The Works of the English Poets: Otway; Duke; Dorset

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205. oldal - Nor vex your thoughts how to repair The ruins of your glory: You ought to leave so mean a care To those who pen your story. Are not Boileau and Corneille paid For panegyric writing? They know how heroes may be made, Without the help of fighting.
193. oldal - Ladies now at land, We men at sea indite ; But first would have you understand How hard it is to write ; The muses, now, and Neptune too, We must implore to write to you. With a fa la, la, la, la.
196. oldal - And now we've told you all our loves, And likewise all our fears, In hopes this declaration moves Some pity from your tears ; Let's hear of no inconstancy, We have too much of that at sea. With a fa, la, la, la, la.
204. oldal - Roper to take her away. But to these that have had my dear Bess in their arms, She's gentle, and knows how to soften her charms; And to every beauty can add a new...
28. oldal - My father was .(a thing now rare) Loyal and brave ; my mother chaste and fair. The pledge of marriage-vows was only I ; Alone I liv'd their much-lov'd fondled boy:' They gave me gen'rous education ; high They strove to raise my mind ; and with it grew their joy.
74. oldal - Twill keep but lingring Pain alive, Alas ! and break my Heart. When on my lonely, penfive Bed I lay me down to reft, In hope to calm my raging Head, And cool my burning...
194. oldal - To pass our tedious hours away, We throw a merry main, Or else at serious ombre play, But why should we in vain Each other's ruin thus pursue ? We were undone when we left you...
141. oldal - At aDiftance you could wound my Heart: So Fate ordain'd, and left you fight with Fate, Hear and believe the Truth I fhall relate. Now in my Mother's Womb...
194. oldal - Should foggy Opdam chance to know Our sad and dismal story, The Dutch would scorn so weak a foe, And quit their fort at Goree: For what resistance can they find From men who've left their hearts behind ?With a fa, la, la, la, la.
47. oldal - But conftant as the Stars that never move; Or as Women would have Love. The trembling Genius of their State Lookt out, and ftraight fhrunk back his Head, To fee our daring Banners fpread.

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