Annual Register, 93. kötet

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Edmund Burke
Longmans, Green, 1852
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177. oldal - An Act to apply a sum out of the Consolidated Fund to the service of the year ending on the thirty-first day of March one thousand nine hundred and one, and to appropriate the Supplies granted in this Session of Parliament.
70. oldal - What though the field be lost? All is not lost; the unconquerable will, And study of revenge, immortal hate, And courage never to submit or yield: And what is else not to be overcome?
299. oldal - In every regularly documented American merchant- vessel, the crew who navigate it will find their protection in the flag which is over them.
416. oldal - Fourth to the Parishes ; and for transferring the Jurisdiction of the said Commissioners over certain other Places in Westminster to the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Works and Public Buildings ; and for other Purposes.
298. oldal - Thus thoughtless young men have been induced by false and fraudulent representations to violate the law of their country through rash and unfounded expectations of assisting to accomplish political revolutions in other states, and have lost their lives in the undertaking. Too severe a judgment can hardly be passed by the indignant sense of the community upon those who, being better informed themselves, have yet led away the ardor of youth and an ill-directed love of political liberty.
435. oldal - Convention, and they have therefore named as their Plenipotentiaries, that is to say : Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the Right Honourable Henry John Viscount Palmerston, Baron Temple, a Peer of Ireland, a Member of Her Britannic Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council...
3. oldal - Notwithstanding the large reductions of taxation which have been effected in late years, the receipts of the revenue have been satisfactory. " The state of the commerce and manufactures of the United Kingdom has been such as to afford general employment to the labouring classes. " I have to lament, however, the difficulties which are still felt by that important body among my people who are owners and occupiers of land.
413. oldal - An Act to apply the Sum of Eight Millions out of the Consolidated Fund to the Service of the Year One thousand eight hundred and fifty-one.
437. oldal - All vessels which according to British law are to be deemed British vessels, and all vessels •which...
321. oldal - Worcestershire, who was Chancellor of the Exchequer during the Administration of the Marquis of Rockingham, in 1765 and 1766, and inherited his Worcestershire and Gloucestershire estates. He was educated at Westminster School, and at Christ Church, Oxford. Having chosen the profession of the law, he became a pupil of the late Sir Samuel Romilly, and was called to the bar by the Society of the Inner Temple, May 6, 1796. After long and assiduous study in the Court of Chancery he obtained considerable...

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