circular referred to, which all will remember, is as follows:


Dear Sir:

On the 20th day of October, 1629, at the City of London, England, Thomas Dudley was chosen one of the five officers to come to America under the Royal charter that had been granted. It is not necessary at this time, to detail the eventful life of the eminent man who was four times Governor of Massachusetts Colony, and who was the first Major-General of the militia of the Commonwealth. From the time of his arrival at Salem, in 1631, to the day of his death, in July, 1653, Governor Dudley was second to no man in the Colony in influence and activity. He took a foremost part in all the preliminary work which laid broad and deep the foundations of the liberties we now enjoy.

The descendants of Governor Dudley have held honorable station in our Commonwealth from then until now. These descendants are now very numerous, and many now live in other states in the Union. The family has inter-married with many of the leading families of the land, until there are probably more of the Governor's descendants bearing other names than there are that are known by the name of Dudley.

For over forty years I have devoted a great part of my time to tracing the lineage of the Dudley family. In consequence I have often been asked to call the fainily together for a reunion. I have heretofore declined because I could not afford the time to do the needed work, nor the money to pay the inevitable expense.

The time has arrived, however, when the need for a family gathering has become so great that I have decided to issue this preliminary call for a reunion to be held in the city of Boston, on Tuesday, the 18th day of October, 1892.

Among other subjects which should claim the family's attention is the present condition of the tomb in the old Roxbury burying ground, in which lie buried Governor Thomas Dudley, Governor Joseph Dudley, Chief Justice Paul Dudley and other distinguished members of our race.

This eminent service rendered the Commonwealth in its early days, seems to demand that the descendants shall consider the question of whether or not a statue or other memorial shall be erected to Governor Dudley's memory.

This circular is merely for the purpose of asking each and every one of the descendants of Governor Dudley to write and say whether he or she will be willing to take part in such a reunion as is proposed. If a sufficient number of replies shall be received, I shall ask those interested to form Committees to take charge of the several branches of the work.

There are many points of exceptional historical interest to our family which strangers, coming to Boston, would desire to visit.

At present no contributions are asked; one member of the family has advanced the money to pay for this circular; but if it is decided to hold a reunion, generous contributions from those able to give, will be needed to defray the expenses that will necessarily be incurred.

I have assurance from a number of the family that they will gladly take hold of this matter in an energetic manner. If others respond promptly and favorably everything will be put in train forthwith to make this, as it should be, one of the most important family gatherings ever held in the United States.

I simply ask that each and every descendant of Governor Thomas Dudley who reads this circular will at once send me a letter or postal expressing his or her thought about the proposed reunion. With Cousinly friendship,

Sincerely yours,


Wakefield, Mass.

In the name of Dean Dudley, Colonel Dudley called a meeting of those who had responded to the circular at his office. At the hour appointed and when the ladies and gentlemen had assembled in such numbers as to make it apparent that a lively interest had been created in the proposed reunion, Colonel Dudley called the meeting to order, and upon his motion, Mr. Dean Dudley was made chairman, also those present were made a general committee,

and Mr. Dudley R. Child of Boston was elected secretary. Twelve members of the family were present, representing descendants of four of Governor Dudley's six children. The further doings of the committee appear as taken from the records of the secretary.


Publication Committee

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