Multidisciplinary Approaches to Multilingualism: Proceedings from the CALS Conference 2014

Első borító
Kristina Cergol Kovacevic, Sanda Lucija Udier
Peter Lang Edition, 2015 - 393 oldal
This volume offers a selection of twenty papers presented at the 28th International Annual Conference of the Croatian Applied Linguistics Society held in 2014. The authors' reflections on Multidisciplinary Approaches to Multilingualism fall into four different areas of investigation: 1) bilingual and multilingual studies focusing on research in foreign, second and lingua franca issues, 2) language policy and planning, 3) translation studies, lexis and lexical relations and 4) experimental research into language processing. The volume addresses an international audience and places a number of Croatian-based considerations onto the international applied linguistics scene.

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