Claw, to flatter.

Compassed cape, a round cape.
Clean, completely.

Compassed window, a bow-win-
Clean kam, awry.

Clear, pure.

Compassionate, plaintive.
Clearest, purest.

Compose, to come to a composition.
Clepe, to call.

Composture, composition.
Clerkly, learned, scholar-like. Composition, bargain; also, con-
Cling, to dry, or shrink up.

Clinquant, glittering.

Competitors, confederates.
Clipt, embraced.

Complements, accomplishments.
Clout, the white mark at which Complexion, humor.
archers shoot.

Comply, to compliment.
Clouted, hobnailed.

Comptible, submissive.
Coach-fellow, one who draws with Conceit, imagination, wit, idea.
a confederate,

Conceited, ingenious.
Coasting, conciliatory.

Concent, connected harmony.
Cob-loaf, a crusty, uneven loaf. | Conclusions, experiments.
Cock, cock-boat.

Concupy, concupiscence.
Cock-and-pye, a vulgar oath. Condolement, sorrow.
Cock-shut time, twilight.

Conduct, conductor.
Cockle, a corn-weed.

Coney-catched, tricked.
Cockle-hat, a pilgrim's hat

Coney-catcher, a cheat.
Codding, amorous.

Confession, profession.
Codling, an unripe apple.

Confineless, boundless.
Codpiece, a part of the dress. Confound, to destroy.
Coffin, the cavity of a raised pie. Conject, conjecture.
Cog, to cheat with dice, to lie. Consent, will, conspiracy.
Cogging, lying

Consider, reward.
Cognizance, badge or token. Consigned, sealed.
Coigne of vantage, convenient Consist, stand.

Consort, company.
Coignes, corners.

Conspectuity, sight.
Coil, bustle, stir.

Constancy, consistency.
Cold, naked.

Constantly, certainly.
Collection, consequence, or co- Contemptible, contemptuous.

Continuate, uninterrupted.
Collied, black, smutted.

Continue, to spend.
Colt, to trick.

Continent, containing.
Co-mart, a joint bargain.

Contraction, marriage-contract.
Combinate, betrothed.

Contrarious, different.
Come of, to pay.

Contrary, to contradict.
Come of will, to succeed.

Contrive, to spend, to wear out.
Co-meddled, mingled.

Control, confute.
Comfort, to aid.

Convents, agrees, is convenient.
Comforting, abetting.

Convented, summoned.
Comma, connection.

Conversion, change of condition.
Commission, authority.

Converse, associate, interchange.
Commend, commit.

Convertite, a convert.
Committed, lain with. .

Convey, to steal.
Commodity, self-interest.

Conveyance, slight of hand, theft.
Commonty, a comedy.

Conveyers, thieves.
Compact, made up of.

Conveyed himself, derived his title.
Companies, companions.

Convicted, overpowered, baffled.
Compare, comparison.

Convince, to convict, to subdue.
Comparative, a dealer in com- | Convive, to feast.

Copata in hat, a hat with a conical
Compassed, round.


Cope, encounter, covering Crest, the summit.
Copped, rising to a top or head. Crestless, those who have no right
Copy, theme.

to armorial bearings.
Coragio, courage, be of good cheer. Crewel, worsted.
Corinth, a brothel.

Crisp, curled, winding.
Corinthian, a wencher.

Critic, cynic.
Corky, dry, withered.

Critical, censorious.
Corollary, surplus.

Crone, a very old woman.
Corporal, corporeal.

Crosses, money stamped with a
Corrigible, corrected.

Costard, a head.

Crow-keeper, a scarecrow.
Coster-monger, a dealer in costers Crownet, last purpose.
or apples.

Crulentious, cruel.
Cote, to overtake.

Crusado, a Portuguese coin.
Coted, quoted, regarded.

Crush, to drink.
Cotsale, Cotswood in Gloucest. Crush a cup, to crack a bottle.
Couch, to lie with.

