2. What is it thou now delightest thyself

with in the midst of all thy Troubles? How seldom dost thou think

of Christ? 3. If thou truly believest, by resting

upon Christ, how com' it thou to live in so many Sins, without mourning for them, and turning from them? Is not every one that is in Christ, a new Creature? 2 Cor.

V. 17. ģ. Examine thy Faith in Chrift. 1. By thy Knowledge of Him.

thy Love to Him. 3. thy Longing after Him,

thy performing Duties according to

His Command. 5. thy A&ting for Him, S. Jam. ii. 18. 4. Exhortation. Believe in Christ.

Consider, 1. How miserable thou wilt be without

Him. 1. Satan always domineering over, Z. Thy Sins always raging in, 3. GOD always frowning upon thee,

not only in Time, but to Eternity,

Pfal. vii. 11.
2. How happy thou wilt be with Him.

1. Thy Sins pardon'd.
2. Satan fubdu'd.
3. Thy Corruptions mortify'd.
4. Thy Heart fanctify'd, i Cor. i. 2.
5. GOD pleas’d, Hebr. xi. 5.
6. Thy Soul fav’d, Rom. viii. 1.


MEANS. By, 1:. Prayer, S. Jam. i. s. 2. Reading 3. Hearing, Rom. X. 17. 4. Meditation. 1. Upon the Insufficiency of all Things


the Sufficiency of Christ.

Chrift's End in coming into the World.

2. 3.

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AC T. xvii. 30. And the times of this Ignorance God wink'd

at, but now commandeth all Men every where to repent.

1. WHeathenisa Idolatry.

THat was the time of this Ignorance ?

II. How did GOD wink at this time, imecedávo

1. Not as if He wink'd at their Sins or pardon'd them, Rom. ii. 12.

2. But GOD did not so respect those times, as to send His Son then, or He pass’d them over, as the Syriack translates it. He permitted them to be times of Ignorance.

III. Why is it said, that He non commandeth all Men every where to repent, did He not do it before ? Yes, but

1. Not so clearly.
2. Not so universally.

OBSERVATION. By the Coming of Christ, all Mankind is in a peculiar Manner commanded and oblig'd to repent.

1. We are enjoin'd by the Gospel to repent, S. Mark i. 15. S. Luk. xiii. 3.

2. What is Evangelical Repentance; it consists in,

I. Conviction. 2. Contrition. 3. Confession.


4. Con

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4. Conversion from Sin, st. iii. 19, 26.

Consisting in,
1. Hating Sin, Psal. cxix. 128.
2. Resolving against it, Psal. xvii. 3. and

xxxix. 1.
3. Forsaking it, Ezek. xviii. 30.
4. Performing the contrary Duties, Isa.

i. 16, 17. A&t. xxvi. 20.
3. What are those particular Obligations which
we have upon us not to repent.
1. GOD hath now shewn His greatest Seve-

rity against Sin.
2. Upon our Repentance, we are in a Capa-

city of Salvation, A&t. ii. 37.
3. The Gospel hath more clearly discover'd

to us eternal Happiness and Misery:
Happiness if we do ; but Misery if we
do not repent, 2 Tim. i. 10.


Repent. Consider,

1. What a glorious GOD you have offended, Job xlii. 5, 6.

2. What Obligations lie upon you to repent, Ifa. v. 4. Rom. ii. 4.

3. What dreadful Punishments you have deserv'd.

4. What special Notice GOD takes, whether you repent or no, Jer. viji. 6.

S. No Sin but is damnable without Repentance, no Sin but is pardonable with it.


AC T. xvii. 31.


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Because He hath appointed a Day in the

which He will judge the World in Righteousness, by that Man whom He bath ordaind, whereof He hath given Asurance unto all Men, in that He bath rais'd Him from the Dead.


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OD will judge the World.

1. What World ? 1. Not the Material. 2. Nor the Spiritual, which is judg'd al

ready, S. Jude 6. 2 S. Pet. ii. 4. 3. But the mixt World, Mankind, S. Joh. iii.

16. i Tim. ii. 4. All Men, S. Matth.

XXV. 32. 2 Cor. V. IỚ. 2. What is meant by judging the World ? 1. All Men shall appear personally before

Him, 2 Cor. v. 1o. 2. Every Man's Life upon Earth shall be

review'd and examin'd, what he hath,

and what he hath not done. 3. It will then be consider'd how each

Man's Life hath agreed with, or been contrary to, the reveald Will of GOD, S. Jam. ii. 12. Rom. ii. 14. for which end the Books Thall be on

pen'd, Rev. XX. 12. 1. The Book of GOD's Word. 2. of His Omniscience, Mal. iii. 16. 3. of Meas Consciences, Jer. xvii. 1.

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