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REVIEWS of every important New Book, English and Foreign, and. of every new English Novel.


AUTHENTIC ACCOUNTS of Scientific Voyages and Expeditions.

CRITICISMS on Art, Music, and the Drama.

LETTERS from Foreign Correspondents on subjects relating to Literature, Science, and Art.

BIOGRAPHICAL NOTICES of Distinguished Men.


WEEKLY GOSSIP on Literature, Science, the Fine Arts, Music, and

the Drama.


Is so conducted that the reader, however distant, is in respect to Literature, Science, the Fine Arts, Music, and the Drama, on an equality in point of information with the best informed circles of the Metropolis.

OFFICE for ADVERTISEMENTS, 20, Wellington Street, Strand, London, W.C.

Published by JOHN FRANCIS, 20, Wellington Street, Strand, London, W.C.





Illustrated with Engravings on Wood from Designs of FRA ANGELICO, PIETRO PERUGINO, FRANCESCO FRANCIA, LORENZO DI CREDI, FRA BARTOLOMMEO, TITIAN, RAPHAEL, GAUDENZIO FERRARI, DANIELLE DA VOLTERRA, and others. Quarto. PART I., price ONE SHILLING, on Saturday Next, JULY 1. To be continued. Monthly, and completed in Eighteen Parts, price 18. each.

The First Editions of their "Illustrated New Testament " having for many years been out of print, Messrs. LONGMANS & Co. have determined upon issuing the work in a more popular form. This New Edition will be an exact reproduction of the Original, and will be published and completed in EIGHTEEN MONTHLY PARTS, at One Shilling each, commencing on the First of July.

Previously to the publication of this work, the arts of Printing and Wood Engraving had not been applied to the production of the New Testament in a form representing the perfection of which these arts are capable; and the endeavour to accomplish this object occupied much time and involved a large expenditure.

The large demand which existed for the Large-Paper Edition (price Ten Guineas), published in 1863, and the Second Edition in crown 4to. (price Three Guineas), published in 1864, proved that the work was highly appreciated; and the publishers are led to believe that its re-issue in the present form will be generally welcomed.

The Ornamentation of this work is taken from the Italian School of Art, and the chief Picture subjects are, with two exceptions, from Italian Masters. The numerous Engravings on Wood are from designs of

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Each page is decorated with Borders, Ornaments, or Initial Letters, copied from the finest Italian Manuscripts of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries, and numerous Medallions are introduced in the margins.

*** Specimens of Part I. may now be seen at all Booksellers'.

London: LONGMANS, GREEN & CO. Paternoster Row.

Printed by E. J. FRANCIS, Atheneum Press, Took's Court, Chancery Lane, E.O.: and Published by
JOHN FRANCIS, at No. 30. Wellington Street, Strand, W.C.-Saturday, June 24, 1882.

Queries, with No. 134, July 22, 1852. J





A. (A.) on the pronunciation of Forbes, 397, 498

A. (E. H.) on Bp. Edmund Keene, 359

A. (H. W.) on election of a mole-catcher, 406
A. (J.) on W. J. Baitman, 314

A. (J. S.) on Hooke family, 175

A. (L. R.) on Mar earldom, 452

A. (M.), Oxon., on Bailiff of Constantine, 188

Communicants, order of administering to, 414
Lambeth degrees, 266

"Nothing venture nothing win," 408
Radnor registers, 224

"Whole Duty of Man," 53

A. (W. B.) on Lord Robert Stuart, 256

Abaddon, its meaning, 188

Abhba on anonymous works, 28, 409

Ireland and Scotland in Wiltshire, 388

Jones (Philip), minister of Cirencester, 25

Parsons (Dr. Richard), his MS. collections, 347
Pate of Sysonby arms, 409

Accentuate, a new word, 346

Alexander (P. F.) on "Don't marry,” 471
Alkermes, its derivation, 68, 216, 377
"All but" followed by a pronoun, 467
Allen mystery, 485

Allsopp (A. P.) on Worcestershire field-names, 185
Alpha on the derivation of Chimere, 454
Devil and the best hymn tunes, 77
Irving (Washington), 377

"Sir John Chiverton," 126

"Amazon, British," 457

American nation anatomically considered, 406
American poets, 369

American States, their names, 366

American words and phrases, 65

Ammonium sulphide a restorer of faded writing, 288,

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Ace of spades in bygone days, 66; called "Old Angelus bell, 229
Mossy-face," 107

Ache on Esthnian funeral custom, 294

Sepulchre in churches, 157

Achil Island, article on, 188

Anglesea (Marquis of) and the Irish agitators, 88,
116, 178, 337

Angus (J. K.) on the pronunciation of Forbes, 498
Anno Domini 1881, remarkable events in, 7

