Pantologia. A new (cabinet) cyclopædia, by J.M. Good, O. Gregory, and N. Bosworth assisted by other gentlemen of eminence, 12. kötet

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5. oldal - His abilities gave him a haughty consequence, which he disdained to conceal or mollify ; and his impatience of opposition disposed him to treat his adversaries with such contemptuous superiority as made his readers commonly his enemies, and excited against the advocate the wishes of some who favoured the cause. He seems to have adopted the Roman emperor's determination, 'oderint dum metuant;' he used no allurements of gentle language, but wished to compel rather than persuade.
4. oldal - On the arrival of the Normans here, it seems not improbable, that they who were strangers to any other than a feodal state, might give some sparks of enfranchisement to such wretched persons, as fell to their share, by admitting them, as well as others, to the oath of fealty ; which conferred a right of protection, and raised the tenant to a kind of estate superior to downright slavery, but inferior to every other condition™. This they called villenage, and the tenants villeins...
3. oldal - Scotland in parliament, and forty-five members to sit in the house of commons*. 23. The sixteen peers of Scotland shall have all privileges of parliament : and all peers of Scotland shall be peers of Great Britain, and rank next after those of the same degree at the time of the union, and shall have all privileges of peers except sitting in the house of lords, and voting on the trial of a peer.
4. oldal - Few men have left behind such purity of character, or such monuments of laborious piety. He has provided instruction for all ages, from those who are lisping their first lessons, to the enlightened readers of Malbranche and Locke ; he has left neither corporeal nor spiritual nature unexamined ; he has taught the Art of Reasoning, and the Science of the Stars.
2. oldal - Another part of their duty is to attend at all Congregations of the Senate, to stand in scrutiny with the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor, to take the open suffrages of the house, both by word and writing, to read them, and to pronounce the assent or dissent accordingly; to read the Graces unto the Regent House, to take secretly the assent or dissent, and openly to pronounce the same. They must be Masters of Arts of two years...
4. oldal - Lord without his permission ; but if they ran away, or were purloined from him, might be claimed and recovered by action, like beasts or other chattels. They held, indeed, small portions of land by way of sustaining themselves and families ; but it was at the mere will of the Lord, who might dispossess them whenever he pleased...

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