Æneid, the, and the Iliad, 55.

Bastiat, M., the leader of the Free-

Bedford, Mr, letters from Southey to,

MINISTRY, 368-its losses from free- Belem, castle of, its erection, 340.
trade, 219.

Bell, Dr, letter from Southey to, 405
Agricultural labourers, reduced wages Mr, the Campana of Tom Cringle, 558.
of the, 505.

Belvoir witches, the, 457.
Agriculture, the literature of, 588—its Benedictine orders, the, 307, 312.

moral influences, 589 — true value of BIOGRAPHY, 40—distinction between it

science to it, 595—its prospects, 598. and history, ib.--female writers of, 43.
Agriculturists, refusal of relief to the, 371. Blackie's Æschylus, extracts from, 646,
Aird, T., an Evening Walk by, 603.

Albano the painter, anecdote of, 321. Blain, Mr, on the emigration trade, 127.
Alexander Alexander, trial of, for for Bloodhounds of Cuba, the, 561.
gery, 461, 605.

Bombay, freights from, 714.
Altai mountains, gold mines of the, 11. Boniface VIII., charge of sorcery against,
Alton Locke, extract from, 266.

451 claims of, on behalf of the
America, Marmier's Letters on, 545 et seq. church, 577.

Bonner, bishop, 131.
American chapel at Rome, the, 251- Book of the Church, Southey's, 402.

manners, sketches of, 548 et seq. BOOK OF THE FARM, the, 588.

poetry, alleged non-nationality of, 514. Bordeaux, Cobden's reception in, 116.
Americans, sketches of the, 546 et seq. BORROW's LAVENGRO, 322.
Angus, the earl of, marriage of Queen Boswell's Johnson, popularity of, 41.
Margaret to, 50.

Bothwell, the earl of, charge of witch-
Antiquarian treasures, difficulties of craft against, 456.
securing, &c., 661.

Bowles, admiral, on the navy, 210— Miss,
ARCHÆOLOGY OF SCOTLAND, Wilson's, marriage of Southey to, 404.

Bread, prices of, in London and Paris, 129.
Architecture, mediæval, character of, 305. BRITISH LABOUR AND FOREIGN RECI-
Argyleshire, decline of rents in, 378. PROCITY, 112.
Arrow-beads, flint, 665, 666.

Bryant's Poems, review of, 522.
Art, obligations of, to the monastic or- Buchanan, epitaph by, on Queen Magda-
ders, 305.

lene, 52.

Budget, remarks on the, 494.
Assignats, influence of the system of, 2. Building of the Ship, Longfellow's, 517.
Attica, importations of corn into, 589. Bullionists, overthrow of the fallacies of
Augustine, the Benedictines established

the, 197.
in England by, 312.

Bunyan, Southey's Life of, 403.
Augustine order of Monks, the, 307, 316. Buonaparte, Napoleon, the threatened
Auricular confession, when adopted by invasion of, 211 et seq.-sketches of,
Popery, 248.

by Lord Holland, 238.
Austria, army of, 206.

Calcutta, freights from, 714.
Aztecs of America, the, 390.

California, gold raised from, results likely
Bailey, rev. Dr., trial of, for forgery, 463. to follow, &c., 7.
Baillie, Mr, his motion on the Ceylon Callot, sketch of, 720 et seq.
affair, 500.

Calvary, Gran Vasco's painting of, 341.
Ball, the, a Hungarian sketch, 89. Campan, madame, her memoirs of Marie
Bamberg, executions for witchcraft in, Antoinette, 236.
455, 456.

Canada, character of the trade of, 128--
Bank of England, influence of Califor- shipping employed with, 218-dimi-
nian gold on the, 17.

nished exports to, 275.
Banks, Mr, on the Stirling peerage case, Caracci, Annibal, anecdote of, 321.
469, 470.

Carey's Harmony of Interests, &c., 117–
Barlow, Mr, election of, for South Not- on the emigrant trade of America, 127.
tingham, 379.

Carmelite order of monks, the, 317, 320.
Bartolomeo, St Peter Martyr by, 318. Carré, the case of, 583.

Cash payments, effects of the resumption Cotton trade, state of the, 114, 383, 703
of, 274.

et seq.-diminished profits of it, 707—
Catherine de Medicis, charge of sorcery effects of free trade on it, 757 et seq.
against, 465.

Credit, influence of Californian gold on, 17.
Catholic emancipation, prognostics of Crime, tables of, 1822-1849, 261.

the opponents of, 196—its failure, 574, Cristal, the Sierra de, in Cuba, 562.