Acland and Ransome's "Political History of England Anon. on a curious book-plate, 305

to 1881," 126

Acreme, its meaning, 88

Adams (T.) and Swift, 75, 97

Adams (W.) on gibbeting, 129

Adamson (W.) on Shipton of Lyth Hall, 171

Addy (S. O.) on Magathay, a place-name, 48

Parochial registers, 291

Sydney and Sydenham, 215

"Adeste Fideles," 18

Adjective, verbal, in -ing, 426

Adjectives pluralized in English, 205, 251, 294, 495 Advertisements, "coupon," 206

Aeronautics, work on, 408

Agnosticism, introduction of the word, 489

Ainsworth (W. H.), his interview with an American,


Aitzema (Leo), his "Notable Revolutions," 428

"Alastor of Augustus," 135

Aldrich (Dean), his MSS., 48

Aldworth (Richard), his biography, 409
Alewaston. See Elvaston.

Brewer (Rev. J. S.), 285
Doll, its derivation, 206
Fenkels, its meaning, 268
"Flora Domestica," 286

Jean, gean, jain, or jane, 68
Misprint, 7

Novels, religious, 108

Oak, British, 208

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tury, 409

Epics of the Ton, 259

Essay on Medals, 349, 379, 399

Essays and Reviews Anticipated, 109
Five-foot-highians, 209, 354

Flora Domestica, 286, 317

Grounds and Occasions of Contempt of the Clergy,

&c., 209, 239, 259, 338, 387, 452

Harpings of Lena, 129, 209, 314, 370, 413
History of all the Mobs, &c., 247
History of the Devil, 117, 159

Imitatio Christi, 70, 111

Joseph and his Brethren, a drama, 78, 257
Journal of a Tour through Egypt, 28

Laws of Honour, 349

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Anonymous Works:

Whole Duty of Man, 52, 99, 258, 306, 318, 336 Will of a certain Northern Vicar, 209, 239 Anstey family, 30

Anti-Junius on Junius queries, 127
Antimony, its etymology, 34
Antiquary: Antiquarian, 15
Antiquary on Sandford family, 48
"Anywhen," 56, 78, 139

Apostles, invocation of, 487

Apperson (G. L.) on "chain," applied to the eye, 468 Mesmerism not new,


Temperance library, 86

"Wise as Waltham's calf," 199

April Folk-lore, 327, 417

Archdeacon on "Vita sine literis," 346 Archiepiscopal wig, 107

Archimimus: Clench of Barnet, 348

Argo: Drake's ship, 488

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'Argo," by the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, 171 Arithmology, an uncommon word, 166

Ark of the Covenant at St. Michael's Mount, 54
Armorial glass, English, 44, 178

Armour, funeral, in churches, 58, 177, 217, 358, 458 Arms, differencing, 8, 229; of colonial and missionary bishoprics, 57, 91, 337

Arnwaye (Thomas), 1603, his monument at St. Margaret's, Westminster, 486

Arscott family pedigree, 110

Art Fine art, 28, 178

Articles of the Church of England, works on, 329

Ashburn (Christopher), 1553-9, 88

Assize of bread, &c., Northleach, 69, 216

Astley (J.) on a Protestant indulgence, 154
Atkinson (H. G.) on Bacon a poet, 205

Nouvelles d'Elizabeth Reyne d'Angleterre, 127, Atkinson (H. J.) on a Latin Bible, 373

159, 259

Ode to the Ancient Britons, 269

Old Man of the Mountain, &c., 130

Piozziana; or, Recollections of Mrs. Piozzi, 28, 59 Plain and Familiar Explanation of Passages in the Psalms, 28, 79

Poems, Moral and Entertaining, 468

Poems by a Young Nobleman, 13

Poems (London, Ridgway, 1832), 409

Poetic Mirror, 228, 359, 397

Poetry and Criticism, 369

Reflections on Antient and Modern Musick, 245, 293, 338

Responsibilities of Employers, 409

Roman Forgeries, 349, 399

Royal Diary, 85

Saint's Legacies, 50

Rome, early guides to, 414

Attwell (H.) on verbal adjective in -ing, 426
Dove-tail, its derivation, 26
Want ways, 167

Aubertin (J. J.) on "Bred and born," 152

Follett (Sir William), 326

Australian heraldry, 104, 123, 180
Aver-de-pois, its original meaning, 256
Averiguador on Bailiff of Constantine, 315
Servia, its ancient empire, 276

Axon (W. E. A.) on Andersen and Blémont, 246
Leprosy, its Folk-lore, 323

Lillo (George), his "Fatal Curiosity," 21
Voudooism in the United States, 285


B. (A.) on "Make a leg," 175

Science des Médailles Antiques et Modernes, 349, B. (Annie) on order of administering to communicants,

[blocks in formation]

"Daffy-down-dilly," 415

Sleepers in church, 307

B. (A. H.) on toads worshipped by the Molossians, 149 B. (A. J. de H.) on Resort," 488

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B. (A. P. A.) on Sir Bernard de Gunn, 246

