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Stationers' Company, 1843
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182. oldal - Irish produce and manufactures, and of foreign and colonial produce and manufactures, exported from Great Britain, distinguishing the several countries; together with the imports into Great Britain from the same countries, for the year ending 5th Jan.
248. oldal - Account of the Official Value of British and Irish Produce and Manufactures, and of Foreign and Colonial Produce and Manufactures, Exported from...
179. oldal - Acts as authorizes the issuing any sums of money out of the consolidated fund, for the encouragement of the raising or dressing hemp or flax. XV. An Act to regulate the office of the receipt of his majesty's Exchequer at Westminster.
182. oldal - Value of British and Irish Produce and Manufactures Exported from the United Kingdom, specifying the various Countries to which the same were Exported, in each of the following Years : — COUNTRIES.
318. oldal - An Act to amend and consolidate the Laws relating to the Merchant Seamen of the United Kingdom, and for forming and maintaining a Register of all the Men engaged in that Service.
337. oldal - Wales in 1826, id. 95 ; schools of, numher of, and of scholars in, in 1826 and 1832, '33. 122; report of the National Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor in the principles of the Estahlished Church (1832), '33.
128. oldal - 29. 126 — 128. — corn, price of, at various periods, from 1748 to 1832, '35. 190. • average prices of, in England and Wales, from 1770 to 1819, •31.191. from 1820 to 1829, id. 192. Corn, average prices of, in 1827, ' '29. 195. average prices per quarter, in England and Wales in each month of the year 1827, i28.
440. oldal - ... -Therefore, it becomes necessary, for any purpose of fair comparison with years antecedent to 1823, to include the Irish trade under the head of Foreign. I hold in my hand a comparison so made, for each year, from 1814 to 1826 both inclusive, shewing the total tonnage of British and foreign ships, which have entered inwards and cleared outwards from and to all parts of the world. And what is the result? — that, with the single exception of the year 1825 — (and although the trade of the year...
176. oldal - 31. 39. Erzeroum surrendered to the Russians, 30.263. Erzgehirge mountains, chain of, and their several heights, '33.42; alphahetical index to same, &c., id. 49—53. Escalui (Dutch), its value, &c. (1829), '30. 105. Escape of prisoners, law of (1829), '30. 135, 136. Escheat, Act to amend the law relating to escheat and forfeiture of real and personal property holden in trust (4 W. IV.
343. oldal - ... 37. 135—137; lectures not to be published in, without leave, '36. 130 ; number of square feet of surface of one copy of each of the London daily, during 1831, and amount of stamp duty on such one copy, a rate of duty per 100 square feet, '33. 189. — stamps on, Mr. EL Bui wer 's resolutions concerning, '33.204: meeting to petition for repeal oif, '36.

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