studious, able, and expert; and, in the discharge of every moral and social obligation, a most exemplary ornament of virtue and rectitude, worthy of imitation.

Aged 75, Lieut.-gen. Ramsay.

At Gogerddan, eo. Cardigan, the Hon. Harriet, wife of Pryse Pryse, esq. of Gogerddan, and of Woodstock, Oxon, sister of Lord Ashbrook.

John Dickinson, esq. banker, Tiverton, Devon.

Jan. 15. Suddenly, Mons. Robert, a principal performer in the Opera Ballets.

In St. Bartholomew's Hospital, in con sequence of her cloaths taking fire on the 13th inst. Mrs. Woolley, of Play-houseyard, Blackfriars.

At Croydon, aged 77, Mrs. Paulina Smith, sister of John S. esq. late of Drapers Hall, London, deceased.

At Liverpool, four weeks after her eldest sister, aged 16, Sophia, second daughter of Major-gen. Dirom, of Mount

Annan. 黄

Jan. 16. In Doctors' Commons, suddenly, in bis 59th year, George Bogg, esq. many years an eminent proctor. He had no relative to inherit the large property he had acquired..

Rev. James Howell, rector of Clutton. In her 100th year, Mrs. Bowey, of Exeter, formerly a very respectable mil liner.

Jan. 18. In a hackney-coach, on her return to Brompton, the truly respectable widow Neate, one of the oldest pew. openers of Brompton Chapel. The life of this good woman was laborious and humble: though laboricus, however, it was not indigent; and though humble, it was not uninstructive. Many and most trying to her had been its unambitious vicissitudes. From apparent competency her lowly fortune at one time brought her to comparative straits; but her mind possessed native and acquired resources sound judgment matured by religious principle, and by its elasticity, constantly kept her above querulousness and despondency. At one time, she was comfortably settled in the world, and happy with a husband of honest character, and with a family of eleven duteous children. These and several other blessings she outlived; she resigned them with sighs of buman affection, but looked to a re-union beyond the grave with fullness of Christian hope. By all her acquaintance, her patience and well-doing were highly appreciated: and by numbers of her richer neighbours, her worth was substantially honoured in ways at once liberal and delicate. Her integrity was irreproachable. She was entrusted often with the care of collecting the pew-rents, with a considerate view, perhaps, to the possibility of her receiving certain little pecuniary com

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pliments, at the times of payment, from such wealthy houses as noticed her exemplary meekness and assiduity. In the discharge of this pleasing and confidential part of her manifold duty, Mrs. N. had very actively exerted herself throughout the morning of the day on which she died; and, with a scrupulesity of exactness always to be admired, but in the present instance only to be regretted, resolved to convey, herself, the collection of rents to Mr. Smith, of Church-street, Kensington, before she took her hardearned repose. Ill had she calculated the power of her enfeebled and nearly exhausted frame to support such additional fatigue amidst the severities of a wintry season. At Kensington Gore her strength failed her, her spirits flagged, and she sunk down on the foot-path in the deliquium of Death!-and, mark we the boasted humanity of the spot! her silken umbrella was stolen from a faint and lifeless grasp; she was refused admission into the next public-house; and she would infallibly have breathed her last on the snows before the door, had she not been recognized..... A coach was called; she was lifted into it, and died on the seat of it as it drove slowly homeward!!!

Jan. 19. In Whitechapel, aged 82, Mrs. Ann Cawthorn, relict of the late Mr. Chas. C. of Leadenhall-street, hardwareman.