Cromwell, prosecutions for witchcraft
Caxton, Pisistratus, My Novel by, Part V. under, 453.

20 - Part VI. 137 - Part VII. 282– Cuba, sketches in, 555.
Part VIII. 428 - Part IX. 531 — Part CURRAN AND HIS COTEMPORARIES, 222.
X. 676.

Celibacy of the clergy, when adopted by the, 1.
Popery, 247.

\Currency, influences of extended, 2 -
Ceylon, proceedings in parliament re- effects of contraction of the, 3 – delu-
garding, 500.

sions on, and effects of the importation
Changeling, the, by Lowell, 529.

of Californian gold on them, 197.
Charles I. opposed to trials for witch. Currency bill of 1819, effects of the, 272.
craft, 458.

Curse of Kehama, strictures on the, 387,
Charles II., executions for witchcraft 390.
under, 460.

Damjanics, the Serb general, 92.
Children, employment of, in factories, 268. DANGERS OF THE COUNTRY, the, No. I.
Chorus, Greek, origin of the, 643.

our External dangers, 196—No. II.
Church of England, philanthropic efforts our Internal dangers, 257.

of the, 258-Southey's attachment to Dante, his picture of St Francis and St
the, 402.

Dominick, 318.
Cid, the Spanish romance of the, 56. Dantzic, cost of freights from, 504.
Clarke, Elizabeth, execution of, for Debt, effects of increased supply of gold
witchcraft, 458.

on the weight of, 14.
Claudia, a Hungarian tale, 90.

Delta, the Message of Seth by, 107.
Clergy, celibacy of the, when adopted Democracies, warlike tendencies of, 203
by Popery, 247.

- they unprovided against war, 200.
Cloth trade, state of the, 709.

Development, the doctrine of, 575.
Clyde, emigration from the, 277.

Direct taxation, repugnance to, 502.
Coal, produce of, in the United States, 118. Disraeli, Mr, his motion on the agricul-
Coasting trade, freights in the, 715. tural question and its reception, 370,

on the effects of a restricted cur- 374, 491.
rency, 13 — his reception in France, Doctor, Southey's, remarks on, 388.

Doesborcke's history of Virgil the magi-
Coffee trade, state of the, 701, 702.

cian, 453.
Coleridge, connection of, with Southey Dominican order of monks, the, 317--

and the Pantisocratic scheme, 359. their founder, 338.
Colonial Empire of Great Britain, force Doubleday, Mr, on the effects of free-
required to defend the, 208.

trade, 507.
Colonies, threatened abandonment of the, Douglas, Gawin, on the marriage of Queen

218 — outlet afforded by the, 270- Margaret and the Earl of Angus, 50-
growing alienation of the, 637.

-the Lady Margaret, birth of, 51.
Commerce, progress of, 258.

Doyle, Sir John, anecdote of, 227.
COMMERCIAL AND MANUFACTURING Pros- Drama, the Greek and the Modern, 643.

Dramatic unities, on the, 646.
Condon, reply of Dr Wordsworth to, 576. Duelling, former prevalence of, in Ire-
Confession, when adopted by Popery, land, 229 — and present, in New

Orleans, 556.
Conjurors, executions, &c. of, for witch- Du Fay and Co., circulars of, on the
craft, 454.

cotton trade, 703.
Constance, the council of, denunciations Duigenan, Dr, anecdote of, 227.
of witchcraft by, 454.

Dundee, state of the linen trade of, 114,
Conticci, Andrea, the painter, 340.

Corn-milling in France, 711-effects of Dunshunner, A. R. Esq., letter to, 564.
free trade on, 754 et seq.

Durer, Albert, influence of, on the Por-
Cottle, Joseph, 361.

tuguese artists, 341.
Cotton, commission to India in search Durham, the bishop of, on the papal

of, 117-consumption of, in the United aggression, 255.
States, 118 — importation of, from Edinburgh castle, historic interest of, 45.

India, 123——into the Zollverein, 124, Edinburgh Review, the, on Holland's
dependence on America for, 216-con- Reminiscences, 234, 236 -- on
suinption of, in India, 280, note.

social state, 257.


Education, recent efforts for, 259. Glasgow, pauperism in, 264–on the state
Elf arrows of Scotland, the, 665.

of the population in, ib.
Egalité, Lord Holland on, 237.

Glasgow cotton-spinners, trial of the, 783.
Eird houses of Scotland, the, 664. Gold, produce of, from California, and its
Eldon, lord, 197 note, 399.

effects, 7—the supply of, from the Ural
Emancipados of Cuba, the, 562.

and Altai mountains, il-fall in its
Emerson, the poetry of, 513.

value, 12, 199-supposed fixity of its
Emigrant trade, the American, 127— standard, 197.
ships employed in it, 217.

