Somersetshire, review of books upon, 346-etymology of Somerset,
346-Somerton, 346-antiquities, 348—Cadbury and Camelot, 349

-Arthurian legends and pixy stories, 351–Glastonbury, 352-old
inns, 356-stories of the Grail and Glastonbury Thorn, 357—
Wells, 360—Yeovil, 361-Bruton, 362—Preston-Plucknet and
Brympton, 364-Montacute House, 365-Lytes Cary, 366—
Muchelney and Bridgwater, 368—ancient castles, 370—Taunton,

370—Dunster Castle, 371-Minehead, 372.
Sophia, St., Church of, review of Messrs. Lethaby and Swainson's

book upon, 460—Constantine's Church, 462—Justinian's Church,
462—constructive problem, 463—dome over square structure, 464

- pendentives, 466-Procopius's admiration of, 467—different
treatment of architectural problem in church of St. Sergius, 469—
arches and domes, 471—wagon-vaults, 472–interior effect greater
than that of exterior, 473—compared with St. Peter's, Rome,
St. Paul's, London, and St. Mark's, Venice, 474-decoration of, 476
-atrium cloister, 476-narthex, 477—arcades, 478—the Silentiary's
rhapsody upon, 480-artificial lighting, 481-permanent furniture

of, 482--galleries, 483.
Strachey, Sir E., his edition of 'Le Morte Darthur' reviewed, 485.
Sutherland, the Book of, reviewed, 404—destruction of family
writs of earldom of, 405—Sir Robert Gordon's history of, 406

-early rulers, 409— Vikings, 410_Edward I.'s invasion, 412–
sixth earl, 412—tenth earl, 413-eleventh earl, 413—twelfth
earl, 414—Sir Robert Gordon, 415-thirteenth earl, 416—Niel
Beton, the wizard, 417–enmity between Montrose and Argyll,
418-fifteenth and sixteenth earls, 418-Lord Lovat's rebellion,
419/trial of Earl of Cromartie, 422—seventeenth earl and
countess, 423—Duke of Sutherland, 424–Countess Elizabeth in
Paris during the Revolution, 424— Prince Charles Edward, 425—

regiments raised in Sutherlandshire, 426-over-population, 427.
Szombathely, G., his book on Dante and Ovid reviewed, 284.


Tennyson, review of works upon, 485—abhorrence of anarchy, 486-

religious tolerance, 487—love of nature, 488—artist-poet, 490—
simplicity in art and character, 491-passionate love barred by duty,
491-scenery depicted from imagination and from natural landscape,
493—'Enone, 493– Lotos Eaters,' 494—Ulysses,' 495—interest
in politics, 496- deferred millennium, 497—'Ode on Death of Duke
of Wellington,' 499—Maud,' 300— Idylls of the King,' 501-
allegory, 503_message to his countrymen, 507—' Passing of

Arthur,' 510—'In Memoriam,' 510-lyrics, 513.
Thiébault, General Baron, review of his memoirs, 429-early years,
430—at Berlin, 431-decline of Ancien Régime, 481-French
Revolution, 433—in command of a Republican battalion, 434–
Lafayette, 435-Racine's daughter-in-law, 436-flight of Louis XVI.,
436–Paris during the Terror, 437, 441—mistakes of Allied
invaders, 438-Committee of Public Safety, 439—patriotism of
French levies, 440-marries an English lady, 440—Bonaparte,


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441--Masséna, 443—campaign in Italy, 444—La Salle, 446-
General Duhesme, 447—barefooted army, 448-adjutant-general,
448—St. Januarius invoked, 449—Napoleon and the Directory,
450--society under the Consulate, 453—Count O'Connell, 455-
Marshal Soult, 456—in command of a brigade at Austerlitz, 458-
· general of division, 459.
Torrens, W. M., his history of Cabinets reviewed, 116.