Cry, a pack of hounds.
Count, to reckon upon.

Cry aim, to encourage.
Countenance, favor; also, false Crystals, the eyes.

appearance, hypocrisy. Cub-drawn, alluding to a bear
Counter, a hunting term.

whose dugs are dry.
Counter-caster, one who reckons Cue, a theatrical term, the last
with counters.

word of the preceding speech.
Counter-check, a term in chess. Cuisses, armour for the thighs.
Counterfeit, a portrait.

Cullion, a paltry fellow.
Counterpoints, counterpanes. Cunning, knowledge.
County, count, earl.

Curb, to bend or truckle.
Couplement, a couple.

Curiosity, curiousness, finical de-
Courses, the main sail and foresail. licacy.
Court-cupboard, sideboard. Curious, scrupulous.
Court confect, a spurious nobleman. Curled, ostentatiously dressed.
Court holy-water, flattery.

Currents, occurrences.
Covered, hollow.

Cursed, under the influence of a
Cowed, awed.

Cower, to sink down.

Curst, petulant, ill-tempered,
Cowlstaff, a staff used in carrying crabbed, harsh.
a basket.

Curstness, ill-humor.
Coy, to soothe.

Curtail, a little cur.
Coyed, yielded reluctantly. Curtal, a docked horse.
Coystril, a coward cock, a poltroon. | Curtle-axe, a cutlass, broad-sword.
Cozier, a tailor, a botcher.

Customer, a strumpet.
Crack, dissolution; also, a boy Cut, a horse.

Cut and longtail, poor and rich.
Cranks, windings.

Cutile, a knife used by sharpers.
Cranking, or crankling, the rush Cyprus, a transparent stuff.

of a river.
Crants, garlands.
Crare, a small trading vessel. Daff, or doff, to put off.
Crash, to be merry over.

Dally, to trifle.
Craven, a cowardly cock, mean, Damn, to condemn.

Danger, control.
Create, compounded, made up of. Dank, wet, rotten.
Credent, credible.

Danskers, natives of Denmark.
Credit, account, information, cre Darkling, in the dark.

Darraign, to arrange.
Cressets, lights set upon a beacon. Daub, to disguise.
Cressive, increasing.

| Daubery, falsehood, counterfeit.

[ocr errors]

Day-bed, a couch.

| Disable, to undervalue.
Day-light, broad day.

Disappointed, unprepared.
Day-woman, dairymaid.

Discandy, to dissolve.
Dealt, fought by proxy.

Disclose, to hatch.
Dear, immediate, consequential. Discontents, malcontents.
Dearn, direful, lonely, solitary. Discourse, reason.
Death-tokens, spots on those in| Disease, uneasiness, discontent.

fected with the plague. Diseases, sayings.
Death's-man, executioner.

Disgrace, hardship, injury.
Debitor, debtor.

Dishabited, dislodged.
Deboshed, debauched.

Dislike, displease.
Decay, poverty, misfortunes. Dislimn, to unpaint, obliterate.
Deck of cards, a pack.

Disme, tenth, or titl
Decked, sprinkled.

Disnatured, wanting natural af-
Decline, to run through (as in fection.

grammar) from first to last. Dispark, to destroy a park or in-
Declined, the fallen.

Disperge, to sprinkle.
Deem, opinion, surmise.

Disponge, to discharge as a sponge.
Deer, animals in general.

Dispose, disposal, command.
Default (in the), at a need. Dispose, to make terms.
Defeat, to free, to disembarrass. Disposition, frame.
Defeature, alteration of features. Disseat, displace, dispose.
Defence, art of fencing.

Dissemble, to gloss over, disguise.
Defend, to forbid.

Dissembling, putting dissimilar
Deftly, adroitly, dexterously.

things together.
Defy, to reject.

Distained, unstained.
Degrees, steps.

Distaste, io corrupt.
Delay, to let slip.

