EXPLANATIONS.—“The Act,” or “this Act,” or “ Act of 1878," means

the Roads and Bridges (Scotland) Act, 1878 ; “Section” (represented
by “Ş”) means Section of the Act of 1878 ; and Ş G. T. A.”
means section of the portion of the General Turnpike Act, incorporated
in the Act of 1878; “ Existing Act," or Existing Trust,” means
an Act or Trust in force at the commencement of this Act.


Abolition of Tolls, Statute - labour, Causeway - mail, &c. See

Causeway-mail ; also, Tolls.

The trustees of each county, and the local authority of each
burgh, borrowing any moneys under the powers of the Act, are
required to keep an exact and regular account of all receipts
and payments in respect of principal and interest thereof, in a
book or books separate and apart from all other accounts.
§ 76.

Provisions as to annual accounts of road authorities, board
and district committee. $$ 26, 120.

See also, Audit of Accounts; also, Board; also, Bor-

rowing Powers; also, District Committee; also,

Moneys; also, Reports ; also, Trustees.
Act of 1878.

To alter and amend the law in regard to the maintenance
and management of roads and bridges in Scotland, and to be
cited for all purposes as the Roads and Bridges (Scotland) 41.& 42
Act, 1878. § 1.

Vict. c. 51.
See also, Commencement; also, Extent of Act.


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she Railway Clauses Consolidation
i rspecting turnpike roads, continue

ways which are turnpike roads at the
1. Roads and Streets Act, 1862-except cer-

so far as not inconsistent with the
tes to the burgh of Edinburgh, notwith-
soption or commencement of the Act in the
enburgh. $94.

Bridge Act, 1877, is continued in force until 1st
1897, or until the bridge can be declared free from

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ham burgh. $ 99.

det by or under which the turnpike and statute-labour

Dundee have been transferred to the local authority
provisions of existing Local Acts prohibiting the erec-
ne of buildings or the making of new enclosures or planta-
uns within certain distances from the centre of a road (25

t) greater than the distance prescribed by section 91 of the
General Turnpike Act. $ 102.

Any Local Act in force in a county in which tolls and statute-
labour have been abolished or are not exigible, being limited

in its endurance, continue until adoption of this Act. § 5.
Acts continued in force temporarily--

Till 1st June 1883, or until this Act adopted, or Tolls and

Statute-labour legally abolished.
All existing Local Road Acts: and in case of a Local Act
relating to a road situated in more than one county, such Act
continues in force in one county, though it may have ceased
in the other county or counties, by virtue of the adoption or
commencement of this Act therein. $ 4.

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