The Political Magazine and Parliamentary, Naval, Military, and Literary Journal, 1. kötet

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J. Bew, 1780
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392. oldal - Of praise a mere glutton, he swallow'd what came, And the puff of a dunce he mistook it for fame; Till his relish grown callous, almost to disease, Who pepper'd the highest was surest to please. But let us be candid, and speak out our mind, If dunces applauded, he paid them in kind. Ye Kenricks, ye Kellys, and Woodfalls so grave, What a commerce was yours while you got and you gave!
392. oldal - Twas only that when he was off he was acting. With no reason on earth to go out of his way, He turn'd and he varied full ten times a day...
10. oldal - ... adequate to repel every insult and attack, and to maintain and uphold the power and reputation of this country.
391. oldal - Without cause be he pleas'd, without cause be he cross ; Be sure, as I work, to throw in contradictions, A great love of truth, yet a mind turn'd to fictions : Now mix these ingredients, which , warm'd in the baking, Turn to learning and gaming, religion and raking.
10. oldal - In making this communication to the Court of London, the King is firmly persuaded...
368. oldal - These had no charms to please the sense, No graceful port, no eloquence To win the Muse's throng : Unknown, unsung, unmark'd they lie ; But Caesar's fate o'ercasts the sky, And Nature mourns his wrong.
11. oldal - Gentlemen, I RETURN you my hearty thanks, for this very dutiful and affectionate addrefs.
364. oldal - The inhabitants were by this time apprised of what was going forward, and flocked in crowds to be witnesses of the address and boldness of the English. The governor of Alexandria was told that these seamen were about to pull down Pompey's pillar.
10. oldal - America, who are in full possession of independence, as pronounced by .them on the fourth of July, 1776, having proposed to the king to consolidate by a formal convention, the connection begun to be established between the two nations, the respective plenipotentiaries have signed a treaty of friendship and commerce, designed to serve as a foundation for their mutual good correspondence.
402. oldal - The superiority of the fire from the Sandwich, and the gallant behaviour of her officers and men, enabled her to sustain so unequal a combat, though, before attacked by them, she had beat three ships out of their line of battle, had entirely broke it, and was to leeward of the wake of the French admiral.

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