Jan. 20. In Cadogan-square, Isaac Schomberg, esq. a Captain in, and for the last years of his life a Commissioner for managing the affairs of the Navy; to retain which last situation, his health not allowing more active service, he, on a recent promotion, passed his Flag. life employed and consumed in the active and arduous enterprize of an honourable profession, and latterly in the equally useful and laborious, though less distinguished administration of its civil duties, should not be permitted to terminate without some notice,-and if this be true. as a general principle, there never was an instance in which its application was better merited than in that of Isaac Schomberg. He had served in every quarter of the Globe, and in all with distinction to himself and benefit to his country. As first Lieutenant of Captain (now Admiral) Cornwallis's ship, he shared in the danger and the glory of Rodney's 12th of April; and had his proportion of the well and hard-earned praise conveyed in the expression of the gallant De Grasse, after his capture," that he had suffered more from that little black-sided ship" (the) Lion of 64, commanded by Capt. Cornwallis), "than from any other during the engagement." He next commanded a frigate in the East Indies (during the Peace which commenced in 1783), where


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he risked and lost all that under the circumstances he could put in hazard, his health. The effects of a liver complaint contracted on that service, were felt during the remainder of his life. On the 1st of June, 1794, Capt. Schomberg commanded a ship of the line in Lord Howe's fleet; and where "England expected that every man would do his duty," his friends and his country were not disappointed in the Commander of the Culloden. Soon after the commencement of the present War, he was appointed to the command of the Sea Fencibles at Hastings; and though with a large family, and a very limited income, had the rare and honourable merit of being the first to report that the establishment, over a part of which he presided, and by the emoluments of which he was in a great measure supported, was an useless and unnecessary burden to his country. Lord Mulgrave, then first Lord of the Admiralty, felt the value of the suggestion, and the merit of such a sacrifice of all personal considerations to a sense of duty; and, unsolicited on the first vacancy appointed Capt. S, Deputy Comptroller of the Navy It was soon found that by this appointment a meritorious officer had been superseded, and Capt. S instantly gave up a post, which he could not have held without wounding the feelings of its present worthy possessor, and was appointed to the vacancy occasioned at the Navy Board by Sir F. Hartwell's nomination to the office of Deputy Comptroller of the Navy.-Capt. Schomberg's services since he took his seat at the Navy Board, have been constant and useful, though from their nature not conspicuous or splendid; and to his unremitting attention to his office, much of his last fatal illness must be attributed. Mild and unassuming in his manners; firm and honourable in his mind, he sacrificed every thing to a high sense of duty.-England was his first and a just opinion of its value made his own profession and its members, its honour, and their welfare, his second object. The few hours of leisure in such a life were devoted to the drawing up of a succinct but clear detail of all the naval actions, from the first foundation of the English Navy, to the

Peace of 1785; a book affording at once a gratifying reward for past services, and a powerful incitement to future ones, the honourable testimony to fallen, and the bright example to aspiring merit.Such was the late I. Schomberg-he died as he lived, with manly fortitude and pious resignation-lamented deeply by his family, as the best of husbands and fondest of parents, and sincerely regretted by many friends who knew his worth both public and private, one of whom offers to his memory this last tribute of respect and esteem.

At Chandos-house, the illustrious Anna Eliza, Duchess of Chandos, relict of James, the last Duke of Chandos, mother to Countess Temple, and sister to Sir Rich. Gamon, bart.

At Boddicott, Oxon, Rev. Dr. Nicoll, chancellor of Wells, rector of Drayton, and late chaplain in ordinary to his Majesty.

Jan. 25. At her son's house in Alders-.. gate-street, in her 81st year, Mrs. Elizabeth Carpenter. Endowed with a strong and penetrating mind, she sustained with Christian fortitude a short illness previcus to her demise; and, sensible of a speedy dissolution, she fervently implored of the Great Disposer of all events for a removal from this transitory life, to those blissful mansions where true happiness and joy is only to be found.

In vol. LXXXII. Part ii. p. 598. a. we briefly noticed the death of Mrs. Freeling, wife of Francis Freeling, esq. Secretary to the General Post Office, Few events have excited greater sympathy in a large circle of relatives and friends. To piety of the purest and most cheerful kind, she united all that could distinguish the affectionate wife and parent, and the warm and generous friend. Regardless of herself, she never lost sight of the interests and happiness of others; she possessed the sweetest temper and the firmest mind; she pursued a steady course of active, yet unassuming benevolence; and her example, while it diffused comfort to those who were about her, had its effect also on their lives and conduct. She died in the 38th year of her age, after having fulfilled all the duties of her station.