Distemper, intoxication.
Demerits, merits.

Distemperature, perturbation.
Demurely, solemnly.

Distempered, out of humor.
Denay, denial.

Distraught, distracted.
Denayed, denied.

Distractions, detachments, sepa-
Denier, a coin.

rate bodies.
Denude, to strip, divest.

Divert, to turn aside.
Deny, to refuse.

Division, a term in music.
Depart, to part.

Doff, to put off..
Departing, separation.

Dole, alms, distribution, lot.
Depend, to be in service.

Dolphin, the dauphin.
Deprive, to disinherit.

Don, to put on, to do on.
Deracinate, to root up.

Done to death, killed.
Derogate, degraded.

Done, expended, consumed.
Descant, to harangue upon; also, Done upon the gad, suddenly.
a term in music.

Dotant, dotard.
Deserved, deserving.

Double, full of duplicity.
Design, to mark out.

Double vouchers, a law term.
Despatched, bereft.

Doubt, to fear.
Detected, suspected.

Dout, to do out, extinguish.
Ditch, do it.

Dowle, a feather.
Dickon, Richard.

Down-gyved, hanging down, like
Die, gaming

what confines the fetters round
Diet, to compel to fast.

the ancles.
Diffused, wild, irregular.

Draught, the jakes.
Digress, to deviate from what is Draw, to withdraw.

Drawn, embowelled.
Digression, transgression.

Drawn' fox, one which is trailed
Dildos, the burthen of a song.

over the ground, to deceive
Dint, impression.

the hounds.


Drachmas, a Greek coin.

Ensconce, to secure in a safe
Dressings, appearances of virtue. place, to fortify.
Drew, assembled.

Enseamed, greasy.
Drive, to fly with impetuosity. Enseer, to dry up.
Drollery, a puppet-shew.

Enshield, concealed.
Drugs, drudges.

Ensteeped, immersed.
Drumble, to act lazily.

Entertainment, pay; also, being
Ducdamé (duc ad me), bring him received into service.

to me, the burthen of a song. Entreatments, favors; also, ob-
Dudgeon, ihe handle of a dagger. jects of entreaty.
Due, to endue, to deck.

Envy, aversion, malice.
Dullard, a stupid person.

Enviously, angrily.
Dump, a mournful elegy.

Ephesian, a cant term.
Dup, to do up, to lift up.

Erring, errant, wandering.
Dull, gentle soothing.

Escape, illegitimate child.
Dumb, to make silent. •

Escoted, paid.
Duke, a leader.

Esil, or eisil, a river.
Durance, some lasting kind of stuff. Esperance, motto of the Percy


Espials, spies.
Eager (from aigre, Fr.), sour, harsh. Essential, existent, real.
Eanlings, lambs.

Estimate, price.
Ear, to plough.

Estimation, conjecture.
Ear-kissing, whispering

Estridges, ostriches.
Easy, slight, inconsiderable. Eterne, eternal.
Eche, to eke out.

Even, to make even, or evident.
Ecstasy, madness.

Even christian, fellow-christian.
Effects, affections; also actions, Evils, jakes.
deeds effected.

Examined, doubted.
Eftest, readiest.

Excellent differences, distinguish-
Egypt, a gipsy.

ed excellencies.;.
Eld, old time; also, aged persons. Excrement, the beard.
Element, initiation.

Execute, to use or employ.
Elf, done by elves, or fairies. Executors, executioners.
Elvish-marked, marked by elves. Exercise, exhortation.
Emballing, distinguished by the Exhale, to breathe one's last.

ball, the emblem of royalty. Exhaust, to draw forth.
Embare, to expose.

Exhibition, allowance.
Embarquements, impediments. Exigent, end, exigency.
Embossed, inclosed, swollen, puffy. Exorcism, the raising of spirits
Embowelled, exhausted.

Expect, expectation.
Embraced, indulged in.

