The Elements of Experimental Chemistry, 1. kötet

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Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, and R. Hunter, 1823

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xviii. oldal - Studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability. Their chief use for delight, is in privateness and retiring; for ornament, is in discourse; and for ability, is in the judgment and disposition of business...
xviii. oldal - Expert men," says Lord Bacon, " can execute and judge of particulars one by* one ; but the general counsels, and the plots, and the marshalling of affairs, come best from those that are learned.
285. oldal - In the use of this apparatus, the bottle is first filled with the liquid employed, which is best prepared by boiling a mixture of quick lime and sulphur with water, filtering the solution, and agitating it for some time in a bottle half filled with common air. The tube, filled with the gas under examination, or with common air, if that be the subject of the experiment, is next put into its place, and, on inverting the instrument, the gas ascends into the bottle, where it is brought extensively into...
482. oldal - By this arrangement some brilliant phenomena were produced. The potash appeared a conductor in a high degree, and as long as the communication was preserved, a most intense light was exhibited at the negative wire, and a column of flame, which seemed to be owing to the development of combustible matter, arose from the point of contact.
497. oldal - ... remains free. The fluid amalgam of mercury and this substance dissolves all the metals I have exposed to it ; and in this state of union, mercury acts on iron and platina. When the basis of potash is heated with gold, or silver, or copper, in a close vessel of pure glass, it rapidly acts upon them ; and when the compounds are thrown into water, this fluid is decomposed, potash formed, and the metals appear to be separated unaltered. The basis of potash combines with fusible metal, and forms an...
517. oldal - It combines with oxygen, slowly and without luminous appearance, at all common temperatures. When heated to its fusing point, the combination becomes more rapid ; but no light is emitted till it becomes nearly red hot. The flame which it then produces, is white, and it sends forth bright sparks, exhibiting a very beautiful effect.
489. oldal - So strong is the attraction of the basis of potash for oxygen, and so great the energy of its action upon water, that it discovers and decomposes the small quantities of water contained in alcohol and ether, even when they are carefully purified.
xviii. oldal - When theoretical knowledge and practical skill are happily combined in the same person, the intellectual power of man appears in its full perfection; and fits him equally to conduct, with a masterly hand, the details of ordinary business, and to contend successfully with the untried difficulties of new and hazardous situations. In conducting the former, mere experience may frequently be a sufficient guide; but experience and speculation must be combined together to prepare us for the latter.
500. oldal - ... pour in. by means of a glass tube, reaching to the bottom, three or four parts of sulphuric acid. The phosphorus takes fire, and burns vividly under the water. This experiment too requires caution lest the inflamed phosphorus should be thrown into the eyes.
199. oldal - ... of card AB, the circular discs of card, marked respectively with the letters N and S, and with arrows parallel to, but pointing in a contrary direction to the one at c. The same marks must be put on the reverse of each of the three pieces of card, so that when held in different situations they may be seen without turning the instrument...

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