Peter Parley's Tales about Great Britain

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112. oldal - I say, they will receive a terrible blow this parliament, and yet they shall not see who hurts them. This counsel is not to be contemned, because it may do you good, and can do you no harm : for the danger is past, as soon as you have burned the letter. And I hope God will give you the grace to make good use of it, unto whose holy protection I commend you*.
40. oldal - VII. one of the finest specimens of Gothic architecture in the world. It was...
49. oldal - Among these latter is a piece of cannon of the kind first invented ; formed of bars of iron hammered together, and bound with iron hoops : it has no carriage, but was moved by means of six rings, conveniently placed for that purpose. Horse Armoury. — This is a noble room, crowded with curiosities that will highly gratify the visitor.
98. oldal - These places occupy an area of from £ to 2 acres. The material used must have been brought from a great distance, as there is no stone in this country except soft sandstone, and very little of that. In 1863 the author assisted in exploring a mound 3 miles west of Tupelo, Miss. It was 8 feet high, 30 feet in diameter, and composed of white sand. It was situated on a ridge 400 feet west of a bluff, at the base of which is a spring.
165. oldal - ... add much to the picturesque effect. Below the Fall, the channel of the river is deep and rocky, and shelves rapidly down towards the lake ; the mountain sides are clothed with luxuriant woods of birch ; and the river, interrupted in its course by numerous masses of rock, is lashed into foam, and hurries impetuously forward for about a quarter of a mile.
105. oldal - No sooner do young persons, and many grown people, too, rise up in a morning, on the first day of April, than they begin to put some joke or other upon those around them, sending them on fruitless errands, or calling them to look at something, when there is nothing to look at. On Good Friday...
148. oldal - ... deposits of great depth, amounting in the aggregate to about two million five hundred thousand acres, the greater part of which acreage and the greater part of the course of the river lying in the western part of the State. The elevation of the bed of the river through the State of Kansas is from three thousand three hundred and fifty feet above the level of the sea at the Colorado line to one thousand feet above that level at the point where it enters Oklahoma. The rainfall in the drainage area...
140. oldal - NW tower is shown the chamber where queen Mary sat at supper, when Rizzio was dragged from her side and murdered ; and the private staircase by which Ruthven entered with the assassins, to perpetrate (lie savage deed.
48. oldal - ... various curiosities and antiquities at present contained within its walls, alike interesting to those at a distance, as also to those who may have an opportunity of visiting it. This venerable fortress stands on the northern bank of the Thames, at the. eastern extremity of the city. It consists of a large collection of fortified buildings, surrounded by a moat, or ditch,— containing several streets, and covering upwards of twelve acres of land. The most conspicuous part of this edifice is a...
94. oldal - Millions of young folks have been taught in them to remember their Creator in the days of their youth. I...

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