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105 - - Ine conquerors or the new yorių

and their bondsmen, vol. 1, cr. 8vo, cloth, VERY SCARCE, 5s

Pickering, 1848 898

--erors of the New World, and
their Bon, a Narrative of the Principals
Events led to Negro Slavery in Ame.
rica, etet edition, 2 vols, cr. 8vo, cloth,

18s' id lece! C9 Pickering, 1848–52
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harming edition (of wh

is beautifully printe
bage plates are in de
der in black and whit
uenots (The) an

by Prof. Henry M Svo, cloth, uncut, 78 our.-Physiologie lle Delord, vignette ologie de l'Étuda de A lombo et. Man

5 Helps (Sir Arthur) The Conquerors of the New World and their Bondsmen, being a Narrative of the Principal Events which led to Negro Slavery in the West Indies and America ; first edition, 2 vols, post Svo, original cloth, paper labels, uncut, 25- Sulton 93 Pickering, 1848-52


The gift of
Miss Emma F. I. Dunston

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