B. (C. M.) on the causal "Do," 53

B. (C. T.) on Antiquary: Antiquarian, 15

"Blessed is he that expecteth nothing," 234

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Crayons from the Commons," 449 Nick-nackatory, 397

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'Dialogues of the Dead," 117

Eachard (John), 387

Épergne, its derivation, 414

Feathers, superstitions about, 196
Fry's "Pantographia," 173

German Church, Trinity Lane, 135
Green-hastings, 198

Greenwich, East, manor of, 258
"Hallaballoo," 254

Hearth money and smoke silver, 156
Jrving (W.), his portraits, 278
Jean, gean, jain, or jane, 198
Jennet, its etymology, 72, 176
Jonson (Ben), 354
Kinnoull (Earl of), 192

Loughborough (Lord), 253

Manchet loaf, 78

Mansfield (Lord), 194

Marriage between English and Irish, 92

"Much" and "Great," applied to villages, 355

Peers, their signatures, 90

Poets, sixpenny editions of the, 254

Polygamy, forfeiture of goods for, 198

Ravenscourt Park, 291

Rhedarium, in Park Lane, 68

St. Helena, great gale at, 16
Sate, for sat, 78

Silhouettes, 394

Sleepers in church, 254

Thomson (James), his Poems, 333
Tom of Oxford, 374

Tomlins's New Town, Paddington, 208
Wara, its meaning, 418

Warton (T.), his "Turnip-Hoer," 76
Wife-selling, 296

Wranglers, senior, 107

B. (J. J.) on an old seal, 148

B. (J. MCC.) on Browne, Viscount Montagu, 58
"Diary of a Visit to England," 384

B. (J. N.) on a curious document, 348

B. (J. R.) on the derivation of Chimere, 454

B. (K. H.) on miniature of Sir R. Peel, 109, 397

B. (W.) on firstfruits of English bishoprics, 328

B. (W. C.) on Belfry, its etymology, 272

"Bred and born," 318

"Imitation of Christ," 98

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"Make a leg," 175

B. (W. C.) on Rebellion of 1745, 87
"Whole Duty of Man," 258
Worlds, plurality of, 393, 498
B. (W. E.) on Anno Domini 1881, 7
Lisle Whitaker, 156

B. (Y.) on frank pledge, 28
Backstring, its meaning, 407
Bacon family, 87, 198

Bacon (Francis), Baron Verulam, his Essex Sonnet,

62; a poet, 205, 316

Baddow, Vicar of, 117, 159

Bagnal or Bagenal family, 494

Bailiff, his office and duties, 149, 298

Bailiff of Constantine, 188, 315

Baillie (J.) on how history is written, 426

Baily (J.) on Pomatum Pomade, 176

Bain (J.) on Balliol and Valoines families, 61, 389
Berengaria, queen of Richard I., 6

Courtenays in Scotland, 404

Leslie (Sir Alexander), 27, 170
Platepere, a game, 9

Tallies, reckoning by, 35

Baitman (W. J.), the Alford poet, 209, 14, 370, 413
Baliol (Ada de), her parentage, 467

Ballantine (Serjeant), the supernatural in his "Ex-
periences," 368

Ballantyne (J.) on Irish saints, 27

Ballard family, 168, 316

Ballinger (J.) on parochial registers, 410

"Poems, Moral and Entertaining," 468

Balliol and Valoines families, 61, 389

Bane Donald Bane, 368

Banks (E) on Turner and the "Keepsake," 488

Bannatyne MS., passage in, 267, 334

Barbadoes, letters from, 1694-5, 64

Bar-Point on Garrick and Junius, 27

Basire (Isaac), his "Correspondence," 265

Bates (W.) on elephants destroyed when dangerous, 377

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Eripuit cælo fulmen," &c., 288

'Fight at Dame Europa's School," 130

Printer's advertisement, 146

"Strawberry Hill" Catalogue, 441

Thomson (J.), bibliography of his "Seasons," 395

Tolson (F.), his "Hermathena," 116

"Too too," 336

Bathurst and Villers families, 308
Bathurst (Theodore), his biography, 110
Bay: At bay, its etymology, 89
Bayly Hall, 386

Baylye arms, 76

Bayne (T.) on Lord Buckhurst, 312

Burns (R.), early appreciation of, 63, 333
De Quincey (Thomas) and Dickens, 435
Forbes, its pronunciation, 269
Lamb (Charles) and Bruce, 328
"Logie o' Buchan," 193

Mandeville (Sir John), 186

Psalm cli., Tennant's translation, 232, 312
"There's Cauld Kail in Aberdeen," 433

Be, as a prefix, 268, 395

Beaven (A. B.) on Hare, Baron of Coleraine, 30
Privy Council, 37

Pulteney correspondence, 375

"Return of Members of Parliament," 25
White ("Century "), 34

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