s. By Discourse of Reason, fyllogistically,

S. Matt. xxvii. 3. I Sam. xxiv. s.
Conscience in the major, is Lex.

in the minor, Teftis,
in the Conclusion, Judex.


II. What are the several Offices of the Conscience ?

1. To apply general Truths to ourselves, 2 Sam. xii. 7. Jer. viii. 6. 2. To bear Witness of, Rom. ii. 15.

1. GOD's Laws.

2. Our Actions. 3, To comfort us in our Obedience,Ifa.xxxviii.3. 4. To accuse us of Sin, Rom. ii. 15. Rev. XX. 12. 5. To judge, Psal. iv. 4. 1. Our Actions, Rom.xiv. 22, 23. Lam. iii.

40. 2. Our Persons, 1 Cor. xi. 31.

III. What is it to have a Conscience void of Ofence ? ασρίσκοπον συνείδησιν.

When our Conscience cannot accuse us of doing any thing Offensive to GOD or Man.

i. Conscience is GOD's. Vice-Gerent in the Soul.

2. Rightly enlightend, it dictates nothing but GOD's Commands.

3. All GOD's Commands concern Himself, or else our Neighbour, S. Matth. xxii. 37, 38.

4. When we do what it commands, our Conscience excuseth and comfortech us, 2 Cor. i. 12.

5. It accuseth for nothing but Sin.

6. Therefore when we do nothing Offensive to GOD or Man, then our Conscience is void of Offence, A&t. xxiii. 1.

IV, How

IV. How must we carry ourselves towards GOD and Man, so as to have a Conscience void of Offence to both. 1. To GOD.

1. Love Him, Deut. vi. s.
2. Desire Him above all Creatures, Phik

iii. 8.
3. Seek Him before all Treasures, S. Matth.

vi. 33

Believe Him in all His Affertions. §. Fear Him above all Powers, Jer. V. 22. 6. Trust on Him in all Conditions, Pfal.

lxii. 8. That He will either, 1. Prevent the Afflictions you fear, Pfal.

xci. s.

2. Support you under them, 2 Cor. xii. 9. 3. Sanctify them to you, Rom. viii. 28.

4. Or remove them from you, 2 S.Pet.ii. 9. 7. Rejoice in Him more than in all Enjoy

ments, Phil. iv. 4. Habak. iii. 17, 18, 19. 8. Meditate on Him in all Occasions, Pfal.

cxxxix. 18. 9. Pray to Him all your Days, i Theff. v. 17. 10. Praise Him for all your Mercies, i Thef.

V. 18.

11. Perform all His Commands, Ecclef.xii.13. 12. Aim at His Glory in all your Actions,

I Cor. x. 31. Rom. xiv. 6. 1. Because He made all Things for Him

self, Prov. xvi. 4. 2. He is the End of all Things, Rev. i. 8. 2. To Man. 1. To all.

1. Love all, S. Matth. V. 44. Hebr. X. 24 2. Pray for all, i Tim. ii. i.

3. Do Good to all, Gal. vi. 10.
4. Forgive all their Wrongs and Injuries

which they do us, Col. iii. 13. S. Luk.

xi. 4.

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5. Be courteous to all, i S. Pet. ii. 17. and

üi. 8. Rom. xii. 10. 6. Be just to all, Mic. vi. 8. 1 Thes: iv. 6. 2. To good Men. 1. Love them above others, because they

1. More wise, Eph. v. 15.
2. More just,
3. More lovely, Col.ii. 10. Eph.v. 26, 27.
4. More honourable, than others,Sam.

ii. 30. Prov. xii. 26.
2. Do good to them especially,

1. By preventing their Dangers.
2. By comforting them under Afflictions.
3. Communicating to their Necessities,

i S. Joh. iii. 17.
3. To evil Men.

1. Pity their fad Estate, Cant. viii. 8.
2. Reprove them for their Sins, Lev. xix.

17. Mal. xviii. 15.
3. Use all Means to win them to Christ.
1. By shewing them good Examples,

S. Matt. V. 16. 1 S. Pet. ii. 1.
2. By praying for them.
3. By wise Counsel and Advice.

Consider S. James V. 19, 20.
Keep your Consciences void of Offence.


1. Get your Conscience regulated by GOD's Word, Psal. cxix. 105,

xiii. 5.

2. Get your Conscience directed by His Spirit, Pfal.cxix. 133. S. Job. xvi. 13.

well-grounded and fettl'd, Rom. xiv. 5. S. Pet. i. 12.

4. Do nothing against Conscience, Rom. xiv. 22, 23 5. Do every thing out of Conscience, Rom. 6. Avoid secret as well as open Sins, 1 s. Fob.

7. Choose the greatest Sufferings, rather than do the least sin; for,

i. There is more real Evil in the least Sin.

2. The least Sin deferves greater Sufferings. 8. Balk no Duty. 1. For Fear, A&t. iv. 18, 19.

Favour, S. Joh. xii. 43. 3. Or laterest.

üi. 20.

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MOTIVE S. 1. A good Conscieace will be a Comfort to us in the midst of all our Troubles, Prov. xv. 15. 2 Cor. i. 12.

2. An evil Conscience will be a Trouble to us in the midst of all our Comforts, Prov. xviii. 14.

3. Unless we keep our Conscience void of Offence here, it will witness against us hereafter.

4. Be our Tormenter for ever, S. Mar. ix. 43,44.

5. But a good Conscience will be our eternal Joy.

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