Memoirs of Prince Charles Stuart: (count of Albany) Commonly Called the Young Pretender; with Notices of the Rebellion in 1745, 2. kötet

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H. Colburn, 1845

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187. oldal - At the bar he behaved like a soldier and a man ; in the intervals of form with carelessness and humour.
357. oldal - Some years after he was released from his prison, and conducted out of France, he sent for this girl, who soon acquired such a dominion over him, that she was acquainted with all his schemes, and trusted with his most secret correspondence. As soon as this was known in England, all those persons of distinction who were attached to him, were greatly alarmed ; they imagined that this wench had been placed in his family by the English ministers ; and, considering her sister's situation, they seemed...
352. oldal - If I was surprised to find him there, I was still more astonished when he acquainted me with the motives which had induced him to hazard a journey to England at this juncture.
179. oldal - In the month of May, the duke of Cumberland advanced with the army into the Highlands, as far as Fort Augustus, where he encamped, and sent off detachments on all hands, to hunt down the fugitives, and lay waste the country with fire and sword.
169. oldal - Peuple jadis si fier, aujourd'hui si servile, Des princes malheureux vous n'êtes plus l'asile.
59. oldal - I have sent your daughter from this country, lest she should be any way frightened with the troops lying here. She has got one Betty Burke, an Irish girl, who, as she tells me, is a good spinster. If her spinning pleases you, you may keep her till she spin all your lint; or, if you have any wool to spin, you may employ her.
194. oldal - Friend, I never had much money ; this is all I have. I wish it was more, for your sake, and am sorry I can add nothing else to it but my coat and waistcoat, which he instantly took off, and laid upon his coffin.
357. oldal - M'Namara, the gentleman who was sent to him, who has a natural eloquence, and an excellent understanding, urged the most cogent reasons, and used all the arts of persuasion to induce him to part with his mistress, and even proceeded so far as to assure him, according to his instructions...
60. oldal - ... bringing with them a female dress, they found him alone in a little hut upon the shore, employed in roasting the heart of a sheep upon a wooden spit. They could not forbear from shedding tears at his desolate situation, but Charles observed, with a smile, that it would be well perhaps for all Kings if they had to pass through such an ordeal as he was now enduring. On the same evening he took advantage of the passport, embarking in his new attire with Flora and a faithful Highlander, Neil Mac...
191. oldal - Tower from whence you came ; from thence you must be drawn to the place of execution ; when you come there, you must be hanged by the neck, but not till you are dead; for you must be cut down alive...

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