With this brief explanation of the nature and design of this collection of historical readings, it is respectfully submitted to the consideration of teachers and all persons interested in promoting the study of history in accordance with sound principles and rational methods.






The Early Life of George Washington.

Washington Irving.

The Last Days of Washington....

Washington Irving.

The Character of Washington....

Washington Irving. . 17

Christopher Columbus.-Sketch of his Early Life and Education.

Washington Irving. 19

Sketch of William the Silent.....

.John Lothrop Motley. 24

John Hampden.--His Character. His Death.

Thomas Babington Macaulay.

Frederick the Great of Prussia.-His Habits.His Manner of conduct-

ing Public Affairs.... ... Thomas Babington Macaulay. 36

Effect of Historical Reading.–What constitutes a Perfect History.

Thomas Babington Macaulay. 41

Joseph Addison.—His Death.--Influence of his Writings.

Thomas Babington Macaulay. 48

The English Country Gentleman of 1688. Thomas Babington Macaulay. 51.

Exordium to History of England... Thomas Babington Macaulay. 57

Napoleon Bonaparte. His Rise to Fame..

.Peter Bayne. 60

Napoleon Bonaparte.—His Italian Campaign.-His Military Genius.

Peter Bayne. 64

Napoleon Bonaparte's Russian Campaign....

.Peter Bayne.


The Duke of Wellington.—His Character. His Genius., Peter Bayne. 73

The Duke of Wellington.--The Battle of Waterloo.. ....Peter Bayne. 77

Sailing of the Spanish Armada..

.James Anthony Froude. 85

Sketch of Julius Cæsar..

.James Anthony Froude. 90

Execution of Mary Stuart...

.James Anthony Froude. 102

Portrait of Henry VIII......

..James Anthony Froude. 111

Coronation of Anne Boleyn...

.James Anthony Froude. 115

Markets and Wages in the Reign of Henry VIII.

James Anthony Froude. 122

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The Last Years of Queen Elizabeth..... ....James Anthony Froude. 126

The Age of Elizabeth.—Social Life and Domestic Comfort in her

Reign ......

...John Richard Green. 133

Sketch of the Emperor Charlemagne.—His Mode of Life.- His Influ-

ence upon Subsequent History.. Francis Pierre Guillaume Guizot, 137

Condemnation of Joan of Arc.--Her Death.—Estimate of her Charac-


.Francis Pierre Guillaume Guizot. 142

Character of the Middle Ages...... Francis Pierre Guillaume Guizot. 147

The Crusades.-

Preaching of Peter the Hermit.-Enthusiasm of the


.Francis Pierre Guillaume Guizot, 149

Death of Marshal Turenne... ..Francis Pierre Guillaume Guizot. 153

Sailing of the Norman Fleet for the Conquest of England.

Francis Pierre Guillaume Guizot. 156

The Death of Gustavus Adolphus.—Estimate of his Character.

Francis Pierre Guillaume Guizot. 159

Sketch of Hannibal....

Thomas Arnold. 164

Character of Scipio.

Thomas Arnold. 166

The Battle of Salamis...

William Smith. 168

Alexander the Great.—Influence of his Conquests. ... William Smith. 172

The Battle of Hastings, October 14, 1066......Sir Francis Palgrave. 175

English Home-Life in Anglo-Saxon Times..... Charles Pearson. 183

The Norman Conquest.-Its Influence upon English History.

Charles Pearson. 186

The Last Years of William the Conqueror... Charles Pearson. 188

Sketch of Alfred the Great..

Charles Pearson. 192

Life in Britain in Roman Times...

Charles Pearson. 199

Domestic Life in the Middle Ages.-Contrast between the Middle Ages

and Modern Times..

Charles Pearson. 203

Sketch of Lord Falkland. ..... . Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon. 214

Death and Character of Edward VI... .Bishop Gilbert Burnet. 220

Sketch of Charles II......

.Bishop Gilbert Burnet. 225

Character of William III, of England. .Bishop Gilbert Burnet. 231

Death and Character of Queen Elizabeth...

, David Hume, 236

Character of Mary Queen of Scots.

.Dr. William Robertson. 240

Discovery of America...

.Dr. William Robertson. 243

Cromwell's Expulsion of the Parliament in 1653.

Dr. John Lingard. 250

What a Good History ought to be....

. Thomas Carlyle. 266

The Duke of Marlborough.--Estimate of his Military Genius.—His

Rank as a Statesman.......... William Edward Hartpole Lecky. 260

Reflections upon the English Revolution of 1688.

William Edward Hartpole Lecky. 267

William Pitt (Earl of Chatham).-Description of his Oratory.

William Edward Hartpole Lecky. 271

Intellectual and Literary Characteristics of England in the Eighteenth


. William Edward Hartpole Lecky. 281

Appearance and Character of Mohammed........ . Edward Gibbon. 285

Conquest of Jerusalem by the Crusaders, 1099 A. D. . Edward Gibbon. 287

Oliver Cromwell.—His Last Days.—Estimate of his Character.

Leopold von Ranke. 291

The Emperor Charles V performs the Funeral Service for Himself.

William Stirling. 297

View of Mexico from the Summit of Ahualco.

William Hickling Prescott. 300

Spain in the Age of Ferdinand and Isabella.

William Hickling Prescott. 302

Spain in the Age of Ferdinand and Isabella (continued).

William Hickling Prescott. 306

Julius Cæsar.—His Genius, his Character....... Theodore Mommsen. 310

Causes of the French Revolution....François Auguste Marie Mignet. 321

Napoleon's First Overthrow.-Reflections upon his Genius, and the

Influence of his career upon European Civilization.

François Auguste Marie Mignet. 328

The Burial-place of Monmouth. Thomas Babington Macaulay. 337

England in 1685.....

Thomas Babington Macaulay. 340

Female Education in England during the Latter Part of the XVIIth


Thomas Babington Macaulay. 341

England after the Norman Conquest. - The Great Charter.–Rise of

the English Nation.....

Thomas Babington Macaulay. 342

Ancient and Modern History.-Historic Functions of Ancient Na-

.John S. Brewer. 346

Ancient London....

.John S. Brewer. 354

The Holy Roman Empire.

.James Bryce. 358

The Holy Roman Empire.--Its Influence upon History..James Bryce. 361

Westminster Abbey..

.Edward A. Freeman. 365

Sir Walter Raleigh....

...George Bancroft. 371

Stratford-on-Avon in the Days of Shakespeare.

James 0. Halliwell-Phillipps. 373

The Early Plantagenets. Importance of their Epoch in European


William Stubbs. 375

The Invention of Printing..

..Henry Hallam. 380

Character of Sir John Moore....

.W. F. P. Napier. 384

Siege and Capture of Constantinople, A. D. 1453..... Edward Gibbon. 385

Waltham Abbey.—The Burial-place of Harold, last of the Anglo-

Saxon Kings....

Edward A. Freeman. 393

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