Government, undue activities of, 113.
Emigration, progressive increase of, 219, Grahame, sir James, on the protectionist

259, 276—tables of it, 1825-1849, 260 party, 369-position of, and his party,
note-how conducted, 277.

376—his speech on the agricultural
England, the poor rates of, 259–tables of question, 377 — violent language of,

crime in 1822–1849, 261 note-and of 380—his committal to free-trade, 492
pauperism, 262 note-executions for -his party, 495,761-on the prospects
witchcraft in, 456.

of agriculture, 598, 599—contrast be
Enguerrand de Marigny, execution of, 452. tween him and Lord Stanley, 640.
Epos, Wolfe on the, 55.

Grain, importations of, from the United
Essex, the countess of, charge of witch- States, 127 - dependence on foreign
craft against, 457.

states for it, 214-importations of it, ib.
Essex, the agricultural labourers in, 505.

note et seq.
Europe, influence of the mines of South Gran Vasco, the Portuguese painter, 339,
America on, 2-progress of protec-

340, 341.
tionist principles in, 115.

Grattan, sketch of, 229.
Evangeline, Longfellows, 521.

Great Britain, influence of contraction of
EVENING WALK, an, by T. Aird, 603. the currency on, 3-effects of an in-

creased supply of gold on, 13- perils
Exports, increase of the, and its causes, of war to, and its possibility, 201 et

16, 218, 258, 759—to the United States, seq-recent warlike tendencies in, 204

-state of her national defences, 205–

the army, 206—the navy, 207–her de

pendence on Russia and America, 216.
Farmers, position of the, 505 et seq. Greek Epos, distinction between, and the
Fiend's Festival, a Hungarian sketch, 94. Roman, 55—drama, peculiarities of
FINE ARTS, the monastic orders as repre-

the, 643.
sented in the, 305—indifference to the Greek question, the, 205.
in the United States, 551.

Guadaloupe, prospects of, 555.

H. G. K., the Flowers' Revenge, by, 489,
Foreman, Dr, a wizard, 457.

Hale, sir Mathew, trials for witchcraft
France, protectionist feeling, &c. in, 116 before, 460.

-fall of price of gold in, 199—warlike HARMONY OF INTERESTS, &c., review of,
tendencies of democracy in, 203— 112.
army of, 206—and navy, 207—-state of Harry Bolton's CURACY, 180.
the latter, 209– history of witchcraft Havana, facilities of communication from
in, 454-corn-milling in, 711.

the, 545-sketches at, 557 et seq.
Franchise, proposed extension of the, Head, sir F., account of the continental
492, 765,

armies, &c., by, 207, 209.
Franciscan order of monks, the, 317. Hendren, Dr, and Miss Talbot's case, 582.
FREE TRADE MINISTRY, latter days of the, Herodotus, character

of the history of, 40.

Highlands, effects of free-trade on the,

126, 219.
Free trade, the increased exports not due . Historians, the ancient, peculiarities of, 40.

to, 16–general review of its results, History, distinction between, and bio-
115, et seq., 274–declaration of the graphy, 40 — difficulties of writing
working classes on, 510—how carried, modern, ib.

Holland, abandonment of gold as a
Free-traders, arguments of the, on the standard in, 199.

decline of shipping, 217-errors of the, HOLLAND'S FOREIGN REMINISCENCES, 234.
regarding freights, 504allegations of Holmes' poems, review of, 529.
prosperity by the, 700.

Home trade, state of the, 757 et seq.
Freights, reduction of, 713.

Homer, Wolf on, 55.
Fricker, Miss, marriage of Southey to, 361. Hopkins, Mathew, the witchfinder, 458
Gaussin, Malle., career of, 717.

-his death, 459.
George of St Thomas, a Hungarian tale, 94. HOUSSAYE'S SKETCHES AND ESSAYS, 716.
Germany, trials of witchcraft in, 455, et Humphreys or Alexander, trial of, for

forgery, 461 et seq., 605 et seq.

3 D


HUNGARIAN MILITARY SKETCHES, 89. Linen trade, state of the, 114, 759.
Hunter and others, trial of, 733.

Linlithgow palace, James IV. and his
Iliad, Wolf's theory of the, 55-compared

queen at, 49.
with the Niebelungen-lied, 56, 67. Liquid manures, overstrained represen-
Imports, progress of, 258.

tions regarding, 596.
Income tax, position of the ministry re- Littledale, Messrs, on the state of the silk

garding the, 491–tables illustrating trado, 383—the trade circulars of, 701,
its injustice, 638, 639.

