The Lives of John Selden, Esq., and Archbishop Usher: With Notices of the Principal English Men of Letters with Whom They Were Connected

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Mathews and Leigh, 1812 - 430 oldal

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112. oldal - Parliament, the chief of learned men reputed in this land, Mr. Selden, whose volume of natural and national laws proves, not only by great authorities brought together, but by exquisite reasons and theorems almost mathematically demonstrative, that all opinions, yea errors, known, read and collated, are of main service and assistance toward the speedy attainment of what is truest.
365. oldal - I take my subjects money when I want it, without all this formality in parliament ? The bishop of Durham readily answered, God forbid, Sir, but you should ; you are the breath of our nostrils : whereupon the king turned and said to the bishop of Winchester, well, my lord, what say you ? Sir, replied the bishop, I have no skill to judge of parliamentary cases. The king answered, no put-offs, my lord, answer me presently.
112. oldal - Peter, kill and eat, leaving the choice to each man's discretion. Wholesome meats, to a vitiated stomach, differ little or nothing .from unwholesome; and best books to a naughty mind are not unappliable to occasions of evil. Bad meats will scarce breed good nourishment in the healthiest concoction; but herein the difference is of bad books, that they to a discreet and judicious reader serve in many respects to discover, to confute, to forewarn, and to illustrate.
180. oldal - ... country, because they have them in another, is just as a cook, that claims fees in one lord's house, because they are allowed in another. If the master of the house will yield them, well and good. 5. The text, " Render unto Caesar the things that are Cesar's," makes as much against kings as for them, for it says plainly that some things are not Caesar's. But divines make choice of it, first in flattery, and then because of the other part adjoined to it, " Render unto God the things that are God's,''...
234. oldal - THE religion of the Papists is superstitious and idolatrous, their faith and doctrine erroneous and heretical, their church, in respect of both, apostatical : to give them therefore a toleration, or to consent, that they may freely exercise their religion, and profess their faith and doctrine, is a grievous sin...
192. oldal - London ; and he was very much troubled always when he heard him blamed, censured, and reproached, for staying in London, and in the parliament, after they were in rebellion, and in the worst times, which his age obliged him to do; and how wicked soever the actions were which were every day done, he was confident he had not given his consent to them ; but would have hindered them if he could with his own safety, to which he was always enough indulgent. If he had some infirmities with other men, they...
40. oldal - That the liberties, franchises, privileges and jurisdictions of Parliament are the ancient and undoubted birthright and inheritance of the subjects of England...
116. oldal - ... they did not doubt of Mr. Selden's affection to the king, but withal they knew him so well, that they concluded he would absolutely refuse the place, if it were offered to him. He was in years, and of a tender constitution ; he had for many years enjoyed his ease, which he loved ; was rich ; and would not have made a journey to York, or have lain out of his own bed, for any preferment ; which he had never affected.
183. oldal - In all times the Princes in England have done something illegal to get Money: but then came a Parliament and all was well; the People and the Prince kissed and were Friends, and so things were quiet for a while. Afterwards there was another Trick found out to get Money, and after they had got it, another Parliament was called to set all right, &c. But now they have so out-run the Constable...

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