Waddington, W. H., his book on Greek and Latin inscriptions in

Syria reviewed, 208
Weather Prevision, review of books concerning, 514-prognostications,

516—weather on Church festivals, 517—telegraphic warnings from
New York, 517-cyclones, 518—anti-cyclones, 519-various
theories, 521—weather cycles, 524—clouds as a weather-indicator,
525-composition of clouds, 525—the Föhn, 527-cumulus, 528-
cumulo-nimbus, 529-cirrus, 530-proverbial weather wisdom, 532
-difficulties of forecasting in this country, 534—Meteorological
Office, 535.
Witte, C., his books on Dante reviewed, 284.




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441-Masséna, 443_campaign in Italy, 444–La Sall
General Duhesme, 447–barefooted army, 448-adjutal
448—St. Januarius invoked, 449–Napoleon and the
450—society under the Consulate, 453—Count O'Co

Marshal Soult, 456-in command of a brigade at Au ? - general of division, 459. Torrens, W. M., his history of Cabinets reviewed, 116 se Conflet and

* 410 WyvaucovouLtion By Sir Thomas


-)n of the Board

ifford, D.D. Waddington, W. H., his book on Greek and La

”: Manx Life and Syria reviewed, 208

the Author of "Fole's Weather Prevision, review of books concerning, 5) 516— weather on Church festivals, 517—teleg lae Gospels. By J. Rendel New York, 517—cyclones, 518-anti-cy theories, 521—weather cycles, 524—clouds i ly in the Middle Ages, 525-composition of clouds, 525—the Föhn Leach. cumulo-nimbus, 529-cirrus, 530—proverbi ra Hindu Kush. By Colonel

-difficulties of forecasting in this count: Office, 535.

Theory of the Absolute. L Witte, C., his books on Dante reviewed, 284.

velopment of English Metres

sor Seth,

2 m Larminie.

[blocks in formation]



NOVEMBER, 1894. content in India. "Indian." do-Individualism; or, the Pris Slavery. By Arthur Withy. colonial Home Rule Question.

Maclachlan, uge Meredith's Nature Poetry: EARTH AND MAN. By William F. Revell. Legal Professions. A PLEA LGAMATION. By G. W. K. deal criticism and Critics. B

Bradford, MUS.D.OXON, wominant Note of Some Recent Mion. By Thomas Bradfield. lestralian Watering-Place and

industries. By A. J. Rose-Soley. PRINTED

son's Turncoat. By Joseph SPOTTIS WOODE AND CO.,

wage as an Educator. By J. P. LONDO


and Articles.

Lor Max Müller. Nineteenth century,

jeliness in


By His Grace the DUKE OF ARGYLL. Nine-
aid, 40 cents.
Gosse. Contemporary Review, December, 1894.

ludy. By STEPHEN GWYNN. Fortnightly Review,

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[ocr errors]

ON THE ATONEMENT. the Atonement. By the Right Hon. William enth Century, September, 1894. Price, postpaid, JORD ON BIMETALLISM. peal to Monometallists. By J. P. HESELTINE. Nine

Ex: Here Com

1: A Reply to a Challenge. By HENRY DUNNING November, 1894. Price, each, postpaid, 40 cents. WAR IN THE EAST. at Sea. By Captain S. Eardley-WILMOT, R.N. Fort

Price, postpaid, 40 cents. ekin. By M. Rees DAVIES. Fortnig hily Review, December,

Word for China. By DEMETRIUS C. Boulger. Nineteenth

- Conflict and After: A Conversation. By Sir THOMAS view, November, 1894. Price, each, postpaid, 40 cents. ATEST PROGRESS IN SCIENCE. eria. Earthquakes. Flying Machines. By PRINCE KROPOTKIN. ember, 1894. Price, postpaid, 40 cents. THE MUSIC OF JAPAN.

With numerous illustrations. By Miss Laura A. Smith. Nineober, 1894. Price, postpaid, 40 cents. NCES OF GENERAL SIR EVELYN WOOD. 54, and 1894. By General Sir Evelyn Wood, G.C.B., V.C. -tnighily Review. October, November, December, 1894 : January, 1895. h; the four numbers, $1.60.

A NEW NOVEL BY MALLOCK. l'e. A Novel. By W. H. Mallock. Begins in the Firinightly Reviews 894. Yearly subscription, $4.50.

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