Expedience, expedition.
Em pericutick, empirical.

Expedient, expeditious.
Empery, sovereign power. Expediently, expeditiously.
Emulous, envious, jealous. Expostulate, to discuss.
Emulation, envy.

Exsufflicate, bubble-like.
Encave, to hide.

Extend, to seize.
Endart, to dart forth.

Extent, violence, seizure.
Enfeoff, to invest with possession. Extern, external.
Engross, to fatten.

Extremity, calamily.
Engaged, delivered as an hostage. Expiate, to end.
Engrossments, accumulation. Exposture, exposure.
Enkindle, to stimulate.

Express, to reveal.
Enmesh, to inclose, as in meshes. Expulsed, expelled.
Enmew (in falconry), to force to Extracting, distracting.
lie in cover,

Extravagant, wandering.
Enridged, bordered.

| Eyas musket, a young hawk.
VOL. IV.-44

Eyases, nestlings.

Feodary, a confederate.
Eyliads, eyes.

Festinately, hastily.
Eyne, eyes.

Festival terms, elegant phrase.
Eyry, a nest of hawks.

Fet, fetched.
Eysel, vinegar.

Few, in brief.
Fico, a term of contempt.

Fielded, in the field of battle.
Face, to carry a foolish appearance. Fights, clothes hung round a ship
Face-royal, a privileged face.

to conceal the men from the
Facinorous, wicked.

Fact, guilt.

File, a list.
Factious, active.

Filed, defiled.
Faculty, exercise of power. Filed, gone an equal pace with.
Fadge, to suit.

Fills, the shafts.
Fadings, a dance.

Filths, common sewers.
Faith, fidelity.

Finch egg, a gaudy fellow.
Faithfully, fervently.

Fine, the conclusion, to make
Fain, fond.

shewy, artful.
Fair, for fairness.

Fine issues, great consequences.
Faitors, traitors.

Fineless, boundless, endless.
Falsing, falsifying.

Finer, final.
Falsely, illegally, dishonestly. Firago for Virago.
Familiar, a demon.

Fire-drake, will-o'-the-wisp, or a
Fancies and good-nights, little fire-work.
poems so called.

Fire-new, quite new.
Fancy, love,

Firk, to chastise.
Fancy-free, clear of love. First-house, chief branch of the
Fang, to seize.

Fans, ancient.

Firstlings, first produce.
Fantastical, imaginative.

Fit, a division of a song.
Fantasticoes, affected persons. Fitchew, a polecat.
Fap, beaten, drunk.

Fit o' the face, a grimace.
Farced, stuffed.

Fits o' the season, disorders of the
Fardel or Farthel, a burthen.

Fashions, the farcens, a disease Fives, a distemper in horses.
of horses.

Fixure, position.
Fat, dull.

Flap-dragon, inflammable stuff
Favour, countenance.

swallowed by topers.
Favours, features.

Flap-jack, a pancake.
Fear, to intimidate, danger. | Flaw, a sudden gust of wind.
Feared, afraid.

Flecked, spotted, streaked.
Fearful, timorous; also, formidFleet, for Hoat.

Fleshment, performance.
Feat, dexterous.

Flewed, deep-mouthed.
Feated, made neat.

Flibbertigibbet, a fiend.
Feature, beauty.

Flickering, fluttering.
Federacy, confederate.

Flight, a sort of shooting.
Fee-grief, a peculiar sorrow. Flote, a wave.
Feeder, a dependant.

Flourish, to ornament; also, to
Feeding, maintenance.

Feere, or pheere, a companion. Flout, to wave in mockery.
Feet, footing.

Flush, mature.
Fell,' skin.

Foeman, an enemy in war.
Fell of hair, capilitium, any part | Foin, to thrust in fencing.
covered with hair.

Foizon, plenty
Fell-feats, savage actions.

Folly, depravity.
Fence, the art of self-defence. Fond, foolish.

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