Liverpool, emigration from, 277.
Index Expurgatorius, the, 585.

Livy, peculiarities of the history of, 40.
India, commission to, in search of cotton, Locke on toleration to Catholics, 197.

117-importation of cotton from, 123 London and Paris, prices of bread, &c.,
- warlike tendencies in, 204-

in, compared, 129.
sumption, &c., of cotton in, 280 note. Longfellow's poems, review of, 516.
Indulgences, when adopted by popery, Lorraine, executions for witchcraft in, 455.

Lothian, the witches of, 456.
Infallibility, rise of the doctrine of, 246. Louis Philippe, effects of his pacific
Invocation of saints, adoption of, by policy, 203.
popery, 247.

Louisiana, the French settlers in, 555,
Ireland, effects of free trade on, 125 556.

decline of wheat culture in, 215– Loupsgarous, the superstition of, 455.
emigration from, 219—the poor rates Lowell, J. R., the poems of, 526.
of, 259- tables of crime in, 1822-1849, Lowes, Mr, execution of, as a wizard, 459,
261 note-and of pauperism, 264 note Loyola, character of, 319.

diminished cultivation in, 275-- L' Univers, the, on Protestantism, 250.
failure of Catholic emancipation in, Luxury, absorption of the precious me-

tals by, 5.
Iron, produce of, in the United States, Lyric poetry, prominence of, in Greek

drama, 643.
Iron trade, state of the, 114-its pros- Lytton, sir E. B., his letter to John
pects, 120.

Bull, 748 et seq.
Jackson, J., on the milling interest, 755. M'CORKINDALE, R., LETTER FROM, to A.
James IV., his marriage with Margaret R. Dunshunner, Esq., 564.
Tudor, 48.

M'Culloch on the effects of an increased
James V., his first queen Magdalene, 51 supply of gold, 9.

- second, Mary of Lorraine, 52. M'Gregor, Mr, scheme of taxation pro-
James VI., prosecutions for witchcraft posed by, 502.
under, 456.

M'Nair & Co. on the cotton trade, 704.
JAMESON'S LEGENDS OF THE MONASTIC Madoc, Southey's, 387, 390.
ORDERS, 305.

Magdalene of Valois, queen of James V.,
Jesuits, character of the order of the, 61.

319 — prosecutions of witchcraft by, Magic, schools of, 450.

Magician, distinction between, and the
Joan of Arc, condemnation of, for sor- witch, 450.

cery, 452 - Southey's poem of, 361, Magyar Hussar, sketch of the, 90.

Magyars and Serbs, the, 95 note.
John BULL, additional chapters from the Maistre, count le, on Protestantism, 250.

history of, chap. i. 69--chap. ii. 75 — Malleus Maleficarum, the, 454.
chap. iii. 80-chap. iv. 85-chap. v. 164 Manningtree, execution of witches at,

chap. vi. 167-chap, vii. 172-chap. 458.
viii. 176.

Manufacturers, the export, predominance
King, Mr Locke, his motion on the of, 636.
franchise, 492.

Margaret Tudor, Miss Strickland's life
Kirwan, dean, sketch of, 232.

of, 48.
Knights Templars, executions of the, as Marie Antoinette, charges by lord Hol-
sorcerers, 451.

land against, 236.
Labanoff, prince, his letters of Mary Mark Lane Express, the, on the price of
Stuart, 53.

grain, 215.
Labour, depressed condition of, 112. Marmier's letters on America, 545 et seq.
Lamb, Dr, execution of, as a wizard, 458. Martinique, prospects of, 555.
Lancashire witches, the, 457.

Mary of Lorraine, wife of James V., 52.
Landsdowne, lord, speech of, on the Mary Stuart, the case of, 46, 53.
ministerial crisis, 493.

Mass worsbip, the, when adopted by

popery, 246, 248.

Mechanical invention, present influence

Medieval architecture, on, 305.

Mendicant orders, the, 307, 317.

chap. viii. ib.-chap. ix. 679-chap. x.
Merchant Tailor's Hall, Peel's speech at, 682-chap. xi. 683-chap. xii. 685-

chap. xiii. 686-chap. xiv. 688-chap.
Merlin, the countess, her work on the xv. 690-chap. xvi. 691-chap. xvii.

Havana, 547—sketches of Cuba, &c., 692-chap. xviii. 694-chap. xix. 696.
by, 561.