Erratum. P. 55. a. l. 15. omit the.

THE AVERAGE PRICES of NAVIGABLE CANAL SHARES and other PROPERTY, in January 1813 (to the 26th), at the Office of Mr. SCOTT, 28, New Bridge-street, London, Coventry, 812. dividend 407.-Swansea, 1801. ex dividend 10%. per share.-Monmouth, 1087. ex half-year's dividend 31.-Grand Junction, 1981. 2001. ex half-year's dividend 31. 10s.-Old, Union, 961. ex dividend 2-Grand Union, 251. discount.Thames Navigation Bonds, 921. per cent.-Kennet and Avon, 221.-Huddersfield, 187.Ripon, 70%-Chelmer, 867. 13s.-Ashby, 18%-Bolton and Bury, 931.-London Dock Stock, 1027. ex dividend 27. 15s. half year.-Globe Assurance, 1057. with dividend 34. -Albion Assurance, 467.-Strand Bridge, 464. Discount.-London Institution, 557.Surrey Ditto, 147. 14s.

BILL OF MORTALITY, from December 22, 1812, to January 26, 1815. Christened.


[blocks in formation]

2 and 5 167
5 and 10

50 and 60 174


60 and 70 166

[blocks in formation]



Whereof have died under 2 years old 528

Peck Loaf 6s. 2d.

Salt £1. per bushel; 4d. per pound.


AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from the Returns ending January 16.

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Rutland 116 600 073


381 6 Lincoln

111 877



5113 6

Leicester 120 184 870 644 798 11 York 114 191
Nottingh. 118 486 071 649 8100 Durham 109 · 600
Derby 118 000 069 949 0112 0 Northum. 102 779
Stafford 122 400 072 1148 1111 1 Cumberl. 108
Salop 121 690 873 5140 694 2 Westmor.124
Hereford 115 270 467 835 1069 3 Lancaster121
Worcester 125 100 068 1046 889 4 Chester
Warwick 127 000 074 650 6109 6 Flint 128
Wilts 113 000 067 846 895 8 Denbigh 130
Berks 126 000 066 746 1075
Oxford 121 600 067 048 592
Bucks 125 800 064 647 085
Brecon 112 888 065 032 0957
Montgom. 120 000 068 939 1100
Radnor 115 900 064 033 700

[blocks in formation]

Aggregate Average Prices of the Twelve Ma-Cornwall 113 1100 ritime Districts of England and Wales, by Dorset 124 900 which Exportation and Bounty are to be Hants 119 600 régulated in Great Britain........

PRICES OF FLOUR, January 25:

Fine per Sack 105s. to 110s. Seconds 95s. to 100s. Bran per Q. 17s. to 20s.
Pollard 27s. to 32s. New Rape Seed 601, to 651. per last.

RETURN OF WHEAT, in Mark Lane, including only from Jan. 11 to Jan. 16:
Total 7047 Quarters. Average 125s. 114d.—4s. 10d. higher than last Return.

Kent Bags

OATMEAL, per Boll of 140lbs. Avoirdupois, January 16, 46s. 7d.

AVERAGE PRICE of SUGAR, January 20, 56s. 4d.

............ 117. Os. to 161.

Sussex Ditto
Essex Ditto

[blocks in formation]

10. 10s. to 13. 13s.
..10. Os. to 15l. Os.


St. James's, Hay 4/. 10s. Straw 21. 2s.-Whitechapel, Hay 4l. 16s. Straw 17. 18s. Clover 7.-Smithfield, Old Hay 57. 10s. Straw 21. 4s. Clover 61. 2s. 6d. SMITHFIELD, January 25. To sink the Offal-per Stone of 8lbs. ...................................5s. Od. to 6s. 4d.

