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" 31. 39. Erzeroum surrendered to the Russians, 30.263. Erzgehirge mountains, chain of, and their several heights, '33.42; alphahetical index to same, &c., id. 49—53. Escalui (Dutch), its value, &c. (1829), '30. 105. Escape of prisoners, law of (1829),... "
The British Almanac: Containing Astronomical, Official and Other Information ... - 176. oldal
Teljes nézet - Információ erről a könyvről

A Complete Index to the Companion to the Almanac: From Its Commencement, in ...

1843 - 561 oldal
...chain of, and their several heights, '33.42; alphabetical index to same, &c., id. 49—53. Escaliri (Dutch), its value, &c. . (1829), '30. 105. Escape...and forfeiture of real and personal property holden m trust (4 W. IV. с. 23), '35. 132; Act removing doubts on (1 & 2 Viet. c. 67), '39. 157. Eschuid,...

A Systematic Arrangement of the Trustee Act, 1850, and the Extension Act of ...

Henry Bret Ince - 1858 - 187 oldal
...late majesty king William the Fourth, intituled " An Act for the Amendment of the Law relative to the Escheat and Forfeiture of Real and Personal Property holden in Trust " (4 & 5 Will. 4, c. 23) : and whereas an act was passed in the second year of the reign of her present...

Reports on the Estate of Sir Andrew Chadwick and the Recent Proceedings of ...

Chadwick Association, Edmund Chadwick - 1881 - 299 oldal
...effect to their decrees and orders in certain cases." And in the matter of an Act for the amendment of the law relating to escheat and forfeiture of real and personal property holden in trust. TAKE NOTICE that this honorable court will be moved before his lordship the Master of the Rolls on...

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