Heart of Darkness: Character Studies

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Bloomsbury Academic, 2008. máj. 27. - 110 oldal

Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness (1899) is one of the most important literary works of the early twentieth century. It has provoked much critical debate, on issues such as fin de siècle doubt and pessimism, European colonialism, racism, and misogyny. Engaging with the novel's characters is crucial to understanding its complexity and its criticalhistory.

This study includes: an overview of the novel, including an account of its late nineteenth-century context discussions of the narrative structure and the narrators; - chapters analyzing in detail the key characters in relation to the text's themes, issues and historical context; engagement with a range of literary criticism and theory; a conclusion reminding students of the potential of detailed character analysis and close critical reading; a guide to secondary texts and a comprehensive bibliography.

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Ashley Chantler is Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Chester, UK.

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