[blocks in formation]

COALS, January 25: Newcastle 47s. to 55s.-Sunderland 48s. to 52s. 6d. SOAP, Yellow, 104s. Mottled 114s Curd 118s. CANDLES, 13s. 6d. per Doz. Moulds 15s. TALLOW, per Stone, 81b. St. James's 5s. 11d. Clare 5s. 11d. Whitechapel 5s.19d.


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Printed by NICHOLS, SON, and BENTLEY, Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street, London.]

RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. Stock-Brokers.




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[subsumed][ocr errors][merged small]

Meteorological Diaries for Jan. & February 98 Poems by Joshua Barnes the Greek Critick 99 Tho. Heyrick, and Specimen of his Poems ibid. Another Clue to the Discovery of Junius 101 M.Appert's Method of preserving Aliments ibid. A curious Article in Mr. West's Library 102 Grotius.-"Importance of a Religious Life" 103 Funeral Service-Bishop Lowth's Daughter 104 Description of Harlech Castle, Merionethsh. 105 Mr.Chase'sNarrativeof Earthquake at Lisbon ib. The Lakes of Westmoreland, &c. filling up 111 Controversy respecting Hen. VII.'s Chapel ibid. Epitaph on Humphrey Say.-Lord Vaux 112 Account of the Parish of Sharnford,co. Leic. 113 Modern Greek Usage of the Term Aoyos... 114 Common Translation of St. Luke defended 115 "Friends to the Established Church". 119 Account of "The British Gallery of Pictures" ibid. County History of Durham by Mr.Surtees 121 Mr. Luders on the House of Commons ... 122 Edward I.-Elizabethan Protestants, &c. 123 Regent's Chaplains.-Hebrew Learning... 124 Observations on the Art of Bridge-building ibid. Suggestions to the Builders of Strand Bridge 125 BaronyofHastings.--St. Michael's, Coventry 126 Directions for the Management of Poultry 127

Cornw.-Covent.2 Cumberland 2 Doncaster--Derb. Dorchest.--Essex Exéter 2, Glouc. 2 Halifax-Hanst 2 Hereford, Hull 3 Ipswich 1, Kent 4 Lancast.-Leices.2 Leeds2, Liverp. Maidst. Manch. 4 Newc.3.-Notts.2 Northampton

Norfolk, Norwich N. Wales Oxford 2



Preston-Plym. 2



Sherborne, Sussex


Staff.-Stamf. 2 Taunton- Tyne Wakefi.-Warw.


Sunday Advertise. Jersey 2. Guern. 2.


Bye Paths of Parnassus, by a Candidate 128 FRAGMENTS OF LITERATURE, No. III....... 130 ARCHITECTURAL INNOVATION, No. CLXXI. 132 Literary Intelligence.-Index Indicatorius 135 REVIEW OF NEW PUBLICATIONS; viz. Fitzgwarine, &c. by Mr. Dovaston... 137 Meredith on the Gold Coast of Africa...... ibid. Mawe's Travels in the Interior of Brazil... 141 Conseils à ma Fille.-Diurnal Readings... 146, The Gull's Hornbook, by Tho. Decker ... ibid, Cleeve's Sermon for Widows of Clergy 149 Genlis's Histoire des Femmes Françaises 150 Faulkner's Historical Account of Fuibam 151 Dyer's Letters on the English Constitution 153, The Protestant Advocate, Nos. IV. and V. ibid. REVIEW of NEW MUSICAL PUBLICATIONS 155, SELECT POETRY for February. ...... 158 Proceedings in presentSession of Parliament 161 Interesting Intell. from London Gazettes 164) Abstract of principal Foreign Occurrences 170 Country News, 175.-Domestic Occurrences 177 Theatrical Reg.-Promotions-Preferments 179 Births and Marriages of eminent Persons ibid. Obituary, with Anec. of remarkable Persons 180 Canal, &c.Shares, 190.-Prices of Markets 191 Prices of Stocks each Day in February.... 192


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SHARNFORD CHURCH, Leicestershire.


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