National debt, danger to the, 506.
MESSAGE OF SETA, the, by A, 107. National defences, state of the, 205.
Metternich, lord Holland on, 242. NATURE'S VOICE, by C. Wilton, 111.
Mexico, influence of the mines of, on Navigation laws, effects of the repeal of

Europe, 2—and of the revolution on the, 216, 275.
them, 4.

Navy, weakness of the, 207—its neces-
MICHAEL ANGELO AND THE FRIAR, 423. sary dispersion, 208-manning of it,
Michelet on the rites of the Templars, 210.

Negroes, emancipation of the, in the
Milling interest, effects of free-trade on French West India Islands, 555-con-
the, 754 et seq.

dition of the, in Cuba, 560.
Ministerial crisis, speeches of parties on Nelson, Southey's life of, 403.
the, 493.

Newdegate, Mr, on the papal aggression,

INTEREST, 368--their real views in re- Newman's essay on development, 575.
signing, 495 — their precognisance of New Orleans, the French settlers in, 555,
Wiseman's appointment, 580 — their 556.
present position, 765.

New York, state of trade in, 705.

mance of forgery, 461--Part V., the Nornand, mademoiselle le, 467 et seq.

same concluded, 605—Part last, 733. passim, 614 et seq.
Molay, Jacques de, grand master of the Northumberland, decline of rents in,
Templars, 451.

MONASTIC ORDERS, legends of the, as re- Nostalgia, a Hungarian sketch, 102.

presented in the fine arts, 305-obli- Nunneries, on, 583.
gations of the arts to them, ib.

O'Brien, Smith, the trial of, 746 et seq.
Monetary crises, continued danger of, 18. O'Connell trial, the, 738 et seq.
Morning Chronicle, the, on the iron Odessa, cost of freight from, 504.
trade, 120.

Ohio steamer, the, 557.
Music-grinders, the, by Holmes, 529. Old clock on the stairs, the, by Longfel-
My Novel, by Pisistratus Caxton. Book low, 519.

III., Initial Chapter, showing how my ONWARD TENDENCIES, 564.
novel came to be called My Novel, 20 Orleans, the duchess of, charge of sorcery
~chap. ii. 22-chap. iii. 26-chap. iv. against, 452—the duke of, (Egalité)
27-chap. v. 28--chap. vi. ib.--chap. defence of, by lord Holland, 237.
vii. 29-chap. viii. 30-chap. ix. 31 - Ornament, absorption of the precious
chap. 3. 34 chap. xi. 36-chap. xii. metals in, 5.
37-chap. xii. 137-chap. xiv. 140— Otaheite, the affair of, 204.
chap. xv. ib.---chap. xvi. 141-chap. Overbury, the murder of, 457, 458.
xvii. 142-chap. xviii. 144-chap. xix. Painting, history of, in Portugal, 340.
145-chap. xx. 146---chap. xxi. 147– Palenques in Cuba, what, 562.
chap. xxii. 148 — chap. xxiii. 149– Pantisocracy, Southey's scheme of, 359.
chap. xxiv. 151-chap. xxv. 154-chap. Papacy, character of the claims of the,
xxvi. 156 --- chap. xxvii. 157--chap. 573—doctrine of development as ap-
xxviii. 159-chap. xxix. the Squire's plied to it, 576 et seq.
speech, 161-Book IV., Initial Chap- Papal aggression, position of the ministry
ter, comprising Mr Caxton's opinions regarding, 491.
on the matrimonial state, 282-chap. PAPAL AGGRESSION BILL, the, 573.
ii. 285-chap. iii. 286-chap. iv. 287– Paper currency, illustrations of the value
chap. v. 288-chap. vi. 289--chap. vii. of, 2–principles on which to be regu-
291-chap. viii. 293—chap. ix. 295– lated, 6-dangers of the present system
chap. 1. 297-chap. xi. 299-chap. xii. of, 18.
301-chap. xii. 428-chap. xiv. 429- Paris and London, prices of bread, &c.
chap. xv. 431---chap. xvi. 432—chap. in, compared, 129.
xvii. 434-chap. xviii. 436-chap. xix. Parliament, increasing strength of the
437-chap. xx. 440—chap. xxi. 443— protectionists in, 370—meeting of the,
chap. xxii. ib.-chap. xxiii. 446-chap. and position of the ministry, 491.
xxiv. 447—chap. xxv. 448-Book V., Patterson, Dr, on the state of Glasgow,
Initial Chapter, 531 — chap. ii. ib. &c., 264 et seq.
chap. iii. 534-chap. iv. 537-chap. v. Pauperism, increase of, 259-tables of
539—chap. vi. 543- chap. vii. 676– 1822-1849, 262.

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